Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaack :)

Hey Everyone!!!We're home!!! (We weren't actually gone this whole time but we were gone a week soooo I needed a little time to get back in the swing of things) Anyways...I bet you are all wondering where we went. Wellllll before I get to that let me tell you the mental anguish my husband put me through that entire morning!!

D had said a few times we would be driving so I had envisioned a trip to Colorado or something like that. However, then he brought up all our camping equipment so I was thinking probably a little hiking adventure(not my idea of a romantic getaway but I figured I'd go with it because I knew his heart was in the right place) However, the morning we were supposed to leave I climbed in the car only to hear D saying..."Now we're going to be doing alot of driving this trip so just get used to being in the car because we're going on a little adventure up north.) At this point my head was about to explode, because I could take ONE long day in the car, and a couple nights camping, but thinking of unpacking and packing a tent every single night and being on the road all.day.long. does NOT a good vacation make!!! Sooooo in typical Amber fashion, I started crying. Yes big, round sad tears. I just couldn't hold it in any longer. D looked over and I could tell he didn't know what to do...he just kept assuring me we were going to have a great time just being together. So I tried to be strong and prepare for long hours in the car...just as I was really getting my head around the idea he took a sudden turn...toward the airport!!!!
   This was my totally creepy smile moments after I found out we weren't driving anywhere!!!!(Sorry I just had to share this picture to show how ridiculously excited I was...I actually started screaming lol)

And this was my sneaky husband moments after revealing he pulled off the BEST SURPRISE TO DATE!

So, now the second surprise...where on earth were we going?????

Well...I think Tony Bennett sang it best when he said....

I left my



So, I was thrilled to say the least and we truly had the time of our lives. Our first stop...lunch!!Ha. Of course...a girl has to eat!So, we found a fun bar and grill that literally had more alcohol than I'd ever seen in my life in one place. I tried to capture it, but this picture didn't do it justice. It was crazy!

This was our sweet waitress who we absolutely loved. Yes, I asked alot of random people to take pictures with us this trip because I wanted to remember every part...I'm not sure they were all to thrilled about it lol. :)

Then it was off on a tour of the city so we could get a good feel for where we wanted to go over the next week. There is nothing special about this picture besides to show you how almost ALL people had to learn to park in SF. These hills were killers!!Our tour driver said the tricky part isn't the parking as much as making sure your door doesn't swing down and dent the car next to you as you climb out. Craziness! 

China Town! The food in china town was seriously unbelievable.

Recognize this corner?? Mrs. Doubtfire anyone??? Yep...that is the house Sally Field lived in during the movie!

And I KNOW you know why this place is famous!! FULL HOUSE was filmed here! :)

This was called crayola corner for obvious reasons. The part that was fascinating to me. One of these little homes...6 to 10 MM. Yep...you heard that right. 1,000 square feet for 10 MM dollars!

And this was Mr. Toad! Ha...we seriously loved him though. He's been driving SF for 35 years. Literally anyone famous who comes through SF has gone on a tour with him.He's the "go to" guy I guess. He has driven everyone from Dolly Parton to Marilyn Manson to ACDC and so on. He named about 50 people (to name a few he said) who had ridden with him in his tour bus. So fun!

Then we started exploring. This place was crazy to me. The only way to get to the houses was this stair case. So all the residents had to climb about oh 7 flights to get home. Can you imagine carrying groceries up this bad boy???

Another shot looking down...

That night we went dancing but I didn't get any pictures. :( 

The next morning D wanted to ride the trolley so we caught the early one. OH WAIT...D did...the trolley driver left me!!! Yeah, so apparently you have about 3 seconds to hop on before they start moving again when they stop to pick you up. Well I had Starbucks with me and the driver said I couldn't bring drinks on the trolley so D hopped on while I ran to the nearest trash can. Next thing I know, I look and the trolley is halfway up the hill!!!! Yeah, he totally didn't wait for me and D was so surprised he didn't have time to jump off. So there I was, 7:00 in the morning, lugging my huge purse running up the hill trying to catch the trolley before it got to it's next stop!!!! And do you remember the picture of the hills in SF. Yeah...I was dying LOL!

Here we are after I finally caught it and got my breath back. That smile was somewhat fake in the picture...

(He was actually really nice..it was just kindof funny) :)

To help recover from that fiasco we decided to have breakfast at this cute little joint. They were said to have "world famous pancakes."

They were actually pretty regular tasting lol but now I can at least say I've ate world famous pancakes! :)

Then off to my favorite spot!!! BEST SEAFOOD ON EARTH!!

I loved this little seagull. I gave him all my crackers and this picture cracks me up because it looks like he was copying my stance! :) You have a special place in my heart Mr. Seagull bird dude.

Then we went to this arcade on the pier that had arcade games all from the 1930's. There was a huge crowd around this man and not one guy could beat him.

So I decided to give it a try. First attempt = epic fail.

Second attempt = HECK YEAH (with a bit of cheating hehe) :)

This cracked us up. All of the "love barometers" kept rating D like "dead fish" "flat tire" etc. It was SO FUNNY. By the third try it had become a big joke...but I can assure you all he's not. RARRR!! hahaha. Sorry. TMI!! :)

Then it was one of my favorite parts of our trip. The Rocket Boat!!!! However, that my friends will start our journey tomorrow....because that is a whole post in itself!!! :)


Kat said...

I'm so glad that your back... you were missed:)

I love that D surprised you... what a great story!!! Sounds like you got a great one:-)

The pics were fantastic and I love the story about the trolley leaving you...lol.

JoJo said...

The pics are adorable! So glad you had a great time and the D pulled off the surprise.

So cool you saw the Mrs. Doubtfire house ad where full house was filmed. You are so famous!

Alina Yeisley said...

Amber! I love this and I love you guys. You look so beautiful--what a fun trip! Way to go, Dave!!!

Ashley said...

Okay, so I have to ask ~ who had Clara??

I'm so glad you're back!!

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