Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Blog Award + Top 2 Tuesday!!

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....I am excited to tell you all http://godmusictheaterlife.blogspot.com/  gave me my first ever blog award! I love these awards and that little bear is just too cute! :) Thank you so much Kathryn!

Okay, and the rules of the blog are to post the award on your blog and choose 6 other recipients. I want to give one to all of you though!! So, I have narrowed it down to a few girls who I know read and write on a daily basis and who are always such an encouragement to me!

1. Annie @ Adorkable Annie - http://adorkableannie.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-miss-you.html
2. Ashley @ Baby On The Brehm -  http://babyonthebrehm.blogspot.com/2010/05/role-of-lifetime.html
3. Laura @ The Big Cursive L - http://www.thebigcursivel.com/2010/06/all-i-ever-wanted.html
4. Ashely @ Keeping Up With The Clarks - http://j-aclark.blogspot.com/
5. Courtney @ Love Love - http://courtneykeb.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-forgot-how-much-this-sucks.html
6. Deb @ Jeremiah 29:11 - http://www.jeremiah-2911.com/2010/06/unto-these-hills.html

P.S. You guys are welcome to just keep the award in your heart lol...you don't actually have to write about it if you don't want to.:)

And now onto the Top 2 Tuesday!!!! 
This week - Top 2 things you would take with you to a deserted island

This seriously turned out to be a crazzzzy hard question the more I thought about it. But...I decided on...drumrollll pleaseeeeee :)

A DVD/ TV...So this was tricky because I was thinking at first that would have to be my two things...but then I found out they have the 2-in-1's now...that was a close one. DVD in a TV...saweeeet!

And...you guessed it...The Twilight Series thus far...I would hope I'd get stranded AFTER Eclipse goes to DVD though. ;)

On a side note..this was tricky because I thought about the "Lost TV" series but I was nottttttt a fan of the ending! Boo! They all died..seriously?? :(

And some of you may think...either one is a silly choice because you obviously couldn't watch Twilight forever and ever and ever on an island but I'm sorry, I have to tell you that you are all wrong. lol..Just ask D! :)


Annie said...

YAY! Thank you SOOOO MUCH! I love getting awards
:-) :-) :-)

CourtneyKeb said...

I feel so special!! Thank you so much!! :) Big smiles!

L said...

Thanks for the award! You are too sweet!! :)

Deb said...

You are so very precious...thank you so much for making an old lady's day!! I hope you know how much I want to squeeze Miss Clara Grace. She is ADORABLE. We have GRAND-sons....a little girl would be wonderful!! Hope your day is blessed!!!

Kat said...

Oh you got your first too!!! Isn't it exciting!!! I gave you another one over at my blog(: Enjoy!!!

Dave said...

I thought you might take your hubby to the deserted island.... wishful thinking I guess :)

Love you so much


Kathryn said...

You're welcome!
(ps I <3 the proverbs 31 woman!)

Lindsay said...

Love your choices! Stopping by from Top 2 tuesday :) Love your blog!

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