Friday, May 14, 2010

BoxCar Children...Holllaa!

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Show us your life - Favorite Children's Books!!!
I love love lovvveeed these books growing up. However, the books I read had plain red covers that were made of material, not these new fancy covers. Member' those??

Secondly, I love love lovvvveed Oregon Trail. I know this isn't a book but it is the BEST children's game ever created!!

My absolute fave' part was hunting for food. Those buffalo could be real stinkers though!!I played this game in 4th grade and remember like literally being heart broken every time the teacher told us our groups time was up...My friend at TD actually found this game a few years ago so the whole team (played it all day) worked really hard the entire afternoon. ;)

Thirdly, the book Pat The Bunny. This book brings back sooo many memories and I now read this book to Clara. I used to always hate the "scratchy daddy" face picture and Clara doesn't like it either. We do however love patting the soft bunny!

What were some of your favorites as children? :)


Honey Nougats said...

I LOVED oregon trail too! My favorite books were the Nancy Drew books. My dad would read them to me and I LOVED that time with him! I honestly think that is why I love reading. We had my aunt's Nancy Drew books so all the classics. I also loved the author (and still do) Rohald Dahl. He wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, the Witches etc. Fun post! Children's books are the best. You will have to read the Very Hungry Caterpiller and The Little Mouse, The Big Hungry Bear and the RED RIPE STRAWBERRY to Clara.

Amber Dawn said...

Oh yes...I forgot about the Very Hungry Caterpiller! I'll deffinitely have to find those for my little stinker. :)

Ashley said...

As a little girl I really liked "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and the when I got into chaper books I loved the (brace yourselves, this probably makes me really dorky) Babysitter's Club books. I think I had all of them.

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