Monday, August 23, 2010

From the Crib of Clara Grace (Edition 7)

Hey Everyone!!I am soooo excited to share my great news with you. Uncle Bret got me my first car this weekend!!! (Also, I think grandma had something to do with it so big kiss to her as well) :)

Here are daddy and Uncle Bret working on my new supa fly ride.

They were having a tiinnny bit of an issue with the hood. I suggested they make it into a convertible but daddy was worried about me picking up all the boys at such a young age so he said this car was more for "practical" use. Apparently I can't date until I'm 45 (according to him) so I guess I'll be in my princess cozy coupe for a while still.

Here I am...Beep beep!! Outa mah wayyyyy mommmm! :)

I named her Tinker. You TinkerBell.

I just love the little socks right off of her.(If she had all know what I mean) :)

This is Tinker's horn...I love honking her now that I figured out how. Mom and Dad love it too I'm sure.

Of course my friends wanted a ride in Tinker as soon as they heard about her!! I'm sure you figured out, I've been very busy zooming around all weekend with my homies just listening to some "California Gurls".

Until next time...this is Clara Grace signing out...later tators!!!

Honk Honk Beep Beeeeeep!!!!!


kayla said...

I love it, Amber!

JoJo said...

Clara has a hot ride! I'm so jealous!

Erin said...

Our neighbor just gave us their car yesterday as their kids have outgrown it and Payton loves it. All she wants to do is sit in her car!

Stephanie M. Page said...

oh my! I honestly don't think she could be cuter.

Leah said...

Aww.. what a cutie! I love her ponytail! She looks so pleased with herself in her new hot ride : )

Kat said...

Thanks for your sweet comment:-) Hopefully this moving thing will be over soon!!

BTW your daughter is just the cutest thing!!!

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