Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Do Not Like Paz.

This is Paz.

Okay, not really, but I googled "Paz" and this is the first image you get.

Don't believe me? Try :)

No, the "Paz" I'm referring to was/is/shouldn't be anymore a cashier at Wal-Mart.

She is mean.

Like seriously mean.

Some people don't admit they shop at Wal-Mart.

Well...if you are from the Midwest, it's the only logical place to get groceries...

and pictures.

So, to all the people who make fun of much were your Bananas?

77 cents a pound...

well mine were 33!

Ha! :)

That wasn't really a very good argument to go there just for Bananas..

Okay, I'm getting off track...back to Paz!

She decided to hate me on my last day of work at TD Ameritrade. I was just trying to make copies of 7 pictures I had in my desk. That's right. This drama began because of SEVEN pictures! :( I simply scooped up all the pictures I had on my desk (in frames) and carried them over in a sack to the store to copy them. Well, I put the copy request in the back "picture maker machine", ran to the front to pay for them and was going to run back and pick the pictures up off the printer since it always takes a few minutes for the machine to complete printing. And yes, I'm moving to paragraph form because those one line sentences were becoming tedious to write (probably to read too). :)

So anyways..I get to the front register to pay and tell "Paz" that I have my receipt but my pictures are still being printed in back.

Paz: "Why didn't you just pay for them in back"
Amber: "I don't know, I just always do it this way to save time."
Paz: (flipping on manager call light) "Show me your pictures."
Amber: (showing her my pictures, one of which is on printer paper)
Paz:"How do I know these aren't professional?"
Amber: "Um, I thought the printer paper may give it away??"

By this time the manager came over...

She proceeded to tell me that I need to pay for my pictures in back, so they can check if they are professional pictures.

This was the picture in question...on printer paper.

Amber: "Yes, I understand that now...I was clear after Paz told me and I will never do this again, but can I please pay and get my pictures and promise to not pay this way again????"
Manager: "Fine."
I start to pay; put my printer paper picture away when all of a sudden Paz notices one of the frames in my bag.

Paz: "Where did you get this?"
Amber: "From my work...?"
Paz: (rolls eyes)
Amber: "Okay seriously I did! You can go look and see that you will not find this frame anywhere else in the store Paz!"
Paz: (Indicates I should pay)
Amber: Thank.You.

I turned to walk back towards the back to pick up my pictures after I paid and she started yelling at me. Literally yelling!! "No! No! You can't go back by yourself! Come Back!" (turns on manager call light again and tells me to sit at the front of the store)

By this time I was literally so frustrated, so confused, of course crying (because that's what I/girls do) and just wanting my gosh darn 7 pictures!!

So, long story short, the manager tells me that she will go back and talk to the photo center. I made the mistake of thinking she will actually pick up my pictures while back there, but no, she returns to the front to tell me that she informed the photo center what was happening, to which I replied "Okay, thanks, but I still need the pictures." To which she replied "Oh." So, at this point, I started crying more, and told her how frustratd, and humiliated I was sitting in the front of the store this whole time, now for over an hour and that I still hadn't gotten my pictures and I would totally sue them if I got fired over this, but luckily it was my last day so I probably wouldn't get fired for being late from my lunch hour...and so on.

And this whole story, well I sent it to the president of their company and....................

I got a $25 gift card and "Ben" the store manager assured me he talked to Paz for over an hour and told her she can not accuse customers of stealing professional pictures when they are on printer paper. Oh, or accuse them of stealing a frame the store doesn't even have.


I was happy about my gift card, until the guys at work told me this story.

Apparently a lady was falsely accused of robbing a different Wal-Mart and spent 2 days in jail over it.

She sued them.
She walked away with 4 MM dollars.


Sometimes jail time pays apparently! :)

P.S. I'm never going to Wal-Mart again

Okay, I actually just went today, but it sounded good in theory. :)


Anna said...

Oh Walmart, a necessary evil. I too have vowed to never shop there again, but we all know how that turns out every.single.time.

mama brehm said...

I have to say, I don't often frequent Wal-Mart. For me, when I do go, it's more about the people watching -- those are the stories that I have, not so much the Paz's of the world. No offense to your picture taking skills but it is hilarious that she thought that picture was professional and then went to battle with you over it. Hilarious. Say no to Wal-Martians, Amber.

jennoreilly said...

We go on a ski vacation to Vermont every year and I always (used to) go to Walmart to get cheap fabric until last year that is. I mistakenly asked for a meter instead of a yard and the fabric cutting lady made me feel like I was some sort terrorist. I'm Canadian. Yeah. So I apologized (because I'm Canadian and I'm like that) and asked how long a yard was, she said it's the length of a yardstick. Helpful? No. I asked for two yards and left, never to return. Unfortunate though since Walmarts in Canada don't sell fabric :(

Alina Yeisley said...

This story is even better in blog form. However, I DID read the receipt (I thought you went to all the trouble of actually scanning your receipt to put it in your post????) and was a little confused and concerned when I read "male repair" on the receipt. Then I saw that the area code for the store was not Kansas City. PHEW! I'd hate to have to ask you to explain "male repair" purchases at Wal-Mart (that I would think had nothing to do with your pictures?)

Glad you didn't go to jail though. :)

Chana said...

UM... I'm beyond annoyed!! You poor thing!! I seriously love Walmart for the deals only, the employees hate their lives, and really I can't blame them! Haha!

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