Monday, August 2, 2010

Brad Paisley

So...for those of you that are "lucky enough" (hehe) to have my phone may have heard an interesting song playing. That song would have been "She's Everything" by this gentleman.

Well...see...I got a new phone a couple weeks ago. I just couldn't handle the fact that Mr. Rave had spent a whole night in a drainage hole and even though I sanitized him ridiculous amounts I kept thinking about all the grossness that probably ran over him that night. forward to two weeks ago. I was trying to download certain songs to be specific ringers but was it wasn't going so good and I was totally frustrated.

I was trying to set "She's Everything" to the ringer I heard when D called. Now, I certainly do not think I"m everything by any means to him...but he played that for me our first Christmas and I kind of consider it "our song." Ahhhhhh. JK! :) No, but it is ironic because when we met I had a Saturn with a sunroof and brown hair...I certainly am tipsy after one glass of wine and LOVE bubble baths. LOL. So anyways...that's the ringer I was trying to download (I thought unsuccessfully).

Fast forward to last week. We're in the car and the song "She's everything" comes on the radio. So..I mentioned with a sad face...this was supposed to be my ringer for you...:( cry cry sad voice. You can imagine my surprise when he responded, "Oh, that's weird because this is what I hear when I call you." you remember aunt Paige was with us last week and so she responded, "Me too!!" I with a panic-stricken face was like "Let me call my phone from one of your phones!!" And sure enough...I had set that to be the song everyone hears when they call me!!! Eeeeeek!!!

So...I just wanted to clarify with all of you...I did not intentionally set that ringer to my phone because I wanted you to think "'I'm everything"! LOL!!!!  Maybe none of you did but just in case I wanted to clarify. :):):) However, since I have no idea how I set it up in the first place I'm just going to leave it. the future...if you call...feel free to enjoy Me & D's romantical love song LOL! :)


Deb said...

That's hilarious...and sounds so much like something I'd do!! HA! HA! Hope you have a blessed week...thanks so much for stopping by Jeremiah 29:11 and leaving such precious comments!!!

Anonymous said...

You really are everything to me sweety.... and my passion (lol). I love you so much!!!

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