Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out Of Our Way!!

To the ER we went last night...

Clara has been battling an ear infection. Yesterday afternoon it appeared to be getting even worse after 6 days of antibiotics. She started puking every hour on the hour so we rushed her back to the urgent care center. After the doctor spent about 5 minutes with her she said we were going to need to take her to the ER right away. At that moment it felt like everything in the world stopped.

We literally sprinted with her in our arms back to our car. Our hearts were racing as tears were streaming down our cheeks. She was becoming listless...her eyes continually kept closing no matter what I did to keep her awake during the ride.

I learned something valuable last night. When your baby girl is in trouble certain things become less important:

*Stop lights become less important
*Pedestrians become less important (I promise we didn't hit anyone)
*Registration procedures become less important- They may look at you angrily as you run to the front of the waiting line with your baby and ask to be seen immediately but they will forgive you after you baby throws up all over herself and you and the desk they were working from. They will also usher you to the back room immediately.
*Nurses become less important- They may get upset at you for asking them to stop searching for a vein after they've been unsuccessful SIX times and your baby is still screaming in pain but they will forgive you when a new nurse comes in to try, and finds one on the second try. They realize maybe they should have let someone else search to begin with.

So, to conclude, they found that the two different medications she'd been taking were just not even putting a dent in the infection. Her left ear had gotten so bad that it had actually ruptured. And, she had become severely dehydrated from her continual puking. However, after being hooked to an IV for about 3 hours she slowly started smiling again. She slowly started talking and she noticed there were puppies on her gown so of course she had to talk to those little guys. It was amazing to see the transformation in such a short amount of time but it was wonderful. They let us leave the hospital about 10:00 and Clara was comfortably resting by 11:00. We even had a little mommy/daughter time before she drifted off to sleep.

Clara in her little puppy hospital gown

Hopefully this is the first and last time we will ever have to visit a hospital with her. I'm sorry baby girl. I love you.


Ashley said...

Oh, Am... I wondered why you didn't text me. I'm so glad she's okay, and I can't imagine how terrified you guys must have been!! Poor babe! Love you guys!

Terri said...

Those darn ears! I've heard more stories about ear infections & wouldn't wish that upon anyone, especailly a little one! Hopefully she is feeling better!

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