Monday, June 14, 2010

My Red High Heels!!

Happy Tuesday to all of you. This is Amber's pinky toe.

I'll explain why I'm writing in a bit. However, for the remainder of this post I will refer to Amber as the Girl-who-wore-ridiculously-high-shoes-this-weekend-and-started-this-mess. No, just kidding, I'll just say "We." ;) Mmmmk?

"We" were trying to go all Kelly Pickler in our "Red High Heels" this weekend and it was a baaddd idea right.from.the.start.

This is Ms. Madeline (her cousin's precious girl) modeling the cute yet oh-so-painful culprits

"We" started her journey at her cousin Katie's wedding. Katie was a b-e-autiful bride. Awesome husband. Amazing dress. It was everything you would want a wedding to be.

Me and My Clara Bear

Next, we were off to Grandpa's house with all the fam. Craziness is the only way to describe 4 kiddos under 10 and about 20 adults all in a living room. So fun though!!

Me And Grandpa

Clara was loving up Mr.Sawyer

Ms. Caroline and Clara

Schneider ladies!

Clara was loving every minute of it, until all of a sudden; she wasn't. I think she realized she was in a living room full of people she didn't know. So, we took her into a side room for some peace and quiet. However, our goal of peace and quiet kindof went out the window when the 3 other little ones followed us in there.

Caroline -"What are you doing"

Me- "We are changing little Clara's britches."

Caroline - "Actually... they are called diapers."

Me- "Oh that's true...thank you for reminding me." lol (too cute...and then the best part)

Caroline- "Don't worry, I'll close the door so no one can smell anything."

We were laughing so much at this point....just lovin' her "matter of fact" approach as a 5 yr old.

So next it was off to the reception. I was doing pretty good at this point (remember this is mr. pinkytoe)I was starting to get a little sore but seriously if you only knew how high those suckers really were.

Some pics at the wedding

Sarah & Clara
Me & Laurie
All the single ladies..all the single ladies lol. Gotta love me some Beyonce!
My momma & my sista'!

Us with our Uncle Ron!

Jim & Clara

"We" talked to everyone. "We had some wine.
We were having a good time...but then...we started dancing.....OH the dancing.




And so that was it....I couldn't take it with the crazy tall shoes, and being smashed into an "8" when I'm a "9" and the dancing.

Yes...I broke....she killed me

In her Red High Heels.....lalalala...(They failed to add that to the song!) :)
*Editor's note - I honestly had so much fun seeing my dad's side of the family this weekend. They all live in different states so we don't get to see them as much as we'd like. But, I am so blessed to have you all as Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousin's etc. I got a little teary eyed seeing Clara with the people my dad loved most in this world; hearing their stories about him and listening to his legacy. I wish he could have been there. But, I know he had the biggest smile on his face in heaven this past weekend seeing us all together. I love you guys!


CourtneyKeb said...

haha, I think age 4-5 is the most fascinating and cutest "out of the mouths of babes" age.

Your poor feet!!!!
Get well soon pinky toe!

Marcus + Jenilee said...

OMG! This blog is tooo cute! Sorry Mr. Pinkytoe... high heels probably aren't you're fave! LOL! Seriously. Clara looked too cute for words!! I love that little princess!! Miss you guys!! Only 4 months from today!

Hugs & ()()()()()
Aunt Jenilee :)

[Your *editors note* made me tear up* I know HE was smiling watching you all*... (singing) And there's holes in the floor of Heaven...]

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

aww I hate when high heels cause damage!!!! love all those pics!

Kat said...

Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment over at my blog(: I am glad to know that someone is encouraged by my posts.

I wish I could say that the idea of counting gifts came from me(: It came from Ann over at
She is an amazing writer and her blog is so encouraging and I look forward to reading it every day. She does has a button on her site, she calls it the Gratitude Community. (I don't always post the button, but I need to start doing that)

Thanks again for your comment!!!

Jim Warren said...

Great post! The wedding was fun and Clara is PERFECT

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