Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Phone....

.....fell to the bottom of the drain deal-e-o at work last night.

Drain Deal-e-o

Poor Mr. Rave. He's been dropped, stepped on, tinkeled on( from Clara; not me...just to clarify) :), and left in the trash, but last night was probably his worst night to date. He was all alone in a cold, stinky drain, far far below the earth.

Mr. Rave

I was just walking, walking, la-ti-da, to my car when all of a sudden I heard a THUD and then of course as I am trying to pick it up, I instead kick it into the drain. Now, this in itself wouldn't have been too big of a deal but he had sooo many numbers I needed and pictures of my little stinker that I couldn't bear to loose. So, my manager and another gentleman came to the rescue as I ran back inside the branch nearly in tears with a mouthfull of pretzels (which I think is why i dropped it in the first place, because I was trying to carry those stupid pretzels along with everything else) and tried to explain "Mah Phowne phell in the dwaiiinnn outphiddde!!!"

The worst part was that I had to leave to pick up my little girl. So, I couldn't even help! I literally waved good-bye to them as they were laying on the ground in their nice suits trying to troubleshoot the situation. I felt soooo baddd.

Fastforward to this morning- When I got to work I found out they were able to move the phone last night to an area right below the drain hole so we could see it, just not reach it. But, my manager had an idea. He was going to wrap packing tape to a broom and shove it down into the drain and hopefully the tape would be strong enough to hold. So he started...he managed to stick the phone and slowly and carefully pulled the phone and broom up to the surface. Closer, closer, almost there. BAMMM! The phone fell, except this time it fell further away from them. So, they'd had it. One of the guys decided he was going into the "man hole" as they called it. :) He literally climbed down into that stinky, nasty, trash filled drain pipe thing with his nice dress clothes on and saved Mr. Rave!!!!

Man Hole

I am forever grateful to you dudes!!! :)


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! It sounds like you have some great co-workers!! I'm glad they were able to rescue Mr. Rave ~ Mr. Dare, he's gone. Somewhere in Germany, lost forever (I got the email informing me of that this morning). So all of my precious pictures are gone, too (which is the thing that makes me the sadest, by far).

Meg said...

Okay, I have to know which one of them jumped into the manhole.

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