Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yummmm, Uh-Oh & I won!

How do you like that for a title?? It details each scenario listed below. ;) Also, I know there is "Miscellany Mondays" for this very purpose but I have a few random things to share with you today and since my computer is broken and I can't upload pictures you all get to be part of these random moments on Wednesday. Mmmmm k? :)

Number 1 Random Moment:  I was eating my super healthy pop-tarts egg whites and toast. Okay...nope...just pop tarts;I can't lie to you all. And...the package kind of made me do a double take. It says "GREAT Source of  7 Vitamins & Minerals." Sooo naturally I flipped it over and read the ingredients ( Enriched Flour, Corn Syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, dextrose) Okay so I have no idea what dextrose is but the other first 4 ingredients could have just said 2lbs to each thigh and a little extra muffin top for you this morning! I mean REALLY poptart maker're REALLY saying that these have good nutrients for me??? I so started channeling Seth Meyer and Amy Pohler seeing them doing their (ReAlLy??)SNL skit right now because that is a little bit of craziness Mr. Pop Tart Package. :)

See this picture doesn't really count because it has the message really small in the corner but the new packages have like a monster bubble and not just that little yellow one anymore. Ohhh welll I guess....because they are still sooo delicious! :)
Number 2 Random Moment: I teach piano on the weekends and I couldn't make it last Saturday so we re-scheduled to Tuesday, however that unfortunately didn't work out either so I asked D to call my piano student's mom over lunch for me because I didn't have any extra time yesterday afternoon. Now, the family is Korean and while she speaks English she is not completely fluent so I told D that English was not her first language. soon as he got home last night I asked him if SuJin was okay with me moving the lesson back to Saturday.

D: "Amber! You told me she didn't speak English very well."

A: ", I mean she's fluent in English but some words she may not understand."

D: "Okay, well I was all "HI....SUJIN....THIS....IS....AMBER'S ....HUSBAND."

SuJin: "Hello, how are you doing this afternoon?"

D: "I felt sooooo ridiculous Amber!!! She is definitely fluent in English!!!"

A: (dying laughing) "Oh my didn't have to speak slowly just choose your words carefully because if they are uncommon she may not understand."

D:" Okay well thanks...I totally had to continue the entire conversation like that then because I didn't want her to think that I thought she was "slow" or something so I ended up sounding like I had some sort of speech impairment!"

A: "I'm sooooo sorry!!" (still laughing because seriously that was so hilarious... poor D was completely mortified though

So, needless to say, I'm super interested to see what SuJin has to say about my husband on Saturday! :) 

"Okay, Amber didn't tell me her husband had a difficult time speaking...poor guy. "

Number 3 Random Moment: This is totally not to sound like I'm bragging because I'm definitely not but we had a competition at work to see who could invite the most attendees to an upcoming conference we were having. Well...I'm the only girl in this office and I wanted to win soooo badly so I pretty much killed myself over the past month to sign up clients to this dealeo. There is a really mean guy who pretends to be nice but I know he always has bad intentions. He walked up to me last week after the super hard week I'd had (Clara getting ear tubes and other difficult situations) and said "Looks like there's no chance you're going to win Amber." And then walked away....I seriously had like an emotional break down as I rode home in my car that evening because it is so hard being the only girl sometimes and he just makes working there unbearable sometimes. Well everyone..we got the final results this morning.... and I am proud to announce the results of that little competition!!!

And the winner is…….
1st place and winner of  – Amber G, 45 registrations, 31.11% attendance
2nd place and winner of – W D, 44 registrations, 36.36% attendance

That's right....I squeaked out that one by ONE registration. GOOOOOO God!! I seriously am giving Him all the credit because I think sometimes God knows when you are having trouble making lemonade some weeks he throws you some extra sugar! :)



alicia said...

We all know that pop tarts are healthy for us. Right? That's why we love them so!! :)

Stopping by from WW.

Stephanie said...

Woooohooooo good for you!!!! Why is that guy so mean???? And the phone call...hysterical!

I am Harriet said...

Good deal. Loved your story too.

Have a great Wednesday!

Ashley said...

Go Am! And, tell D that I laughed my bottom off at his conversation! Seriously, that's great!

JoJo said...

Wooohooo!! Go you for winning!

That's my girl!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Um, the chocolate pop tarts are made from cocao beans and beans are good for you? Strawberry is a fruit? That's all I've got :)

and WAY TO GO! I'm glad you beat Mr. "I'm a nice guy but not really". Good job!

Kat said...

Hahaha love the random moments!!! Congrats on winning:-)

Stephanie said...

BTW I left you a little somethin'somethin over at my blog! :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

I love your blog design AND random posts!! =)



Honey Nougats said...

Hahaha that story about Dave calling SuJin made me laugh!!!

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