Monday, August 30, 2010

Miscellaney Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Monday's Miscellaneous Moment

Time: 7:21A.M.
Location: Master Bathroom
Scene: Clara was busy crawling around while me and D were attempting to get ready for work. "Attempting" being the key word. Because for those parents that have babies who learned to crawl, your life basically just consists of trying to keep the little stinkers from hurting themselves!

Clara: "Mamamama" (while trying to climb up on my lap)

Me: Clara's onesie seems a bit low. Like a bit scandalous. :)

Me: I wonder how that happened. I mean, it's like she only stretched the top out..lalala (I really don't remember the rest of that but I think it was fairly boring but I really was perplexed.)

(Meanwhile, I was sitting with my legs crossed on the floor indian style while she was using her arms to climb up on my lap while pushing her bottom up in the air. So like, if you were going to stand
 like a spider on all floors without bending your knees. This proceeded to pull her little onesie even lower and kindof show her chest. Had she not been a baby this pose would have been a bit provocative due to the onesie being so low. :) )

D had been quiet this whole time and I truly didn't think he was really paying any attention to me talking about this whole situation.When all of a sudden...

D: "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...and they're's better than yours!!" (While dancing)

Me (And Clara) seriously busted out laughing as both of us joined in and danced to Kelis 2004ish in our bathroom this morning.

I was so channeling Ross singing "baby got back" to Emma on Friends. While Kelis is probably not baby appropriate..Clara loved it! :)

*Editors note - Sorry I didn't know how to remove the "Jen Aniston Rockz from this picture" lol!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm going a little deep here....but I just had to address this topic today

I'm sorry everyone. I know that it's Friday and Friday's are happy days; the weekend is near and filled with puppy's, rainbows and sunshine (jk!) but this subject has been on my heart all week and I know whenever something continues to press my heart I need to write about it.There are no pictures, no jokes, no smiley faces. Just my thoughts...on a page.

 It all started with Jenny's blog topic a couple weeks ago. Jenny is the lead singer for Addison Road. This is her blog. I would definitely encourage you to read it. It's going to pull at your heart strings but I'm so glad she put it out there.

Then it was Matthew West. He was being interviewed about his new CD. He asked others to send him their life stories and he was going to use "our" stories to inspire his album. However, what he found was that 1 in 4...I'm going to say that again ONE in FOUR girls who had written him had been abused sexually, emotionally or physically abused growing up. He said he just couldn't grasp that number. His song "broken girl" was born and as I heard it I just cried. Not for myself, thankfully... I was spared from abuse as a child, but I cried for every other girl listening who had been hurt.Ever girl I walk by on the street or at the mall who smiles but wear scars deep and hidden in her heart. Every girl (maybe even girls I know or readers who read this blog) that know this type of pain and abuse and my heart broke.

And then...then yesterday happened. This may sound creepy to do but I think (as a new mom) I want to be as informed about these things as possible. So, my friend sent me a government link a while back that allows you to track "criminals" in your neighborhood. More specifically, sex offenders. Anyone's house around your area who is a registered sex offender has a pink dot. Our neighborhood had one pink dot. And the day I found out a while ago me and D made sure to drive by..see where it's at and said we will never walk down that street. When she gets older she will never be allowed to run to friend's houses without being accompanied by me or D (which is how it should be anyways) but I figure there will be days when she will feel old enough to walk through the neighborhood without her parents but since finding this out, as long as we live here, we will walk with her. So back to yesterday, I try to check this website about once a month, just to see if anyone new has been listed. However, I found out yesterday that you can back up the "area search map" so far that you can actually see the entire area of Johnson County. And...each click backwards...made my mouth drop open. Pink dots every neighborhood...some filled with not only one but 10. Johnson County is supposedly one of the safest counties in the US and yet here I sat, a screen overwhelmed with pink dots; each signifying that someone had been abused. Because for each offender there was a victim, each pink dot a child who'd been hurt. And they live all around me...

I am positive God was really really using these three scenario's to speak to my heart. Because each situation brought the truth closer and closer to home...right into my own neighborhood. I don't know how I can help, I don't know what I can do and maybe it's just bringing awareness to this issue through this blog post. I just think each of us, should take a moment today and pray for the girls(and boys) who've been abused. Maybe a moment of silence hoping someday we will have the opportunity to encourage them in some way. Life is unfair and  people are cruel and I wish I could take all the pain and bury it deep deep inside the earth. I don't know why it happens I just know there is one person who sees it all. And while I don't understand why He allows these things to happen I think we can all sing with Carrie Underwood on this one. This is just our "temporary home" and there is a brighter hope and a brighter future that we can look forward too. God made a way for us through the cross to feel peace in knowing that we are only "here" for a little while. And in the mean time, He catches every tear that falls...

Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood

Little Boy, 6 years old
A little too used to bein' alone.
Another new mom and dad,another school,
Another house that'll never be home.
When people ask him how he likes this place...
He looks up and says, with a smile upon his face,

"This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong.
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through.
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going.
I'm not afraid because I know this is my
Temporary Home."
Young mom on her own.
She needs a little help, got nowhere to go.
She's lookin' for a job, lookin' for a way out,
Because a half-way house will never be a home.
At night she whispers to her baby girl,
"Someday we'll find our place here in this world."

"This is our temporary home.
It's not where we belong.
Windows and rooms that we're passin' through.
This is just a stop, on the way to where we're going.
I'm not afraid because I know this is our
Temporary Home."

Old man, hospital bed,
The room is filled with people he loves.
And he whispers don't cry for me,
I'll see you all someday.
He looks up and says, "I can see God's face."

"This is my temporary Home
It's not where I belong.
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through.
This was just a stop,on the way to where I'm going.
 I'm not afraid because I know... this was
My temporary home."

This is our temporary home.

*And I've shared this once before but I think it is significant to this post because of the lyrics in the song. The last verse, where she mentions the old man speaks of seeing God. Well...that happened to my father. The moment before he took his last breath my mom said he awoke from a coma like state and opened his eyes; she said he exclaimed the exact same thing and had a look on his face of complete joy, complete excitement, complete peace. He had that exact same experience Carrie sings about in that song, so I know there are people who do not believe in life after this, but my mom said, in that moment, seeing my dad's face...anyone who saw would have believed; Heaven does exist.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My stubborn-never-gonna-go-away-5 lbs...

Yep, there I am..haha... totally kidding.

That's it. 5 lbs. That's what I have left from Miss Clara. And in the grand scheme of life I know that this is such a ridiculous thing to worry about. But then I remember that I'm a girl. And girl's worry about 5 lbs. The thing about this 5 lbs is it is seriously stuck. Like stuck. I eat blueberries, strawberries & banana's for breakfast. I have some sort of frozen 300 calorie dealeo for lunch and then what I consider to be a "sensible dinner." I mean I have a weight watcher commercial written all over my eating habits (besides the fact that I don't eat weight watchers meals because well they're just not my fave) :) but I CMON middle-aged-27-yr-old metabolism...cut a girl some slack!! :(

I don't know if it's my age or my baby-bearing-body that is causing this but I need it to go away. When I was just 20 I could have eaten that and happily moved back to my pre-ClaraBear weight. But now...nooooo  it's a fight just to stay here @ 5+ lbs. And I keep threatening this tummy saying if you make me exercise like "for real exercise and not just morderate running" to lose this I swear I will never ever give you a blizzard ever again!! (But he still doesn't seem to be listening!) And then I just want to quit and go eat a blizzard. So that statement = epic fail.

Last night, I stopped at my friend Erin's house and she seriously made my whole week by her kind compliment about my physique. It was ironic, being that I had just started this post about how I still had 5 lbs left and that made me for whatever reason feel like a water buffalo yesterday, but nevertheless, her kind comment came at the perfect moment. So thank you Erin...I truly appreciated it!

Anyways...where was I? Oh yes...So, let the exercising begin.again.Shoot. You all remember me running for 12 minutes back in Feb right? And I've had a few more months where I've been pretty good about running but all that got me was to the place I'm at. 5+ lbs. So, I have a feeling my jogs around the neighborhood are going to need to turn into jogs around KC. I'm thinking of Alina right now...finishing her marathon with a broken leg, because seriously I would have quit that marathon if I got a cramp in my pinky finger. Seriously. I would have sat right down and cried all the way home.

There I am again...again but seriously what girl does this...I mean that doesn't even look safe?

So, here we go again. Taking on this running adventure. 358th times a charm; Isn't that what they say?

Monday, August 23, 2010

From the Crib of Clara Grace (Edition 7)

Hey Everyone!!I am soooo excited to share my great news with you. Uncle Bret got me my first car this weekend!!! (Also, I think grandma had something to do with it so big kiss to her as well) :)

Here are daddy and Uncle Bret working on my new supa fly ride.

They were having a tiinnny bit of an issue with the hood. I suggested they make it into a convertible but daddy was worried about me picking up all the boys at such a young age so he said this car was more for "practical" use. Apparently I can't date until I'm 45 (according to him) so I guess I'll be in my princess cozy coupe for a while still.

Here I am...Beep beep!! Outa mah wayyyyy mommmm! :)

I named her Tinker. You TinkerBell.

I just love the little socks right off of her.(If she had all know what I mean) :)

This is Tinker's horn...I love honking her now that I figured out how. Mom and Dad love it too I'm sure.

Of course my friends wanted a ride in Tinker as soon as they heard about her!! I'm sure you figured out, I've been very busy zooming around all weekend with my homies just listening to some "California Gurls".

Until next time...this is Clara Grace signing out...later tators!!!

Honk Honk Beep Beeeeeep!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life In The Pitts

Life in the Pitts

I had a few experiences to choose from for this crazy great idea from Helena over at Life In The Pitts. So, I'm linking up one of my favorite awkward memories. Sorry to everyone who has already read this but I just had to share it one more time.

Also, if you are bored and looking for more stories like this...deffinitely go check out Helena's Blog. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yummmm, Uh-Oh & I won!

How do you like that for a title?? It details each scenario listed below. ;) Also, I know there is "Miscellany Mondays" for this very purpose but I have a few random things to share with you today and since my computer is broken and I can't upload pictures you all get to be part of these random moments on Wednesday. Mmmmm k? :)

Number 1 Random Moment:  I was eating my super healthy pop-tarts egg whites and toast. Okay...nope...just pop tarts;I can't lie to you all. And...the package kind of made me do a double take. It says "GREAT Source of  7 Vitamins & Minerals." Sooo naturally I flipped it over and read the ingredients ( Enriched Flour, Corn Syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, dextrose) Okay so I have no idea what dextrose is but the other first 4 ingredients could have just said 2lbs to each thigh and a little extra muffin top for you this morning! I mean REALLY poptart maker're REALLY saying that these have good nutrients for me??? I so started channeling Seth Meyer and Amy Pohler seeing them doing their (ReAlLy??)SNL skit right now because that is a little bit of craziness Mr. Pop Tart Package. :)

See this picture doesn't really count because it has the message really small in the corner but the new packages have like a monster bubble and not just that little yellow one anymore. Ohhh welll I guess....because they are still sooo delicious! :)
Number 2 Random Moment: I teach piano on the weekends and I couldn't make it last Saturday so we re-scheduled to Tuesday, however that unfortunately didn't work out either so I asked D to call my piano student's mom over lunch for me because I didn't have any extra time yesterday afternoon. Now, the family is Korean and while she speaks English she is not completely fluent so I told D that English was not her first language. soon as he got home last night I asked him if SuJin was okay with me moving the lesson back to Saturday.

D: "Amber! You told me she didn't speak English very well."

A: ", I mean she's fluent in English but some words she may not understand."

D: "Okay, well I was all "HI....SUJIN....THIS....IS....AMBER'S ....HUSBAND."

SuJin: "Hello, how are you doing this afternoon?"

D: "I felt sooooo ridiculous Amber!!! She is definitely fluent in English!!!"

A: (dying laughing) "Oh my didn't have to speak slowly just choose your words carefully because if they are uncommon she may not understand."

D:" Okay well thanks...I totally had to continue the entire conversation like that then because I didn't want her to think that I thought she was "slow" or something so I ended up sounding like I had some sort of speech impairment!"

A: "I'm sooooo sorry!!" (still laughing because seriously that was so hilarious... poor D was completely mortified though

So, needless to say, I'm super interested to see what SuJin has to say about my husband on Saturday! :) 

"Okay, Amber didn't tell me her husband had a difficult time speaking...poor guy. "

Number 3 Random Moment: This is totally not to sound like I'm bragging because I'm definitely not but we had a competition at work to see who could invite the most attendees to an upcoming conference we were having. Well...I'm the only girl in this office and I wanted to win soooo badly so I pretty much killed myself over the past month to sign up clients to this dealeo. There is a really mean guy who pretends to be nice but I know he always has bad intentions. He walked up to me last week after the super hard week I'd had (Clara getting ear tubes and other difficult situations) and said "Looks like there's no chance you're going to win Amber." And then walked away....I seriously had like an emotional break down as I rode home in my car that evening because it is so hard being the only girl sometimes and he just makes working there unbearable sometimes. Well everyone..we got the final results this morning.... and I am proud to announce the results of that little competition!!!

And the winner is…….
1st place and winner of  – Amber G, 45 registrations, 31.11% attendance
2nd place and winner of – W D, 44 registrations, 36.36% attendance

That's right....I squeaked out that one by ONE registration. GOOOOOO God!! I seriously am giving Him all the credit because I think sometimes God knows when you are having trouble making lemonade some weeks he throws you some extra sugar! :)


Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - From Disney to Dr. Quinn

I love this topic....Soooooooo lets see. Who would I be? Well of course...


I don't know if she counts because she is a cartoon charachter but I'm all about living on the edge. Ha! :)

I mean tiny killer waist - CHECK

Crazy cool castle to live in - CHECK

Andddddd...handome "sortof" prince, soon to become real prince- CHECK

So she's the first person that comes to mind (and thank you Disney for all your pictures...please don't sue me).

Second Person - can't laugh

Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman!

I know that sounds like a joke but I loved that lady when I was younger. I mean she was like the first lady doctor ever back in the wild wild west days!

I mean she was beautiful - CHECK

Had a handsome, rugged outdoorsman - CHECK

And a wonderful family - CHECK

See...she was a good choice!! :)

New Design

I've really wanted my own blog design for a while now. I liked the working mom picture before but I simply borrowed that picture from blogger so it wasn't unique or my own. And...I wanted a blog that was cheery looking vs. a mom that was half sad, missing her daughter. So...thankfully I found Kristen who helped me with my design! :)

I love the simplicity of it. And...if you are having just one of those days that are kindof rainy/cloudy you can hop on over for some "suns." :) So, while it is still a design in progress (because my computer at work doesn't like the Kevin&AmandaFonts) and there are a few other areas I need to tweak... I am really excited about having my own design and button!

Also...I know it's been forever since I've posted and I promise to change that but I had the great idea of letting Clara play on our computer at home...I figured what can she hurt...she's just going to pound around on the keyboard a bit?? Welllll she downloaded a virus. I have no idea how but my little pumpkin killed Mr. Computer SOOOOO I may be MIA until we get that fixed. :)

Let me there anything else random I can tell you about before I sign out for the day??? Well...we are slowly remodeling our home from the 80s wallpaper that was partying on our walls to a hopefully more modern look so I'm going to have some before and after pictures up soon!

Oh oh....and Clara learned how to crawl this past weekend so now she's a little choo choo train all over the house. And she gets so excited that she can't handle it so she talks during the entire "trip." Anytime she's headed somewhere we can always find her because she's all "mamahamahadaummmmmamamdaumpupppp." It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. She loves her new found freedom. :)

P.S. Random question - Do you guys see one line of suns going down each side or two lines on the left side and one line on the right side?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh where oh where has my Fluffy Bear gone???

This is my precious puppy before her hair cut.

This is my poor puppy after D dropped her off at the puppy salon.

(I mean she is too ashamed to even look at the camera). :(

The key part of that sentence was "D." I learned a valuable lesson. Never, under any circumstances, ask your husband to drop off the family chiapoo for her hair appointment!

I arrived at the "stylist" and before she even brought fluff around the corner I knew something was wrong. She gave a me a little smile and said, "Amber...did you want her cut like a Schnauzer?" And...I was like "No...that would be weird..why do you ask?" Her reply, "Well I asked your husband how he wanted her cut and he said Schnauzer." To which I replied..."But she's a chiapoo (half Chiuaua/half poodle) so of course we would want to do the poodle cut." Apparently it's not that simple to some of us lol. :)

So....a Chiapoo in a Schnauzer's haircut is what we have now. Of course when I got home I had ALOT of questions for my hubs. We were both laughing pretty hard by the end of that conversation because I could not for the life of me figure out why he told the stylist to cut her like a schnauzer when she is and I think he was even a little confused as to why he said that. I'm pretty sure he just named the first dog that came to his mind that morning. Poor hubs...he tries so hard. :) 

ANYWAYS... :)  

She forgot all about her terrible haircut once she saw her ball...sooooo all is good again in the puppy-haircut-world!

And in completely unrelated news...I've attached a few pictures of our little pumpkin for the grandparents. I know I've been bad about posting pictures of Clara lately so here you go. :)

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brad Paisley

So...for those of you that are "lucky enough" (hehe) to have my phone may have heard an interesting song playing. That song would have been "She's Everything" by this gentleman.

Well...see...I got a new phone a couple weeks ago. I just couldn't handle the fact that Mr. Rave had spent a whole night in a drainage hole and even though I sanitized him ridiculous amounts I kept thinking about all the grossness that probably ran over him that night. forward to two weeks ago. I was trying to download certain songs to be specific ringers but was it wasn't going so good and I was totally frustrated.

I was trying to set "She's Everything" to the ringer I heard when D called. Now, I certainly do not think I"m everything by any means to him...but he played that for me our first Christmas and I kind of consider it "our song." Ahhhhhh. JK! :) No, but it is ironic because when we met I had a Saturn with a sunroof and brown hair...I certainly am tipsy after one glass of wine and LOVE bubble baths. LOL. So anyways...that's the ringer I was trying to download (I thought unsuccessfully).

Fast forward to last week. We're in the car and the song "She's everything" comes on the radio. So..I mentioned with a sad face...this was supposed to be my ringer for you...:( cry cry sad voice. You can imagine my surprise when he responded, "Oh, that's weird because this is what I hear when I call you." you remember aunt Paige was with us last week and so she responded, "Me too!!" I with a panic-stricken face was like "Let me call my phone from one of your phones!!" And sure enough...I had set that to be the song everyone hears when they call me!!! Eeeeeek!!!

So...I just wanted to clarify with all of you...I did not intentionally set that ringer to my phone because I wanted you to think "'I'm everything"! LOL!!!!  Maybe none of you did but just in case I wanted to clarify. :):):) However, since I have no idea how I set it up in the first place I'm just going to leave it. the future...if you call...feel free to enjoy Me & D's romantical love song LOL! :)

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