Thursday, June 3, 2010

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I've seen several girls make this list and it's fun to get to know my other bloggy friends so here are a few pieces of information you may not know about me but maybe should know.

10. I am terribly self-consious about my skin color. I was literally born snow white with freckles. I went through this phase my freshman year of college where me and my friend Kristen went tanning everyday. I actually tried to go twice in one day but they sent me home. lol. It was so much effort to be just a "titch" darker so I finally gave up. You will now see that I am still searching for the "perfect" self-tanner. I can typically now be seen with zebra like orange streaks on my elbows and ankels. I wrote in one post I didn't care as much about my skin color anymore but I realized...I lied.

9. I feel like crying every day when I leave my daugther at day care.

8. I once dated a guy in college who literally went crazy when we broke up. He told everyone on campus terrible things that were not true about me. He actually ended up leaving the college we went to due to his emotional breakdown. He is the reason I am not on facebook and it makes me sad that I can't be. But I am thankful for my "blog friend" community peeps! :)

7. I am one song away from completing my demo. Writing songs is my heart, my passion, my dream. If any of you have any song topics or ideas for this final song, feel free to share them with me!

6. I am completely convinced Kristen Stewart is the meanest person/celebrity to ever walk the face of this earth. I mean with all her mean looks in pictures and terrible comments. She was even a teensey bit rude to Regis & Kelly..I mean it's Regis & Kelly...they're like the nicest duo ever! But, I will continue to be love-stricken like a 15 year old girl when it comes to the Twilight Series & Edward. (Just as I was with Buffy the Vampire & Angel when I was little...ohhhh Angel, you're just not the same in Bones). :)

5. I used to consider myself one of the most, if not "the most" modest girl in the whole world.....and then I had Clara Grace.

4. I literally tinkle in my pants (ha!) when I get comments on my blog. They are like the most fun part of my You can tell I lead one exciting life. :)

3. Most people are like what, 70% water. I think I'm about 20% water, and 50% diet dr.pepper.

2. I'm still trying to figure out why they can't plug that gosh dern hole...seriously if they can't figure this out soon I'm going to go sit on it myself.

1. I love Jesus...and I'm not afraid to share that anymore.

~~~~~~So, there you go...10 things that take you just a little deeper into my heart. ~~~~~~


Kat said...

Just saw your comment on my blog... I think I've fixed the follow problem. I'm new to this so thanks for pointing it out! I too saw your post on Distributory's blog and thought we might be friends... glad you agreed. I'm off forthe evening so haven't had a chance to read your blog but def will later.

L said...

i'm not a fan of my skin tone either. i use bare escentuals faux tan lotion. you can get in from ulta or sephora. i love it. it's $24, which is pricey but I swear by it. i just had to replace my bottle that i got for christmas last week. i use it daily. :) sephora will give you a sample if you ask. you could try before you buy. sheesh. i should be a spokeswoman or something. :)

Kristi said...

Love your comment about the hole!! There's a FB group (sorry to mention that part since you can't be on FB) that says they should take all of the BP execs and plug it with them. Ha ha

I'm about 50% Coke Zero. Love that stuff.

Thanks for following and for entering my giveaway. I LOVE Chana! She is soo funny and she leaves the best comments.

Jennifer said...

Now following you back!

JoJo said...

1) I've totally fallen prey to tanarexia too!

2) I feel the same way about Kristen Stewart. She ruins Twilight for me! What is her problem?!

3) I'll sit on that hole with you!

Heather said...

Visiting from NFF! What a lovely blog, and your post has given me an idea for Sunday's post! Thank you for the inspiration!

Nancy E said...

I love your blog -- and your 10 things - how nice... Connected via New Friend Friday link. Stop by sometime....


Deb said...

Thanks for visiting Jeremiah 29:11. I pretty much love everything about your blog...the pinks...your honesty...your love of Jesus...and especially your sweet baby girl. We have two GRAND-sons...and I love them to pieces...but it would be sooooo nice to buy something pink!! I'm your newest follower!!!

Anna said...

I just realized you follow my blog, I'm a little slow!! Love your 10 list. Good stuff! Look at all these comments, try to contain yourself :)

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm a snow white with freckles too!! Following you back! Good luck on the weight loss, I think the last 10lbs are the hardest to lose!! Maybe the last 5...I'm scared it's gonna take 6months to get them off!!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Love your post! I'm your newest follower! Happy Friday!

Annie said...

Next week you'll have to cut this in half and link it to my Top Five Friday ;-) Good stuff! Oh, and I love Jesus too! :-) :-) :-)

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