Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A True Story

My morning actually felt like I walked straight out of a movie. It truly was almost unreal. And, my morning actually started about 3:03.

3:03 - Woke up with Clara because she has a cold and couldn't breathe through her nose so I kept having to suck those little snotties out with this syringe thing. :)

3:23 - Woke up with Clara because she lost her binky while falling back asleep.

4:10 - Woke up with Clara because she got confused that it was still night after the earlier syringe situation. :)

6:00- Woke up because Clara normally wakes up at 6. However, she was sleeping. So naturally I laid back down for a bit.

7:46 - Woke up to Dave sounding distraught. The alarm didn't go off and I was about 1 1/2 hours behind!! So luckily, Dave had decided to work from home so he was going to take Clara to daycare for me this morning.

7:47 - Jumped in the shower, jumped out of the shower. Got ready as fast as is humanly possible.

8:16 - Almost ready but no time to do my hair so I literally blow dryed it and ran out the door.

8:36 - Got to work and tried to fix the tangeled mess that was my hair.

8:38 - Asked our Human resources director if she had anything at all I could use for my hair. She did....A bobby pin and a rubber band. So I made it work. :) (Oh yes, I look good...I wonder what the gas station lady would say to me today! lol)

9:02 - Call from Dave.."Um, Amber you didn't leave the car seat with me...it's in your car."

9:03 - Rush back home and meet Dave outside with Clara and her bottles.

9:13 - Get to daycare. Climb in the backseat with my car keys and take Clara out of her seat. Close door.

9:13 1/2 - Go to open door again to get keys. It was locked. I'd locked my keys in the car. Oh Yes.

*At this point I almost had an emotional breakdown. I was seriously sooo close. I was so tired from being up with Clara all night and I was already distaught about my hair and waking up late and having to go back home again to get her but all the children were on the playground and I didn't want the teachers to think a crazy woman was out front crying so I calmly walked in the front door and explained I needed a phone.

9:18 - Called Dave and told him I locked my keys in the car. He laughed and said "I'm on my way"

9:35 - Dave got there. Unlocked my car and headed back home.

10:00 - I arrived back at work.

Sooooo everything's been smooth sailing since then but honestly...."wow" is all I have for this morning. How do you other working mom's make this work?!?!?!

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Chana said...

Wow- I'm exhausted just reading this! I hope you don't have crazy days like this every day! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It's always so cool to meet new blogger friends! Adorable blog!

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