Monday, May 17, 2010

Top 2 things to do before I die

1) I would LOVE to go see the Kentucky Derby!!
I want the big hat and to see all the horses up close!! When I was little I used to want to be a jockey actually and I would pretend to be racing really fast every time I would ride beauty (my little pony). :) I would run her as fast as I could through my grandpa's pasture and hold my legs up really high on the side of her like the jockey's do. Unfortunately, I weighed more than most jockey's by 7th grade so that shot that dream right out the window. But, if I could be there in person I think that would be a close second!! :)

2) I would love to swim with dolphins!!

There I go!

Juuussst kidding! :)

But, it has been a lifelong dream of mine and I've been soooo close 2 times and still it hasn't happened. I almost got to do this on spring break my sophomore year of college. I can't remember all the details but I think I forgot my credit card at the hotel and didn't want to go back, however, all my friends got to do it. So, there was a picture of all my friends in the water with the dolphins and then me hanging off the deck straining my neck to be in the picture next to them. I was so close yet so far. :) Then, I almost had the chance again on our honeymoon but it cost about a bajillion dollars in Jamaica and we decided to save our money being newlyweds and all. So gosh darnit already I have to get the chance to swim with the dolphins before I leave this place. If not, God better have a big dolphin tank ready for me when I get to heaven because that is going to be first on my list!


Jess said...

Those two things would be on my list too! #3 & 4 since I posted two different things lol

CourtneyKeb said...

How awesome would it be to have a big dolphin tank in heaven.
That was awesome!!!

The Lawton's said...

After this year's derby, I told me hubby we ARE going to the 2011 derby! I'm looking for hats now... LOL!

The Paper Mama said...

Wow, those both sound amazing to me!

Laura said... know the Dunn's????? :)

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