Monday, October 25, 2010

Hold Onto Your Pants Because...

...This is going to be alot of pictures! :)

My best friend...I mean the friend that can make milk squirt out your nose, or tinkle in your pants from laughing so much, a friend who you can cry to about the real things of life, and someone you can trust with anything...someone that you can say "Have you seen my dog?!" to and they will laugh with you because only you two will understand the joke, well that friend..she got married this past weekend and I couldn't be more excited for her!!

This is her and her hottie-pa-tottie hubs! And...side note about her hubby...I knew he was in a terrible accident when he was younger but I found out this past weekend that he was actually in a coma for 23 days...Oh my thankful are we all for guardian angels..Him and J both have alot of them..but that's a story for another day....luv you guys!

Okay back to the shower...actually....
before we get to the shower, we have to talk about the bachelorette party!

We all met at Magnolia Hotel for some dinner...delish...well actually I didn't have any (Ashley either) beacuse we were the tardy pants who couldn't get off early but we were having some fun of our own jamming in my momma's car (which totally took us back to high school) singing and rocking out with the windows down! :)

Once me and Ashley got there we headed to our hotel room to open some presents!
This is a picture of all the bridesmaids, some high school friends...AND an extra little one in Ms. Sara's tummy! Baby Stella ..yay!! :)

And, I'll keep this brief (haha brief) totally uninteded and show you the best present J got all night..GRANNIE PANTIES! :)

Then we headed this pic! Doesn't it have a professional'ish' look to it?

Us and Mr. Romeo (the horse not the dude...because the dude was less than thirlled we asked to take a picture with his horse as you can see!) :)

The Maid and Matron of honor riding our own horse home at the end of the night...actually I think mine was a duck lol!

Then the next day it was our more formal shower lol...J's sister even brought in decorations from her own house...pretty much everything you see there on the fireplace was her's...sooo pretty!

Me and my bestie...conjoined head twins Ha! (also inside joke here...sorry everyone)

J and her sister and momma and sister in law- basically ladies I love and consider my own family! *Side note- J always had like the "cool" mom and so our whole class pretty much lived at her house on the weekends...her mom just told me this weekend there were many nights she laid in bed just praying we would all just please GO TO SLEEP! lol! :) (Luv ya Jodi!!)

Another shot of the partay...sorry about the hiney shot Tori. :)

My baby pumpkin pants about to eat some cake (She was very excited for J too as you can see) :)

That basically sums up our weekend. It was just so fun and refreshing to be with your "forever" friends. We all had such a good time and it's awesome to see everyone with their families, babies, etc.

I love you all and a special "HEYYYY & Congrats again" to J V B S G (ha!) :) who happens to be on her honeymoon right now which means me = jealous!


kristen said...

how fun1 i am glad you had so much fun!

JoJo said...

Aww congrats to your friend!! The pictures look great and I'm glad you had such a blast with the girls!

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