Monday, May 17, 2010

The Land Before Time

This weekend we headed over to T-REX with grandpa. He was in our neighborhood for a business trip and we were so excited for the chance to spend the evening with him! You could tell Clara was excited...she was all smiles on the way over there. That's daisy in the picture with her. Daisy's her favorite little animal and Clara loves to eat her nose!

This is a picture out front of the restaurant. We had never been there before but thought Clara would enjoy looking at all the dinosaurs. P.S. I tried to blow up the picture so you could see the sign but I cut off and expanded our heads int he process. Oops! :)

This is a picture looking from the top of the restaurant. You can see how neatly it is decorated. In the top right is a table that looks as though it sits under a giant jellyfish. There are tons of moving dinosaurs everywhere and the whole resturant feels as though you are in a cave or under water.

This is a picture of Clara and Grandpa. There is a giant squid in the back of them but the lighting is wrong so you can't see the squid. :( She typically has "stranger danger" lately but there wasn't even a trace with grandpa this weekend. She was all smiles the whole night!
One of the underwater fish exhibits.
Clara waiting impatiently for her food! She kept hitting the table, and it was really cute (at this age) I'm sure the older she gets we will have to discuss the value of patience! :)

Before leaving she had to pet Mr. Baby-Dinosaur good-bye.

As a child I loved The Land Before Time and this really felt like we were taking a step back into the movie! If you are ever in KC (and you have kids..or not because I would have had fun even without a kiddo :)) you should really stop by!

Awww...Remember Ducky???

Thanks for a wonderful memory Grandpa G!!

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