Friday, September 17, 2010

SanFran Part 2

So where were we....OH YES...the Rocket Boat!!

(Here is the bad boy in motion)

This literally would have been my favorite part of the WHOLE trip.It's basically a giant speed boat that does tricks on the water. It is crazy fast and insanely fun. However, before we left they gave us rain coats "just in case." But said it had been really dry all day and not to worry about getting wet. Well...wouldn't you know...the first person to get wet all day...MUAH! Yes, that's right, a sharp spin to the left and I was drenched...I mean drenched. Dave was laughing so hard I think I remember him snorting. I mean a few people around me got splashed a little but I think literally all the water in the ocean splashed up on me that moment. you know how cold that gets going like 60 mph on the water around a bay???

So Mr.Rocket Boat...while I started out loving you I now loathe you! :)(jk I still love you but I'll always remember you ruined my hair for that whole day)

On the way back downtown we saw this adorable little band.

Everyone was about 10 years old and they were sooo cute and actually pretty decent musicians!

So guess what was next...Husker game!! That's right..D found a bar & grill that only played husker football so while like thousands of miles away it felt like home!

The group we were sitting with said I didn't look "husker" enough in blue so I got to wear that beautiful helmet the whole game.

Then it was off to Beach Blanket Babylon.

Yep I finally got to take a shower to rinse off the salt water (and 'beautiful' husker helmet).

I have to say this was literally me and D's favorite show ever. We've seen plays on broadway,etc but this one blew them all away so if you go to SanFrancisco you absolutely HAVE to see this. Andddd D met the lady in the big hat in the middle after the show and she gave him a hug and everything...guess where I was...the bathroom!!! Cry cry cry! This was seriously not my best day with the, oh being soaked in salt water all day and then missing meeting the star of the show LOL. :)

She told D her hat weighed...wait for it....300 lbs!!

The next morning we planned to bike the golden gate bridge. That sounds easy enough right?? Sure it does.

One of these bad boys...I can't believe I didn't actually get a picture of us on it. Boo.

So, they make it look pretty easy right? Oh.My.Gosh! It is insanely difficult to get used to and with me being in back it was even trickier because you totally have to rely on the person steering for balance and speed. I think they should make any couples going through counseling ride one of those bad boys because it is a team effort for sure!! However, it may actually work the opposite because I remember yelling kindly asking D like 5 times to please SLOW THE HECK DOWN!! But I could tell he was thouroughly enoying me screaming on the back of the bike as we were heading down the hills 100 mph at what I could only assume was our pending death at the bottom! :)

But we survived and look at the view once we finally got to the bridge.

It felt surreal. Like that couldn't possibly be a real view.

We literally stood up there in awe. Like how could anyone see something so beautiful and not believe in God? It was literally breathtaking.

*And, side note, the island behind me totally looked like the island from "Lost." Yeah Yeah!

We decided to keep going onto the small town of sausilito because we had finally figured out our bike and apparently are crazy. Ha! :)

Almost all the houses in this town were along the side of the hill so you could see across the ocean in every direction. It was the cutest little town with shops on every corner. Everyone was sitting outside sipping wine and watching the waves come in.

Don't worry...we weren't jealous. :(

After our 10 mile bike ride. Yep that's right. 10 miles, on a double bike with about 3 being straight uphill. We headed towards the ferry to head home.

We randomly kept running into a very sweet couple (Dori & Erik) during our entire journey and by the end, us 4 realized it was destiny that we become friends! (Thanks for making our golden gate experience even more memorable you two!)

Me, Erik, Dori & D arriving home on the ferry

That night, we ate at a cute little italian restaurant and went to bed at like 8. We thought our legs were going to fall off after our bike ride and we really wanted them not to, so we took it easy that night.
                                                                        The next morning was.....(insert scary music)


The only way to get there was by boat and just pulling up to the island creeped! us! out!

                                            This is the first building you enter into. much does this look like it should be in a "Saw" movie??

This is one of the jail cells..Could have been Al Capone's!

This was their "yard" where they could walk around

And look at their view from that yard

See Alcatraz was designed exactly for that purpose. Everything was mental anguish for the prisoners. They could see freedom, but just couldn't experience it. They told us on certain holidays the prisoners could hear people in SanFrancisco celebrating, such as New Year's etc and it would drive some inmates to insanity. The prisoners were also not allowed to exercise either. The wardon knew that if the inmates were not in shape they were never going to be able to survive the swim across the bay and they also were given very hot showers. So, were they to escape their bodies weren't used to such freezing waters and they would be captured right away. The prison guards actually told the prisoners that they had great white sharks circling the island at all hours of the night. They told them they had cut off their dorsal fins so they could only swim in I guess it was said most inmates actually believe this to be true.

Surprisingly, despite all of these things, one prisoner managed to escape by tunneling out through his vent and made it to the shore of SF. However, he was so bloodied and beaten by the waters that once he reached the shore he was immediately taken to the hospital in town. By 5:00 that afternoon, he woke up, back in his cell. At Alcatraz. Now that would be depressing!

One last shot, leaving that terrible place

And, well, I'm not going to lie, this entire segment has completely exhausted me(and probably you) so I'll leave you with a few of my favorite things that I'll miss so much about SF trip!

                                                                                          I'll miss the amazing seafood

I'll miss Ghiradeli Square and the ridiculously delicious chocolate!

I'll miss the sparkly streets!

I'll miss the restaurants named after me! haha :)

The wonderful chinese food in China Town!

All the candy stores that let you sample the candy FOR FREE!

I will wait I WILL NOT miss the hills! :)

I will miss seeing raw fish on the street and D pretending to kiss them.(I actually asked him  to do this and he was not too happy about it lol):)

I will miss meeting famous "Erhu" players! (This little man was SO sweet..I mean he's buddies with Will Smith! How fun is that!)

I will miss jumping on the hotel's bed! :) Wohoooo!

I will miss wine tasting in the afternoon and apparently "tasting too many" and deciding to do a little jig for the camera!:)

And, apparently SF was sad we were leaving too. The day we left was the first day it wasn't sunny.

It's okay...we'll be back someday Mr. Amazing City!!!

But you know who I don't miss anymore now that' I'm home!!

This beautiful little lady!!

Because we missed her more than ANYTHING!!! :) Love you sweetheart!!

* A couple ending notes

1) Thank you for everyone who actually made it to the end of this post with me. There should be some sort of award for writing and reading this long of a post.

2) Ashley B - I totally saw your parents and the Oliva's at crazy is that???

2) It may seem as though I wore the same outfit everyday and in fact I almost did...because I thought we were going to be hiking. However, do not be alarmed I did change my panties and socks each day. HA! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Just had to leave a comment...stumbled in via Rocket Boat's Facebook page. :) So glad you had a great time in my absolute favorite city.

Great post. Great pictures!

ps: The guys lie. Most EVERYONE gets wet on the ride! Even with the poncho on...we were drenched! And that was 2 hours before the Giants game we went to. LOL!

JoJo said...

You guys are too cute for words! The boat ride looks amazing even though you were drenched afterward. I love going to shows so that definitely something I'd be interested in! Sorry you missed out on meeting the celeb, but you're practically famous anyway for having a restaurant names after you right?!

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Hey, visiting you via the blog hops!

WOW! What a boat!!

Hope you will visit either or both of my sites and follow them.

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