Friday, May 7, 2010

The Name Game!

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Show Us Your Life~Your Kid's Names!

Me and Dave wrestled with our daughter's name forrreverrrr! I was teased by a couple boys in 5th grade because if you wrote out my name Amber Dawn Schneider (A.D.S) you could put an "i" between the A & D and my initials spelled AIDS. While this is not actually a funny matter, apparently it is to boys in grade school.:) Butttttt, the next year, in 6th grade, one boy told me he was sorry and that he did that because he liked me. Oooooolala! And that was a very big deal because he was the "ring leader" and his name was John Thompson to be exact. lol.Oh yes, we're going somewhere now people. :) I got him a sylvester stuffed animal for christmas (no idea why I thought that was a good present to this day) and he got me a heart necklace. But thennnnn my friend Livi broke it...she said BBall practice a couple days later. I think she was jealous I had a boyfriend and she didn't at the time. Ha!   :) Anyways....that whole experience traumatized me a bit. So...the point of me telling you that very long and probably boring story is because I didn't want Clara to ever experience drama with the initials of her name! So that was my main criteria...

Dave on the other hand just wanted a simple name to spell and pronounce because our last name (Guderian) would be a nightmare for a little baby to learn! :)

We really liked the name Isabella (Twilight!) and Claire, but one of my best friends had just named their daughter Claire and I didn't want to take that away fromt their precious little girl. Also, I had a hunch Bella would be crazy popular by the time the Twilight series was done. And I am glad because I saw this morning on the Yahoo! news! I was right. Phew, Close one. :)

So, we were coming down to the wire and I literally sat up in bed about 2 weeks before she was here at 3 AM ish and said "Clara!"  Dave I recall said something like "Yes, that's nice honey, we'll talk about it ANYTIME OTHER THAN NOW." And we did...:)

The middle name was a piece of cake after that. We loved the name Grace from the beginning because of the meaning. She felt like such an undeserved and precious gift from above....

So there we had it....             

    Clara Grace Guderian! :)


Christy said...

Oh what a beautiful name! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love little Miss Clara Grace's name! It is unique and BEAUTIFUL! Your blogs always make me SMILE! I could tell many stories about my name too :) - but I like having a unique name!! I MISS YOU GUYS!! ()()()()()()()()()() - for you and the fam! Wink Wink! Love ya!
Aunt Jenilee

Honey Nougats said...

I saw that article too about Isabella - whew!!!! That WAS close. Clara is much better because it is easy to say and not weird, but a little unique.

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