Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Fluffy" Is Getting Addicted.... Facebook.

This is SO not good!

It started with keeping in touch with her brother Solomon...which he's doing well for all of you who were wondering.

Then she reconnected with a few friends she hadn't talked to in a while..and that was fun.

Then she discovered poking.

And now...the status updates....oh, the status updates. So much to much to see.

And for those of you that were wondering...NO, she will not be twittering...

I can't even imagine what can of worms that could open...

Fluff' you have to are becoming an addict!!

(Or maybe it's her mom who's becoming an addict...eeeeeek!! )

*I totally get why like 400 million other people also got additcted to facebook now.Oy.


Alina Yeisley said...

FLUFFY!!! I'm disappointed. Well, you may or may not realize this, Amber, but facebook really started to grow when parents/grandparents started getting facebooks in order to keep a watchful eye on their children...if it comes down to it, you may just have to get an account to keep an eye on Fluffy's activity...

kayla said...

Fluffy...hit me up! send me a friend request so you can see even more pictures of your long lost boyfriend, Bernie (even though you never got a chance to meet!)!!!

facebook is addicting, so be careful Fluff-ster!! :)

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