Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Christmas I would like A Trashcan, Automatic Can Opener and a Gift Certificate for $16.99 from Target

That's right.

That's what I want. :)

Wink,Wink Mom & Dave

It seems like all bloggers right now are making there "Wish-Lists" so I thought you may all want to know mine! You are welcome.

Now, I know my wish-list may sound strange to some people, but I swear I have a very good explanation behind each one. So let me explain...

                       The Trashcan.

I have been trying for a very long time to recycle cans. Unfortunately, I was up to like 3 soda's a day for a while so I really started feeling guilty for the toll my soda drinking was taking on the environment. I have told Dave since I've been home that I want a recycle trashcan because the other two are always full. Well, a certain someone, said that was "silly" to buy another one when I could just use trashbags and take those out to the curb. To which I said "Fine, I'll just use the one we have and you'll have to find a way to make all our trash fit in one." I sweet of me lol. Well...that was working out fine until I noticed yesterday morning that my trashcan full of recycled cans had been hauled to the edge of the lawn and taken away. I seriously almost started to cry when Dave got home because I couldn't understand why he'd done that (even though I had been a bit, err, stubborn, about the whole thing) He swore up and down that he hadn't done it. Well...when we went over there was a little note from our "trash dudes" that said, "Merry Christmas from your Trash Men." Yeah, what they had done to be nice was in turn devestating to my "recycle & save the entire earth plan!!!!" :( Soooo, that my friends is why I now, want a trash can WITH the recycle symbol on it so that nobody can steal my cans. See now it makes sense doesn't it? :) lol.  
                         Secondly, an automatic can opener.

There is really no explanation to this. I just love them lol. And, our old one, which we got as a wedding gift is practically broken but I refuse to give up on it, so while Dave has opened three cans with a hand opener, I will be lovingly coaxing our can opener hoping that he will just help me with this "one last can" and then I'll let him rest. And...he always comes through but I think it's time to give him the retirement I've been promising him. :)

Lastly, a Gift Certificate for $16.99 to Target.

I want this.

Because I think everyone should feel as if they are a friend as soon as they step through our doorway. Unless they turn out to be creepy in which case I will need to find another sign to hang above the door before they leave! :)

And lastly, I wanted you all not to worry about what Miss Clara Bear was doing while I was writing this...because she was busy finishing up some Spaghetti O's! :)


Matilda's Mommy said...

OMG! What a mess! Yikes! But you gotta let them do it!
So sad about the cans, I hate it that stuff that could be recycled ends up in the land fill. And I would recommend an under-cabinet mount can opener like this one: So nice since it doesn't take up precious countertop space!

Ashley said...

Oh, Am! I love that you want to recycle ~ you should save the pop tabs, too, for the Ronald McDonald house (I can get you a little house to put them in, if you'd like). I LOVE the picture of Clara, too ~ AND, I'm really happy to see all of these blog posts :)

Kat said...

Hahaha... love the trashcan story!!!

I personally like a hand held can opener over an electric. I grew up with an electric can opener and I swear it hated me and we always fought and the stupid thing often won!!

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and that you get your lovely sign:)

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