Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Robbed Kirklands

That's right. You read that correctly.

This store.

I robbed it.

I made a plan.

Ocean's Eleven style.

Got my ski mask on.

And took everything I needed to add the final touches to our new house.

Just kidding. :)

But I did rob it.


See, I was having a busy day last Thursday.

Dave's dad was going to meet us for supper.

And I was waiting for Paige (Clara's Babysitter) and her husband to get back from the soccer game (with Clara Bear).

Meet the cute couple. :)

So I decided to do a little browsing

At Kirklands.

While I was browsing.

I picked up some cute frames, and table toppers, christmas decorations and halloween door greetings.
Then Paige called and said she'd be a bit late so I decided to run home.

I walked out to my car.

With my new, fun holiday, house warming items.

I arrived at my car.

With my arms full of Kirklands items.

Without paying for a thing.

I seriously FREAKED OUT you guys.

If you only knew what went through my head in that moment.

"Holy crud I'm going to jail!!!"

"I so just robbed this store."

"I wonder how many people are chasing me right now?!?!"

"I wonder what kindof time I'm looking at??!?!" cry cry cry!!

Okay, so while I was frozen in fear.

I decided to make a run for it.

Back into the store.

I was simply going to lay the items quickly inside the door.

And run back out to my car.

Surely they couldn't call the cops that quickly!!

I  ran back into the store.

And yelled out, "I'm soooooo SO SO sorry!!! I totally didn't mean to walk out with all of this and..."

I stopped talking.

I realized not a soul had noticed me leave before.

But now, NOW I was causing a scene.

So I smiled at everyone.

Layed my items on the shelf with dignity.

And walked out.

It kindof stunk though because I really wanted the items I found, but you couldn't pay me to go back to that store. :)


Ashley said...

You crack me up! I would have testified on your behalf ;)

Adam and Wendy said...

HAHAHAHHA I just cracked up!! That's amazing hahah!!! I couldn't count how many times I've almost walked out of store and then been like, "woops...need to pay for that or put it back!" hahaahhahahahahhaha! :)

Katie and Mike said...

thanks for the laugh over my lunch hour!! I love your stories.

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