Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From the Crib of Clara Grace (Edition 5)

Hey Everyone! Clara Grace here...I know it's been a while but oh boy have we been busy! Andddd I've had the worst sore throat evvverrrr  and more ear infection buggars so I've been a bit of a cranky pants lately. Enter this story. :)

We were at Target and mom knew I had been feeling just terrible so she wanted to find me a wonderful toy to play with. We looked at all the amazing  toys they had to choose from and finally found one.

Here I am modeling it for you all! ;)

However, mom kept trying to give me this other weird thing that was inside of my toy....

But I wanted nothing to do with that crazy looking thing!!

I was having farrrrr to much fun with my new toy!!

Then she gave me the directions to see all of the supposedly cool things this "weird deal inside my toy" could do....
But that was no fun I just went ahead and ate those. :)

Finally since she still wasn't getting the hint I finally just made my escape from this weird weird thing-a-ma-bob!
And went back to playing with my new toy!! :)

Mom even joined me finally....see mom...I told you this new toy was great!! :)

     I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and until next time...this is Clara Grace...signing out! :)

*Editor's note - I had no idea how much fun little Clara would have playing with a box....and how little fun she would have playing with the actual toy....I did eventually just give up and play along with her "new box" adventures. I figured if you can't beat em' join em'! :)

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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

too cute!

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Cute! What a little sweetie you have! :)

I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit and your SWEET comments!


JoJo said...

Hahaha I love Clara's narrative!!

When I was five my parents bought me my first dollhouse. I was more infatuated by the box that it came in than the actual dollhouse!

I have pictures going crazy playing in the box and the doll house is just sitting there on the side all lonely and confused.

Kat said...

hahaha... that's fantastic!!! From my experience watching my many nieces and nephews some of the best entertainment comes in the form of boxes. I can't even tell you the number of houses/forts we have built.

She sure is a cutie!! :)

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