Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four Little Monkeys....

....Sleeping in the bed!

First little monkey....daddy Dave

This is seriously the only picture I could find of Dave by himself on my work computer lol. Sorry honey!

Second little monkey...mommy Amber

Third Little Monkey...puppy Fluffy

And a surprise appearance by a 4th little monkey last night!!! Miss Clara Grace!!!

Clara's been really sick lately. She has had a fever the last 3 days and can't seem to sleep in her own crib. Well, last night Paige let us borrow her sound machine which worked great until about 3 A.M and then someone decided they weren't going to sleep AT.ALL in their own crib anymore. We finally brought her downstairs into our room and were just going to let her sleep with us for a while until we could take her back upstairs. That attempt equaled another :)

Soooooo, we finally just told her she could sleep with mommy and daddy ONE NIGHT because she was sick and couldn't fall asleep in her own crib. Thankfully she totally understood and said she will never ask to sleep in our bed again. Hahahaha! I HOPE that is actually what she was thinking, but I have a feeling miss Clara pulled a fast one on us last night and we might be in for some trouble tonight! :)

So last night it looked like this


That's right, Dave totally got like the entire bed while I was squished in like a piggie in a blanket between Clara and Fluffy. Oh least everyone else slept well. :-P 


Adam and Wendy said...

I like your illustration of how the bed looked hahahaha!!! I hope little Clara starts feeling better!! :)

Allison said...

hey!! Yes Lady A was AMAZING :) My email is Have a wonderful weekend with your little munchkin, I know I can't wait for mine!

JoJo said...

Hahah hope you have a big bed!

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