Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Chapter

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Our New Home!! :)

Today is the day we will be saying "farewell" to The Preserve....the first and only place that we've lived since arriving in KC.

We've had so many memories here.

We got Solomon here and watched him grow...

and grow....

and GROW...

Until he pretty much ran the place... :)

We made our first Thanksgiving dinner here all by ourselves!! :)

We found out we were having little Clara here (*sorry about the hair) :)

and watched me grow....

and grow...
and GROW! (*I spared you the bare belly shot! :))
And then the memories with our precious pumpkin began.
And you guessed it...she grew lots as well!!
First bath...

first christmas...

first favorite passtime (thank you Abby C!)...
And, she even experiend her first true Midwest weather here! (Snow storm in March)

But the time came to begin looking for houses because we were quickly outgrowing our home.

So today's the day we close that chapter of our life at The Preserve and begin a new one!Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our house dear Lord and thank you for the many memories we have made and have yet to make in our new home. We know it is You who has provided; please let us not take one day for granite and to truly remind us to live each moment to the fullest. For it is not a house that makes a home but a family. Amen.

And in true "Extreme Home Makeover" fashion...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A True Story

My morning actually felt like I walked straight out of a movie. It truly was almost unreal. And, my morning actually started about 3:03.

3:03 - Woke up with Clara because she has a cold and couldn't breathe through her nose so I kept having to suck those little snotties out with this syringe thing. :)

3:23 - Woke up with Clara because she lost her binky while falling back asleep.

4:10 - Woke up with Clara because she got confused that it was still night after the earlier syringe situation. :)

6:00- Woke up because Clara normally wakes up at 6. However, she was sleeping. So naturally I laid back down for a bit.

7:46 - Woke up to Dave sounding distraught. The alarm didn't go off and I was about 1 1/2 hours behind!! So luckily, Dave had decided to work from home so he was going to take Clara to daycare for me this morning.

7:47 - Jumped in the shower, jumped out of the shower. Got ready as fast as is humanly possible.

8:16 - Almost ready but no time to do my hair so I literally blow dryed it and ran out the door.

8:36 - Got to work and tried to fix the tangeled mess that was my hair.

8:38 - Asked our Human resources director if she had anything at all I could use for my hair. She did....A bobby pin and a rubber band. So I made it work. :) (Oh yes, I look good...I wonder what the gas station lady would say to me today! lol)

9:02 - Call from Dave.."Um, Amber you didn't leave the car seat with's in your car."

9:03 - Rush back home and meet Dave outside with Clara and her bottles.

9:13 - Get to daycare. Climb in the backseat with my car keys and take Clara out of her seat. Close door.

9:13 1/2 - Go to open door again to get keys. It was locked. I'd locked my keys in the car. Oh Yes.

*At this point I almost had an emotional breakdown. I was seriously sooo close. I was so tired from being up with Clara all night and I was already distaught about my hair and waking up late and having to go back home again to get her but all the children were on the playground and I didn't want the teachers to think a crazy woman was out front crying so I calmly walked in the front door and explained I needed a phone.

9:18 - Called Dave and told him I locked my keys in the car. He laughed and said "I'm on my way"

9:35 - Dave got there. Unlocked my car and headed back home.

10:00 - I arrived back at work.

Sooooo everything's been smooth sailing since then but honestly...."wow" is all I have for this morning. How do you other working mom's make this work?!?!?!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Morning!

We had some crazy hair this morning! :)

I suspect it was from a late night bath last night.

But we worked it out by the time we left. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

FrIdAy'S My FuNdAy

I used to love that song....:) And, in honor of that song I thought I would post a joke. Now, seriously, it's maybe not even that funny but it made me laugh so I decided to share it with all of you because it's Friday afternoon and those can feel the longest afternoons of the week while you wait for the weekend to start!


A cattle farmer stood looking over his property when a car pulled up and an official looking man hopped out.

"I'm here to inspect your farm," the man said.

"Ok," said the farmer, "but I wouldn't go in that field." He nodded to the pasture before them.

The other man puffed up, then showed him a card. "I'm a state inspector," he snapped,"and I can go wherever I want."

The farmer just shrugged as he watched the inspector hop the fence, then disappear over a knoll. A moment later, the man came running back terrified, with a mean looking bull at his heels.

The farmer yelled, "Show him your card, show him your card!"


Happy Friday! :0P

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Word-Filled Wednesday

There are wordless Wednesday's, and wishful Wednesday's; there are wonderful Wednesday's and working Wednesday's; but I'm going to send a word-filled Wednesday to all of you today. :)

Me & D started a 12 day cleanse today. Oh yes, this will be interesting. :) I spent all evening last night at Whole Foods.

I was searching for a bajillion weird ingredients I'd never heard of before; and the things I had heard of had an added twist. For example: I couldn't just buy chicken, I needed to buy "Free Range Chicken." So, I asked the nice Whole-Food-Poultry-Department-Guy what that was...and he said, "Our chickens range freely in the outdoors and are not in cages, and etc, etc. (fill in more information about chickens than I cared to know in my lifetime) ." I didn't really know how to reply to all of that and so I said, "So, what you're basically telling me is that these are some really happy chickens that you have here." I don't think he knew quite how to respond to me then and since I didn't want him to tell me anymore about chickens I just said "Thank-you" and went on my way! :) I bought creole and egg plants and dates and so many other things I had no idea how to prepare and I swear one of the employees turned around when he saw me coming to ask him my 4,356th question but that didn't deter me because I was going to do this cleanse even if I had to stay there until the store closed to find everything! :)

But I divided and conquered!!

When I climbed in my car the clock said 9:58...I'd made it out in time, with 2 minutes to spare. Yessssssss.

I got home and told D to prepare for some wonderful organic meals over the next 12 days. For those of you who know me, you know I have trouble with everyday ordinary meals as evidenced here( ) so I'm sure you can imagine his excitement over this little expedition I was starting on!

So, this morning I got up bright and early to start on this adventure. We were beginning with Peanut Butter Oatmeal. It looked mushy and tasted weird. For lunch D said he felt like a bunny with the salad I sent. Essentially it was walnuts, spinich and strawberries with lemon juice for a dressing. Ummmm. lol
And tonight it's chicken with spinich.

Well, at least they were free-ranging happy chickens!! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Top 2 things to do before I die

1) I would LOVE to go see the Kentucky Derby!!
I want the big hat and to see all the horses up close!! When I was little I used to want to be a jockey actually and I would pretend to be racing really fast every time I would ride beauty (my little pony). :) I would run her as fast as I could through my grandpa's pasture and hold my legs up really high on the side of her like the jockey's do. Unfortunately, I weighed more than most jockey's by 7th grade so that shot that dream right out the window. But, if I could be there in person I think that would be a close second!! :)

2) I would love to swim with dolphins!!

There I go!

Juuussst kidding! :)

But, it has been a lifelong dream of mine and I've been soooo close 2 times and still it hasn't happened. I almost got to do this on spring break my sophomore year of college. I can't remember all the details but I think I forgot my credit card at the hotel and didn't want to go back, however, all my friends got to do it. So, there was a picture of all my friends in the water with the dolphins and then me hanging off the deck straining my neck to be in the picture next to them. I was so close yet so far. :) Then, I almost had the chance again on our honeymoon but it cost about a bajillion dollars in Jamaica and we decided to save our money being newlyweds and all. So gosh darnit already I have to get the chance to swim with the dolphins before I leave this place. If not, God better have a big dolphin tank ready for me when I get to heaven because that is going to be first on my list!

The Land Before Time

This weekend we headed over to T-REX with grandpa. He was in our neighborhood for a business trip and we were so excited for the chance to spend the evening with him! You could tell Clara was excited...she was all smiles on the way over there. That's daisy in the picture with her. Daisy's her favorite little animal and Clara loves to eat her nose!

This is a picture out front of the restaurant. We had never been there before but thought Clara would enjoy looking at all the dinosaurs. P.S. I tried to blow up the picture so you could see the sign but I cut off and expanded our heads int he process. Oops! :)

This is a picture looking from the top of the restaurant. You can see how neatly it is decorated. In the top right is a table that looks as though it sits under a giant jellyfish. There are tons of moving dinosaurs everywhere and the whole resturant feels as though you are in a cave or under water.

This is a picture of Clara and Grandpa. There is a giant squid in the back of them but the lighting is wrong so you can't see the squid. :( She typically has "stranger danger" lately but there wasn't even a trace with grandpa this weekend. She was all smiles the whole night!
One of the underwater fish exhibits.
Clara waiting impatiently for her food! She kept hitting the table, and it was really cute (at this age) I'm sure the older she gets we will have to discuss the value of patience! :)

Before leaving she had to pet Mr. Baby-Dinosaur good-bye.

As a child I loved The Land Before Time and this really felt like we were taking a step back into the movie! If you are ever in KC (and you have kids..or not because I would have had fun even without a kiddo :)) you should really stop by!

Awww...Remember Ducky???

Thanks for a wonderful memory Grandpa G!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bird Poop

I'm going to preface this blog post by saying that is there is bird poop falling through the air anywhere in my vicinity, there is about a 97% chance I will get hit by it. In fact, about 5 years ago at my college graduation I was driving to commencement with my mom and sister and felt a little "wetness" oozing down the right side of my face. Come to find out, yes, bird poop actually hit me THROUGH THE SUNROOF OF A MOVING DODGE NEON WHILE DRIVING DOWN A TREELESS STREET AT ABOUT 25 MILES PER HOUR. Luck is not on my side when it comes to bird poop. Seriously.

So now to this morning...I'd had one of those mornings where every clothing malfunction that could happen, did. I got Clara poo on one pair of pants. I threw a wrinkly pair with water on them in the dryer (you all know that trick, right? :) ) only to come to find out the leg had been stuck in the dryer door twisting and crumpling it even more, so when I went to pull it out the entire pair looked like it had been in a train wreck. So finally, I threw on a post pregnancy outfit. I was 15 lbs heavier then and it was from Fall so I didn't really want to wear what felt like poop brown in the spring but didn't have a choice. I didn't have time to shower (sorry if that's grosse to some of you, but I'm a new mom and sometimes they just don't happen in the morning) so my hair was all slicked to my head and frizzy. Needless to say I was a little desperate to get home over my lunch and figure this mess that was myself out!!

So, I headed home, found a nice ironed outfit, re-did my hair, put on make-up that consisted of more than smudged eye-liner fromt he night before and headed back out the door in about 34 minutes exactly and then all of a sudden....

PLOP!!!!! But I was Here!!!! (It literally missed me by like 1 millisecond!!)

*Okay, so this dealio won't let me draw it out for you but pretend the poo is where the "PLOP" was on the sidewalk but I was 6 inches behind it. ;)

And so that's how I know...God is watching over us and he saved me from what he only knows in typically an inevitable situation for me when it comes to bird poop!! :)

BoxCar Children...Holllaa!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Show us your life - Favorite Children's Books!!!
I love love lovvveeed these books growing up. However, the books I read had plain red covers that were made of material, not these new fancy covers. Member' those??

Secondly, I love love lovvvveed Oregon Trail. I know this isn't a book but it is the BEST children's game ever created!!

My absolute fave' part was hunting for food. Those buffalo could be real stinkers though!!I played this game in 4th grade and remember like literally being heart broken every time the teacher told us our groups time was up...My friend at TD actually found this game a few years ago so the whole team (played it all day) worked really hard the entire afternoon. ;)

Thirdly, the book Pat The Bunny. This book brings back sooo many memories and I now read this book to Clara. I used to always hate the "scratchy daddy" face picture and Clara doesn't like it either. We do however love patting the soft bunny!

What were some of your favorites as children? :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And here I go again...jumping on the "Top 2 Tuesday" bandwagon this time. I love these topic starters!! :)

My dream house...well that's an easy one.

My dream house is a cottage style mansion (because its a dream house so it has to be a mansion lol) nestled in the mountains of Tennesee. There is a white fence that runs the length of the driveway and around the house to the horse stables. We have a few horses and are training one for the Kentucky Derby (because Kentucky will be a hop,skip & a jump away). We have two great danes...Solomon & a girlfriend for him and Fluffy. She does fine being single. :) We have a big pond out back with a large tree that hangs over the edge so we can hang a swing over the water for Clara Grace. I am sure there will be a few ducks on the pond...some mommies and baby ducks just swimming around during the afternoon. If you look off our deck all you can see is beautiful green trees for miles and miles sitting along the sides of the mountains.

That's my dream house. I've had it ever since the day I left TN. I was a counselor at a childrens camp (Doe River Gorge)  the summer of my Sophomore year of college. It was absolutely the best summer of my life. I spent everyday hiking, swimming, etc in the beautiful hills of TN! I saw so many children's lives literally flipped upside down because of this camp. Once a month they offered a free week's stay for the underpriveleged children around Nashville & Knoxville. Kids who had never even seen a swimming pool got to spend an entire week zip-lining, blobbing (yes blobbing not blogging :)'s a giant inflatable bubble that you can jump on which sits on the water) and just being kids without a worry in the world. I heard so many stories of abuse and heartache but it was amazing to see how far a little love & compassion can go.

So, I want to return. I want to return with every ounce of my heart and I have a feeling I will someday but now I am supposed to be right where I am.....Kansas City! K-C-Mo WOoooahh...(for those of you familiar with that song) ;)

*You have to pretend there are mountains, a stable & pond in the background. This is as close as I could get for a picture of my dream house. ;)

There is actually one other place I thought of after I finished this post that where I think I would enjoy living...and that's here!

*I mean all they've got are 'sunny days chasing the clouds away!!' Who wouldn't want that? But I guess that's more of an area and not so much a house. I think Oscar is the only one with an actual home but he lives in a trash can which I'm assuming is less than ideal! :)

~ Amber Dawn ~

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