Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And here I go again...jumping on the "Top 2 Tuesday" bandwagon this time. I love these topic starters!! :)

My dream house...well that's an easy one.

My dream house is a cottage style mansion (because its a dream house so it has to be a mansion lol) nestled in the mountains of Tennesee. There is a white fence that runs the length of the driveway and around the house to the horse stables. We have a few horses and are training one for the Kentucky Derby (because Kentucky will be a hop,skip & a jump away). We have two great danes...Solomon & a girlfriend for him and Fluffy. She does fine being single. :) We have a big pond out back with a large tree that hangs over the edge so we can hang a swing over the water for Clara Grace. I am sure there will be a few ducks on the pond...some mommies and baby ducks just swimming around during the afternoon. If you look off our deck all you can see is beautiful green trees for miles and miles sitting along the sides of the mountains.

That's my dream house. I've had it ever since the day I left TN. I was a counselor at a childrens camp (Doe River Gorge)  the summer of my Sophomore year of college. It was absolutely the best summer of my life. I spent everyday hiking, swimming, etc in the beautiful hills of TN! I saw so many children's lives literally flipped upside down because of this camp. Once a month they offered a free week's stay for the underpriveleged children around Nashville & Knoxville. Kids who had never even seen a swimming pool got to spend an entire week zip-lining, blobbing (yes blobbing not blogging :)...it's a giant inflatable bubble that you can jump on which sits on the water) and just being kids without a worry in the world. I heard so many stories of abuse and heartache but it was amazing to see how far a little love & compassion can go.

So, I want to return. I want to return with every ounce of my heart and I have a feeling I will someday but now I am supposed to be right where I am.....Kansas City! K-C-Mo WOoooahh...(for those of you familiar with that song) ;)

*You have to pretend there are mountains, a stable & pond in the background. This is as close as I could get for a picture of my dream house. ;)

There is actually one other place I thought of after I finished this post that where I think I would enjoy living...and that's here!

*I mean all they've got are 'sunny days chasing the clouds away!!' Who wouldn't want that? But I guess that's more of an area and not so much a house. I think Oscar is the only one with an actual home but he lives in a trash can which I'm assuming is less than ideal! :)

~ Amber Dawn ~


Beth McC. said...

Love it! GORGEOUS!! Your blog is too cute!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love it!!!

Meg said...

Amber, I would have never pegged you as a Tech N9ne fan!

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