Thursday, August 26, 2010

My stubborn-never-gonna-go-away-5 lbs...

Yep, there I am..haha... totally kidding.

That's it. 5 lbs. That's what I have left from Miss Clara. And in the grand scheme of life I know that this is such a ridiculous thing to worry about. But then I remember that I'm a girl. And girl's worry about 5 lbs. The thing about this 5 lbs is it is seriously stuck. Like stuck. I eat blueberries, strawberries & banana's for breakfast. I have some sort of frozen 300 calorie dealeo for lunch and then what I consider to be a "sensible dinner." I mean I have a weight watcher commercial written all over my eating habits (besides the fact that I don't eat weight watchers meals because well they're just not my fave) :) but I CMON middle-aged-27-yr-old metabolism...cut a girl some slack!! :(

I don't know if it's my age or my baby-bearing-body that is causing this but I need it to go away. When I was just 20 I could have eaten that and happily moved back to my pre-ClaraBear weight. But now...nooooo  it's a fight just to stay here @ 5+ lbs. And I keep threatening this tummy saying if you make me exercise like "for real exercise and not just morderate running" to lose this I swear I will never ever give you a blizzard ever again!! (But he still doesn't seem to be listening!) And then I just want to quit and go eat a blizzard. So that statement = epic fail.

Last night, I stopped at my friend Erin's house and she seriously made my whole week by her kind compliment about my physique. It was ironic, being that I had just started this post about how I still had 5 lbs left and that made me for whatever reason feel like a water buffalo yesterday, but nevertheless, her kind comment came at the perfect moment. So thank you Erin...I truly appreciated it!

Anyways...where was I? Oh yes...So, let the exercising begin.again.Shoot. You all remember me running for 12 minutes back in Feb right? And I've had a few more months where I've been pretty good about running but all that got me was to the place I'm at. 5+ lbs. So, I have a feeling my jogs around the neighborhood are going to need to turn into jogs around KC. I'm thinking of Alina right now...finishing her marathon with a broken leg, because seriously I would have quit that marathon if I got a cramp in my pinky finger. Seriously. I would have sat right down and cried all the way home.

There I am again...again but seriously what girl does this...I mean that doesn't even look safe?

So, here we go again. Taking on this running adventure. 358th times a charm; Isn't that what they say?


Matilda's Mommy said...

You look great! Don't worry about the five were probably too skinny before you had Clara anyways! :) This might just be mother nature telling you, you are the size you are supposed to be! That is the way I like to look at things (because I am not about to go running!):)! But really, you look great!

JoJo said...

I hear the last five pounds are always the hardest! I've seen you in pictures thought girl and you always look sexy and hot! Personally I don't notice an ounce of fat on your body, but I understand if it bothers you and you just want to go back to the pre preggers look. It will happen I assure you. My weight regardless always fluctuates plus or minus five pounds, but constantly in that range depending on the week. I can gain five pounds in a matter of a couple days and lose it in a matter of a couple days. I really don't know how it happens...

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