Friday, April 30, 2010

Show us your life - Opposite Day :)

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Today Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" was money saving ideas.So, if you're new to my bloggy blog. Holla! :) Haha. Moving on. :) For anyone who knows me, I am absolutely the worst at saving money. Seriously. My middle name is un-thrifty.(Is that a word?) And, my train of thought is more like. "Oh cute outfit! Shoot, it's not on sale! What was that mr.outfit, you want me to buy you anyways...Okayyyy!" And then I convince myself that I need all the matching accessories as well (also not on sale).And unfortuantely it gets even worse if I'm shopping for Clara. It's a vicious cycle I tell you!! :)
However, this is not something I am proud of  at all. I wish I were better about it! Dave just mentioned the other day how much gas is going up and I was secretly thinking "Is it a problem that I haven't looked at how much gas" I just close my eyes, press unleaded, and hope for the best!
So, in honor of this post, I am going to give a shout out to my blogging peeps (hope you guys don't mind) who literally are awesome at turning their $$$ into something crazy creative. There girls are super talented and their creations are inspiring to this, now I just need to get up off my less-creative-rump and try to figure out ways to make my $$$ shine!! :)

Southards Style - Interior Decorating Ideas
 Honey Nougats- Cute Clothing Creations

Ms. Ashley - Baby Outfits

Katie - Fun Furniture

So me, not so much with this topic, but hopefully you got some inspiration from my friends. However, I will write you a song if you'd like? Haha...until next time.... :)

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Beth McC. said...

Thanks for all the great tips! I took notes off of your post :) Happy Friday

Honey Nougats said...

You're sweet! Thanks for the link! We should just have a craft night!

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon. BTW, pretty nice design this site has, but don’t you think design should be changed from time to time?

Anonymous said...
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