Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clara's Birth Story

I've had baby fever recently. Many of my blogging friends have either just had a baby or are about to. So let me surmise: We want two babies....but we do not want two babies two years apart! :) I think the whole building a baby process alone would surely kill me. I think it would be great to have children close together for the whole friendship aspect, and many many other reasons but I, my friends, would die in the process. Probably literally. JK. :) (maybe)

So, to put a top on this whole "I WANT MORE BABIES NOW" I'm going to write about my birth story. I think just a nice reminder about what happened to me at the end of the 9 months will help to ease my incessant thoughts about more babies. :) Also, to my bloggy friends who are considering kids, I'll be honest about my whole experience to help you have the most information possible before you take off on this adventure. ;)

My birth story begins on Tuesday, the 27th of October. I was set to be induced the next morning (Wednesday). However, Clara decided she wanted out that night. So we got to the hospital, and then she changed her mind. Awesome. Since I was set to be induced the next morning, they just let me stay (but not eat).Okay, had I known I wouldn't be able to eat I would have NEVER let them keep me overnight. I think that was one of the main issues I would have changed looking back.More on that later.

Throughout this entire pregnancy process I was in the 1% category. 1% of girls get crazy bumps (PUPPS) all over their body and I was the 1%.

1% of girls need to have surgery on their hernia's while prego and I was that 1%

1% of girls get polyhydramnios and I was that 1%

So you see a trend here. :)

Well...I'm making up the 1% for this issue only because doctors kept commenting on how I wasn't reacting to the Pitocin and that never happens apparently. Maybe I'm like 0.01% here...I don't know? :)

So there I was, on Pitocin, HIGH DOSES of Pitocin, and not having regular contractions. Don't get me wrong...they hurt. They hurt ALOT! But they weren't regular and I wasn't dilating. Painful contractions all day with no progress = depressed mommy to be. So there I was, in pain, no progress, and HUNGRY. By 9:00 that night I told my doctor if she didn't let me eat I was going to have to quit, due to starvation. So, by the pure kindness in her doctor heart she took me off the Pitocin and let me eat. Yeah Yeah!!! I seriously ate soooo much. I hadn't eaten in about 30 hours by that point, was growing a baby and laboring all day. I think I ate everything on the menu. :)

The next morning we were at it again, pitocin and no progress by noon. So, knowing I couldn't eat (seriously that was my driving force at that point lol) until this baby was here I decided to stand. No more sitting for *this girl.* Me and Clara and Dave danced to 50 Cent, played scatergories, and shook our bon bon's all.afternoon.long (taking breaks between contractions). That was seriously the only time we stopped! I asked the nurses not to check me until that evening because I just couldn't hear one more time "Sorry progress yet." So at 5:00 that night I asked them to check me. And what do you know... 1 1/2-2 CM's LOL!! But, do you know what that meant??? They could break my water which was our goal this WHOLE TIME. I was seriously so excited. SO EXCITED!
So, they break my water. HOLY.FREAKING.MOTHER.OF.POTATOES.That was when for the first time I felt the for realllllll pain of contractions. So far I'd done without pain medicine (2 days now) and was quite proud of myself. Now though? Now, I couldn't say "Epidural!" fast enough. I remember after they put the epidural in it still takes about 15 minutes to set in and I kept asking the dude "Are you sure you got it in right because (OWWWW) this hurts and (OWWWW) maybe we should do it again just in case and (OWWW)!!" I just remember him kindly smiling and saying he promised it would take effect shortly. And it did. Thankfully. :)

I wanted to have a natural childbirth. My friend Laura did and she had me determined I could do it, but I think the sheer exhaustion of 2 days on Pitocin had already defeated me...and my hunger. Because here we were about 48 hours of labor and one meal.

But this is the amazing thing about epidurals. After 2 days of no sleep and barely any food, my doctor turned off the light in my room and said she would check me in 5 hours. Wow...that was the most amazing sleep of my life. Next thing I know, I was being woken up to bright lights and my doctor saying I could start pushing.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! And push I did. For 2 hours.However, the closer we got, the more scared I became. Polyhydramnios can cause severe problems in a baby and as healthy as she looked on the monitors we just weren't going to know until she was here. I remember thinking, no matter what happens, God knew we needed this baby girl healthy or not healthy and we will love her with every ounce of our heart and do our best to raise her with His help.So that's what I did,I just kept breathing, looking at my husband and praying. That's all I did. And then, the moment you never think will never arrive....did...

She laid beautiful Clara Grace in my arms. Clara with a whole head full of dark beautiful hair. Her cute little pink squished up nose.Her little smile already surfacing. My precious baby girl.

So that, my friends, is how Clara Grace came into this world.

The End

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CourtneyKeb said...

Major props for being strong and resisting the urge.

While it is pretty cool to have them close in age, you're right....
it can practically kill ya.
(not really, but I knew what you meant, because I'm in the same boat! )

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