Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lindsay Little

This is an ode to my previous bestest friend from college who apparently does not call me anymore when she is shopping five minutes away from my house.

Thats right Lindsay...


= big trouble with


Apparently we did not celebrate graduating together with a joint graduation party in December 2005 which 6.7 approximate guests showed up because it was "blizzarding" outside.

Now, granite you were graduating with your masters and me with my bachelors that you'd accomplished in the same amount of time...but still. And on my part...shoot. :)

And I guess we didn't travel to okaboji EVERY SINGLE SUMMER together on the 4th of July to hang out with your awesome highschool friends.

I mean, I don't remember a certain pontiac missing a turn and driving into the ditch at the hotel during one of those summers? me remember but was it you and Monica who dressed up with me as cute truckers one Halloween our Sophomore year of college??

Oh yes my was.

And lets see...who were  some of our best guy friends who we ate breakfast with every Sunday morning at Applebees after we looked as though we had just rolled out of bed because we literally had???

Well...I believe you may be thinking of your brother Jim, Tyler, Jonah and Clinton.

That's right. And do you remember how that same friend Tyler had a DJ business and we rode on his float our Junior year?

Hmmm lets see who's in this picture...I think that's me second from the left and ohhh there you are on the right.wierd.

And I think this might be us on the Plaza??

And was this the head table at my wedding?? Let's see there is Kelsi, and my sister and look who it is???

Sooooo my friends. If anyone has learned anything from this post, it is best not to go shopping 5 minutes away from my house and not invite me when I haven't seen you in forever because I have a blog and I am not afraid to share my "upsetness" over this decision with everyone. 

So let me put this into perspective for you Lindsay.

I could have driven to where you were in 5 minutes.
Now if I were to have run it probably would have been more like 16 minutes.
And walking might have been about 30.

But EITHER of those three options wouldn't have worked when I didn't know you were there!!! :( 

So going forward, please know that just because I had  this little stinker...

...does not mean that I do not want to see you anymore or that I am not still a crazy fun girl..haha.

Okay, but I really do think I am still pretty fun.

I mean, put my 8:30 bedtime aside and you'll find me (And Clara and Dave) partying it up until 8:25 any night of the week!! ;)

No, but seriously...please do not pull a stunt like that again.

I miss you.


mama brehm said...

you. are. so. funny. And, my my, you were blonde!

Steph, from Be Positive Mom said...

That was too funny! And your little stinker is ADORABLE!!

JoJo said...

Love that little stinker!

Anonymous said...

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