Thursday, October 28, 2010

And Then He Cried

Steve sat in the office, slowly telling me his story.

He had recently been on leave from his job because of an injury.

He received notice from his company that he had been fired last Friday.

This he thought was illegal; it turned out it wasn't.

He had worked for this company for 10 years and they let him go because of a temporary leave of absence.

Two days after that he was served divorce papers.

His wife whom he'd been married to for 16 years decided she didn't want to be with him anymore.

He was broken.

I didn't know what to say.

I told him to surround himself with family and friends.

I told him to be strong.

I told him I knew that she would be lonely, because leaving a marriage only sounds fun in the beginning.

I am in a  study group with divorced women and the pain that follows separation can be unbearable.

And I prayed.

Suddenly, a still small voice whispered, "Amber, he needs Me."

"But how?" I asked..."What can I say to him in this office?"

So I waited, he eventually collected his check and left.

The instant he got to the parking lot I ran after him.

I gave him the name, address and time of church this Sunday on a tiny post-it note.

And all of a sudden he cried.

He reached for my hand and covered it with his.

This tall, strong man stood in front of me with big, round tears coming down his face.

"Thank you," he said.

Over and over he said it again.

"Thank you so much."

Before running back to the branch I said, "When you get there Sunday, ask for Gary."

He smiled through his tears and nodded.

If you think of it this week.

Please pray for Steve.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wanna see a sneak peak?

Somebody had their one year photo shoot yesterday.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hold Onto Your Pants Because...

...This is going to be alot of pictures! :)

My best friend...I mean the friend that can make milk squirt out your nose, or tinkle in your pants from laughing so much, a friend who you can cry to about the real things of life, and someone you can trust with anything...someone that you can say "Have you seen my dog?!" to and they will laugh with you because only you two will understand the joke, well that friend..she got married this past weekend and I couldn't be more excited for her!!

This is her and her hottie-pa-tottie hubs! And...side note about her hubby...I knew he was in a terrible accident when he was younger but I found out this past weekend that he was actually in a coma for 23 days...Oh my thankful are we all for guardian angels..Him and J both have alot of them..but that's a story for another day....luv you guys!

Okay back to the shower...actually....
before we get to the shower, we have to talk about the bachelorette party!

We all met at Magnolia Hotel for some dinner...delish...well actually I didn't have any (Ashley either) beacuse we were the tardy pants who couldn't get off early but we were having some fun of our own jamming in my momma's car (which totally took us back to high school) singing and rocking out with the windows down! :)

Once me and Ashley got there we headed to our hotel room to open some presents!
This is a picture of all the bridesmaids, some high school friends...AND an extra little one in Ms. Sara's tummy! Baby Stella ..yay!! :)

And, I'll keep this brief (haha brief) totally uninteded and show you the best present J got all night..GRANNIE PANTIES! :)

Then we headed this pic! Doesn't it have a professional'ish' look to it?

Us and Mr. Romeo (the horse not the dude...because the dude was less than thirlled we asked to take a picture with his horse as you can see!) :)

The Maid and Matron of honor riding our own horse home at the end of the night...actually I think mine was a duck lol!

Then the next day it was our more formal shower lol...J's sister even brought in decorations from her own house...pretty much everything you see there on the fireplace was her's...sooo pretty!

Me and my bestie...conjoined head twins Ha! (also inside joke here...sorry everyone)

J and her sister and momma and sister in law- basically ladies I love and consider my own family! *Side note- J always had like the "cool" mom and so our whole class pretty much lived at her house on the weekends...her mom just told me this weekend there were many nights she laid in bed just praying we would all just please GO TO SLEEP! lol! :) (Luv ya Jodi!!)

Another shot of the partay...sorry about the hiney shot Tori. :)

My baby pumpkin pants about to eat some cake (She was very excited for J too as you can see) :)

That basically sums up our weekend. It was just so fun and refreshing to be with your "forever" friends. We all had such a good time and it's awesome to see everyone with their families, babies, etc.

I love you all and a special "HEYYYY & Congrats again" to J V B S G (ha!) :) who happens to be on her honeymoon right now which means me = jealous!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Fluffy" Is Getting Addicted.... Facebook.

This is SO not good!

It started with keeping in touch with her brother Solomon...which he's doing well for all of you who were wondering.

Then she reconnected with a few friends she hadn't talked to in a while..and that was fun.

Then she discovered poking.

And now...the status updates....oh, the status updates. So much to much to see.

And for those of you that were wondering...NO, she will not be twittering...

I can't even imagine what can of worms that could open...

Fluff' you have to are becoming an addict!!

(Or maybe it's her mom who's becoming an addict...eeeeeek!! )

*I totally get why like 400 million other people also got additcted to facebook now.Oy.

I Met The *112th Richest Man In The World.....


Whoop Whoop!

No, seriously though I am SOOOO famous now....right??? :)

*And that number has been adjusted to protect his identity...I'm so worried this is illegal so please don't sue me sir!

So here's a little back story. I was just sitting at my ti da la ti da...when all of a sudden this man and his daughter walk in....

                 Okay, not exactly this you may have guessed... ;)

Now, being that I haven't memorized the Forbes 400 I had no idea who he first.

They were making a check deposit, while I was busy trying to blog  work. :) The gentleman sat down and his daughter and me were taking care of the check when she asked me to please give her the total account value. I opened up the balances page and seriously almost choked. Our system doesn't use commas and the numbers are really small and I couldn't count out that far quickly. I finally smiled after realizing it would take a second to figure out what this number actually was and very "professionally" said, "Oh my goodness that is alot of money!" Thankfully she just smiled because I couldn't believe I'd just said that. I can't tell you how much the amount was but let me just say this...Forbes says he is worth 3.1 Billion dollars....I'll let you just imagine from there.

Okay, and I don't want to break any confidentiality laws so I can't tell you what he does or what his name was either but just know...that that *picture....we're super close friends now and he is going to help me meet Oprah. Ha! (I said I'd settle with the ladies from The View too though). :)

P.S. How's that for a totally confusing true story...with no true components...I just really really wanted you all to know that I'm going to meet Oprah without being sued for everything I own. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When The Truth....Helps

I didn't want him to tell me I looked "disgusting;" I wanted him to tell me I looked beautiful.

I didn't want them to tell me to eat more; I wasn't hungry.

I didn't want to look in the mirror; I was fat.

I didn't want to sit down; standing burnt more calories.

I didn't want to be where I was; but I couldn't get back to where I'd been.

Some of my friends knew this about me because they watched it happen but I never ever talked about it.

Until right now.

When I was in 7th grade, I somehow developed an eating disorder. I don't think it happened intentionally...maybe they never do, but it happened and I slowly dropped to around 99 lbs at 5'7. I had some good friends at Lincoln Christian who were just naturally thin and for me it was difficult because while I knew I was built different and was in no way big...I was bigger than them. So I started restricting calories and I can't explain the rush but somehow there is a feeling of pride each time I resisted eating something I was craving.  But then I moved and for some reason the drastic change of  pace snapped me out of that world and thankfully I was safe...for a while.

Those little thoughts somehow snuck back into my heart in college. The weird part was, I never dropped to such an unhealthy weight as I had in 7th grade but I felt the same pain. By my senior year I had covered all my mirrors in my room with stick thin models thinking if my reflection didn't look like that, at least I could see someone's who did. I admired those girls. I was probably only eating 500-800 calories a day and running like crazy but I just couldn't get as thin as them and thankfully I was surrounded by girls who ate healthily so there was no added pressure from them.

I was probably about 120 lbs by the time I was going to graduate but my goal was 110. And that goal would probably have continued to drop but God used ONE comment to help me. ONE comment that changed everything. ONE comment from the least likely of ex-boyfriend. He really can use everything to work together for our good. I truthfully do not know, had that comment not been made if I would be where I am now. I hope I would have recovered anyways, but I just don't know... 

I had left a few CD's and things over at Brock's house and I hadn't spoken to him or seen him in about 6 months. I finally asked one of my friends to go over there with me and she agreed. When I showed up he literally with an appalled look said "Oh my gosh Amber, you look disgusting!!! I know we aren't dating anymore but if you don't go and get something to eat immediately I will TAKE YOU."  I seriously just stood there with a dropped jaw. Here I was starving myself to look "beautiful" and he just said I looked disgusting. At first I was proud that he could tell I'd lost alot of weight (That's the crazy part of your mind that isn't working when you're battling anorexia) and then it really hit me...wait....wait a second...disgusting. He just said I looked disgusting...why would I ever want anyone to use that word to describe me? Isn't that going against everything I am working towards??

So, from that moment everything changed. I took down the pictures. I threw away the scale. I went grocery shopping and bought other things for breakfast; not just sugar free red bulls. And I slowly, prayerfully, worked my way up to 125 lbs. However, it was still a battle of the mind, because while I knew I was now at a more healthy weight, each bite was a purposeful effort knowing my body needed the nutrition. And, the instant I thought about skipping a meal, etc I had to talk myself out of it and reassure myself it was important to eat..three meals a day...a balanced diet. How much do I sound like a weight watchers commercial right now?? :)
But now, now I am free. I cannot tell you the joy of not worrying about what you are eating or what the scale says. Sure, I want to get back to my pre-Clara bear weight but I have 5 lbs to go and truthfully if they decide to stay forever I am okay with that. I love enjoying meals out with my family and being able to have 3 pieces of cake at a wedding. *wink wink*  Jenilee lol! :) But I truly am free, and I saw someone at the wedding who has been battling this for a long time now and my heart ached for her. She was so frail and tiny and when we ate lunch she ate a seperate meal of bread and lettuce. And of that sandwhich she probably took 3 bites.

I don't know why after all this time, I decided to write about this, but I just felt I should. I love the Audrey Hepburn quote on my blog, "I believe that happy girls are the most beautiful girls." Because they are...we all know girls who appear to invest every ounce of effort into looking "beautiful" but simply look defeated. That is not how God intended it to be though!!  Maybe someone out there who reads this blog battles those thoughts...I think in a way...all women do. I think all women long to be skinnier than they are, more "beautiful" than they are and we/I have to remind myself that God made us exactly how we are for a wasn't a mistake you look the way you are. "You were beautifully and wonderfully made" and you are LOVED more than you can imagine by someone who knows you better than anyone in this world. 

 4 Generations of ladies God loves and made for a purpose! :)
(as he did all of you!)

Happy Wednesday lovely ladies...and handsome gentleman!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four Little Monkeys....

....Sleeping in the bed!

First little monkey....daddy Dave

This is seriously the only picture I could find of Dave by himself on my work computer lol. Sorry honey!

Second little monkey...mommy Amber

Third Little Monkey...puppy Fluffy

And a surprise appearance by a 4th little monkey last night!!! Miss Clara Grace!!!

Clara's been really sick lately. She has had a fever the last 3 days and can't seem to sleep in her own crib. Well, last night Paige let us borrow her sound machine which worked great until about 3 A.M and then someone decided they weren't going to sleep AT.ALL in their own crib anymore. We finally brought her downstairs into our room and were just going to let her sleep with us for a while until we could take her back upstairs. That attempt equaled another :)

Soooooo, we finally just told her she could sleep with mommy and daddy ONE NIGHT because she was sick and couldn't fall asleep in her own crib. Thankfully she totally understood and said she will never ask to sleep in our bed again. Hahahaha! I HOPE that is actually what she was thinking, but I have a feeling miss Clara pulled a fast one on us last night and we might be in for some trouble tonight! :)

So last night it looked like this


That's right, Dave totally got like the entire bed while I was squished in like a piggie in a blanket between Clara and Fluffy. Oh least everyone else slept well. :-P 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I loved this story I heard on the radio this morning. On any given day you will find me and Clara jamming to one of three things: Barney & Friends, Carrie Underwood or K-Love radio station. I know what you're thinking...what happened to Lady Gaga Amber??? Well ever since the whole real-meat fiasco at the MTV awards, I just can't listen to her music.

Yeah, Grosse right??
That was just blech...she crossed the line for me. While I think she is a song-writing genuis I realized she is in fact crazy. So no more edited versions of Poker Face for me and Clara Grace in the mornings...Carrie has now taken over. :)

Me and Clara heart you girl!

So, this particular morning we were listening to K-Love. They are doing their pledge drive and had callers call in saying how the radio station has changed their lives. A lady called in and said the numbers for K-Love literally saved her sons life. As expected everyone was a bit confused until she elaborated more...

She said her son was critically ill and had been in a coma for 18 hours. His brain was completely unresponsive on all the scanners and they were getting ready to turn off his life support. She had stepped out into the hall feeling like she was in the twilight zone knowing any minute her son would be gone and she would never ever hear his voice again. She was out of prayers. Out of hope. Out of everything. Until, all of a sudden, the nurse ran into the hallway yelling for her. "What does 5-6-8-3 mean!?!?!" The lady said she turned around and looked at the nurse in shock.The nurse started shaking her..."What does this mean,WHAT DOES 5-6-8-3 mean!!!" The lady said she started crying and said " means love." The nurse said "What? What do you mean love?" She said.."It's how my son says he loves's the last 4 numbers of K-Love. Love on the phone is 5-6-8-3." Her son was literally moments away from being taken off life support but because he whispered those numbers they knew he would be okay. And he was. That happened 4 years ago and her son is happy and healthy all because he whispered 4 little numbers. Everyone realized..."It's funny to think of the different ways God can use a radio station..or anything for that matter. We never know what's going on behind the scenes."

I 5-6-8-3 that story.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clara Grace = Stinker Pants

  Let me introduce you to a little girl named Clara Grace.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday....Whoop Whoop!!

I am like a blogging machine these last few days lol :) No, seriously though, I have like 235 things I want to write about but not enough time. And to everyone who's left sweet comments or texts recently, thank you for those as well. I truly love all my following friends because I don't just consider you fellow bloggers, you are my friends and I LOVE reading about your lives as well, I've just been a busy bee falling down the stairs and such with no time to respond! :-P

Anyways...moving's FIVE QUESTION FRIDAY!!!!

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from?

I did actually, and they were from Romania and I still think about them some days. Me and my mom actually traveled to Romania when I was 10. She had many friends who she'd met over there when she was a missionary and wanted me to experience a 3rd world country; to really understand how blessed we were to live in the U.S.

Their dictator had recently been overthrown when we got there and it was amazing to see how much control one man can have over a country. EVERYONE was forced to live in 1-2 bedroom apartments. There were miles and miles of tall concrete buildings that were very dark looking.This is where the romanian people were forced to call home for over a decade. People could be thrown in prison just for mentioning their dislike for their living quarters, etc. The people were all very secretive even when we got there, I think because they were so used to living in fear. I remember it was not unusual to be walking down the street and see men carrying machine guns.We were there a few weeks and I still, even by the end of the trip, froze in fear each time I saw one of those men. I couldn't believe the children there (my friends) were so immune to seeing those those men that they didn't even blink an eye. Crazy.

I am happy though now for the Romanian's. They are free and I think it would be amazing to go back and see the progress they've made as a country.

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?

I think it would be sweet to be a lawyer for just ONE day. When I was growing up I always loved the court case drama's on TV. I used to imagine myself solving a case in a super dramatic fashion; Elle from Legally Blonde was my hero and inspiration for that dream I think. :)

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?

The dark!! I'm still afraid of the dark lol. :) Seriously.

*Actually, I  just told Clara a couple nights ago that I was so proud of her for going to sleep with the lights off because I never could. She just looked at me like, "mom ima tryin to sleepgoaway peeeaazzzz."

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why?


OHHHHH SNAP! :) (That's just because I'm jealous of all you facebookers and have to live vicariously through my dog who's apparently cooler than me).

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet?

My American Eagle undies!! lol! No, I seriously think it is though. When I was younger I was obsessed with AE (I mean I'm from the Mid-West, you HAVE to be!) And, they're still my fave evvveeeen over my VS pairs!

And that's what I'm leaving you with...TMI about me on this beautiful Friday! :)

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