Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We all want to go there.

We want what we "think" heaven is.

We want the streets of gold and beautiful mansions.

But what if it's more?

What if heaven is far greater than our wildest expectations?

And what if Hell is worse?

I've heard many people say...at least if I don't make it to heaven I can party with all my friends in Hell.

Well let me assure you my friends, there will be no party.

There will be no friends.

Just you. Darkness.Thirst.Heat. Pain.Suffering.

That's what awaits you in Hell.

That I can promise you.

Now why, I'm sure you are all wondering am I on a tangent right now?

I'm reading this.

It lit a fire in me. A fire I can't explain. Randy wanted to write this book to set the record straight about Heaven & Hell. He said, even people who don't believe in God at times believe in heaven and hell and where is the only book in the world that really talks about these two places? The bible. So, he tries to break down all the misconceptions about both places and goes straight to the source of information. He wanted to set the record straight.

Have you noticed that when people are about to die, that's when they all of a sudden care about where they end up? The problem with this is that you can't always prepare for death. Another problem is that not everyone will end up in heaven. I mean how many pastors at funerals do you hear say "Rest peacefully in Hell my son or daughter." No, they all say Heaven. Because no matter what anyone says, no one actually wants to find out what Hell is like.I mean that's freaking terrifying to think about! Sorry Oprah....this is one topic you are most certainly incorrect about; not everyone has a ticket to heaven.

Randy gives real life accounts of people about to die and the dramatic differences they experience before death. Near death experiences always point to another place...unfortunately many do not see heaven opening but instead become paralyzed in fear. My great grandfather hated Jesus and everything that came with it...before he died my family says he literally became crazy with fear yelling "They're coming for me!!!NO! NO!DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME!!!" On the other hand, my father who loved Jesus peacefully looked up and with joy said "Mom!Jesus!" and couldn't stop smiling. He was literally already pronounced dead before this happened. His heart wasn't even beating any longer. (I know I've shared that story before but I feel like it's important to this).

So, let me again say it's important to be sure where you are going after this. Very very important. Randy hates that he's heard people say "but what if we're bored in heaven?" He said everything in the bible points to adventures far beyond our wildest imaginations. He said most people picture us living in clouds and floating around, but clearly we will have living breathing bodies as we do on earth.We will eat and drink. There will be festivals and parties and banquets. There will be cities and beautiful music, houses nothing like we've ever seen and peace. Peace and hope and joy...no more tears. He said when Jesus comes back for all of us, Heaven is literally going to be coming to earth. So imagine Eden...but better. He believes the bible makes clear we will all still have opinions and personalities that are each unique to us. He thinks we will each have our own dwelling spaces (Mansions to be exact,except these mansions have Gold floors, diamond & Ruby chandeliers, beauty unsurpassed by anything on earth). He believes the bible makes it clear that we will still have unique roles and pastimes, there will be musicians, fashonista's :), architects, everything...just in a perfect place.

And lastly, I don't want to creep anyone out, because this kindof creeped me out but as I was reading through this book I prayed that God would show me a glimpse. Just a moment. I said this prayer and drifted off to sleep not thinking much more about it. For literally one nanosecond I felt as though I was standing on a cliff overlooking the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. It was like the land of Avatar but 10,000,000,000 times better. There was a waterfall and vibrant colors everywhere. The butterflies were bright purple and the sky was the most beautiful shades of blue and white. The grass was so green everywhere it nearly blinded me. I could literally paint the picture right now it felt so real. So, whether I was dreaming or not, I've never known anything like that moment in my whole life. I think God may have answered my prayer that night....

And to conclude, this book rests on the fact that people use this verse to say that we cannot imagine heaven 1 Cor 2:9 "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him." However, what everyone overlooks is this...vs 10 reads..."Except that which God has revealed to us by His Spirit." We have a beautiful snapshot of heaven all throughout the bible...and spirit willing...maybe sometimes in an answer to prayer but no matter what you believe I think it's of the absolute importance for each and every person to investigate their options after their time on earth is up...because the only thing certain for each of us is that eventually we will die.

Sorry to be morbid...but unfortunately that's true.

However, I would love to know each and every one of you will be there at the Golden Gates ready for the most amazing adventure of our lives..and forever...forever without tears or pain or sadness...Forever celebrating the fact that we believed...we "got it."

Seriously, you HAVE to read this book...

Okay and now I'm off to sleep....

Clara wanted to party tonight so I'm one tired mommy!!

Happy Reading! :)


mama brehm said...

Cool post, Amber. How's the stay at home gig?

Chana said...

Aaaaand...I'm getting this book. One for me. One for my mom (the lady I'm thankful for for making me go to church and become a Christian) I love when you write like this because it always reminds me to stay in my faith no matter what. I'm so thankful for you!

Shauna said...

Thank you for this fantastic post! So many people dont take these kind of things seriously!

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