Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This One's For the Grandparent's!

(And a special man in Cambodia)

And my sister...who said she needed some pictures of ClaraBear! :)

My computer is still in um, for lack of a better word, stupid :)...but for some updated pictures of Clara and our weekend hop hop hop on over to Kelsey & Dean's blog!

(P.S. I told Santa that if he does not bring me a computer for Christmas I will tell Clara he's not real. haha. But I'm totally serious actually. ;))

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I was the "Santa isn't real" to all my friends type-of-friend because we opened presents on Christmas Eve and my parent's never came up with a creative way to explain why our presents arrived before everyone else's so they always said..."I'm sorry girls, Santa is just pretend but we can still take pictures with him at the mall." lol - Awesome. Can't wait.
Actually though, that in turn made me think of myself as a smarty smarty pants because everyone else thought he was real but I knew the truth. :)

Dave on the other hand, I think still believes Santa exists.

We have came to a secret family comprimise on this issue for Clara Bear though so don't worry. :)

However, one thing we TOTALLY agree on is that we want Clara to learn that Christmas is a great time to help others who are less fortunate.

Enter Operation Christmas Child.

Okay, I have to interrupt this blog post about an awesome AWESOME charity because I just can't take my computer.

I asked it to download 7...that's all...7! pictures and let it have all night. I woke up this morning to find out it had managed to download one and is with a sad face I'm going to wait to blog again until I get my new computer. (And since we are on the Dave Ramsey plan this may be a while people lol) :) However I hope until then....I'll close with this last post about our day with Operation Christmas Child.

Clara was SO excited to help pack boxes for the kids in Africa as you can see from the ONE (which was supposed to be 7 pictures) above (thanks again piece of poop dell computer). She was running around filling her box with mainly princess pencil's and candy...She's got her priorities ;) and then she colored pictures for the kids and left her address so they could write her back if they wanted too. There was just so much awesome energy in the room, K-Love was there handing out prizes and you know chic-fil-A showed up and next year EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHO I KNOW HAS TO COME ALONG. :) (I'm sorry I invited 0 people this time but I found out about it at midnight the night before). Oh, and as I mentioned, Chic-Fil-A was there and Clara hit her first milestone. She gave the cow a high five!!!!! Seriously, I normally have to like completely smother her in my coat if he enters the restuarant because she starts hysterically crying when she see's him but not this day...not operation christmas child day...NOPE my pumpkin pants marched right up and gave that heifer a high five!! :) I LOVE IT!

So,anyways... after an awesome morning of learning about loving kids across the world and telling her that we have a special opportunity to help, etc, etc....I was so excited for her to get home and tell Daddy all that she'd done that morning.

Let me give you a snapshot of what that looked like.

Mommy: (whispering in Clara's ear) - "Sweetheart, go tell daddy all about your morning and how you helped pack boxes of presents for the kids who otherwise wouldn't get presents like you and me."

Clara excitedly runs to daddy.


(Sigh) I guess some lessons will just need to be re-taught when she's a bit older. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aging Gracefully

I have gray hair.


This is an actual picture of me without my hair colored.

Okay it's not, that is not me and that is not my hair. But maybe my hair in 10 years?? :)
Oh, I'm so going to do a side by side shot of me and this nice lady then...okay probably I won't be blogging but if I am, I am leaving it all up to you guys to remind me of this post!? Kapeesh:)

However, my friend Erin, said something kind of inspiring  and I've decided to take her approach to aging.

She said..."I'm excited to be 30!"

I loved that. I've never heard anyone say that, and it definitely beats the other option of being super depressed about it!

I seriously think of that statement and the smile on her face as she said it every time I look in the mirror and see one of those little buggers sticking out of my head all frizzy and crazy like.

But I think that really comes from Erin being able to truly embrace her age because she has the hope of heaven in her heart. And, since I too, cannot wait to see Jesus running towards me hugging me and telling me he's so glad to finally see me face to face...I going to be excited for each passing year as well...oh my gosh I'm literally tearing up just thinking about it because earth is hard sometimes!! (Can I hear an AMEN sister friends lol!)

I thought this picture was so sweet...someone supposedly took this picture of clouds and saw this instead. Who knows if it's real but I thought it pretty awesome either way?

So here it is, I'm 28 1/2 and I have about 6 gray hairs....which I'm pretty sure are from my sweet Clara Grace and 2 1/2 days of labor. :) My pants are snug and the skin on my elbows resembles what I could only describe as elephant ears (but thanks to Dr. Oz I have a home remedy. Whoopee!). I get really cold feet at night because my circulation is getting worse but thankfully I have a hubby who lets me put my freezing piggies between his warm legs so it's not that bad. (Okay, so there is one thing I'm not embracing and that's having to pee like every 5 seconds but I guess that's just part of the aging process too! :))

So, I'm not sure what I'm getting at right now. I guess I just want you all to know...

"I'm excited to be 28 1/2!"

However, on the days I may choose to complain about my age please do not remind me of this post as I may actually be annoyed/embarassed at myself for blogging about my elephant skin elbows! :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Scarrrry Movies

I'm a scaredy cat at heart.

I slept with my lights on all the way up through college.

Seriously, like the overhead light in my room...not a lamp. 

And, when my roomate would go home on weekends, I'd run over and sleep on Marissa and monica's couch lol (because we lived in an apt that shared a laundry room so that wasn't weird right??) :). But hey, you can't judge because it was just 3 girls in my house growing up and my mom would be the first to admit she probably couldn't have rescued us from any robbers because she'd have to find her glasses first and by that time we'd all have been carried off! :)

So, anyways it's probably odd then, for you to know that I LOVE a good scary movie...but I'm very specific about them. They have to be mainly suspenseful and like maybe only one or two people can get killed and there has to be just like no blood, etc. :) Sooo really if they'd make G rated scary movies I would SOOO be the perfect audience!

That's why on Halloween weekend, it's the one time of year Dave will watch a scary movie with me so it's like a REAL big deal. In fact, our first date when we were only "friends" (lol for anyone who knows the back story to that) we saw Saw 2. Now, this is particularly humorous to me because Dave HATES scary movies and since we were just friends back then he didn't want to share that scary movies terrrrrify him. I think it's so cute still that he agreed to go with me. P.S. Halloween is also Dave's birthday so that made it extra special that he agreed to spend his first birthday with me doing something he hates. Awhhh such a sweet man. :)

SO, fast forward 6 years to present day...It was my annual "go and find a scary movie that isn't actually scary and mainly suspenseful and no blood at all" trip to blockbuster on Friday night. I was trying to explain this to the nice blockbuster employee who looked like this...

I believe his name was Kurt. I'm seriously not even joking at all...he didn't have glasses but the rest of the picture is just about perfect! And I'm not trying to be mean either just realistic. That is what he looked like. (I would also like to add that he must have decided to be "all naturalll" because he smelled a bit like he hadn't worn deoderant in 5 years)

Back to he's kindly trying to understand what on earth I'm explaining to him about the genre of scary movies I like when suddenly he decides on "Legion."

Now, I'd never heard of this movie and in the movie world that's never a good sign.
And it just looked a bit weird.

Okay, but after this nice gentleman had spent so much time listening and looking for the right movie I just couldn't tell him that I didn't want it so I politely thanked "Kurt" and walked out of the store with Legion, and sour apple candy straws (because you have to have those on movie nights!) :)

Okay, so here's the funniest part of the whole thing. Kurt pretty much nailed it.

Because, here's something I didn't mention to Kurt. ...since having little Clara I've tried to even be more cautious about what I watch and look for movies that have happy endings ,and positive messages.

Well, let me give you a brief synopsis of Legion. It's about the apocalypse kindof, but God has finally decided he's going to destroy the earth and michael his archangel tries to convince Him otherwise.So, Michael goes to earth to try and fight with the humans against the forces God sends to destroy the earth. Sounds amazing huh, haha....anyways...while this was technically not a christian movie in any sense of the word and deffinitely not scripturally acurate let me quote you one scene of the movie.

Michael and Gabriel are talking in Heaven

Michael: "All God's ever told us to do was love the people from the beginning of them through their greed, their lust, their murderous love love His people."

WhAt?!?!? Did michael really just say that??? Yes, yes he did my friends.

So, to end this story, I think Kurt may have found me the only movie in Blockbuster with that message....and he pulled it right from the "horror" section.

Well done Kurt...well done.

P.S. In no way do I think anyone should actually go and rent this movie but it just made me laugh that  that was the movie's central theme! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In The Spirit Of Embarassing Myself

Yep...there I am Halloween 1990.:)

. As you can se my mom was not a "go to the store and buy halloween outfits" mom.She was..."Let's see what I have lying around the house and be creative" mom. :) So that's me in a old bridesmaid dress she wore and a crown from Burger King.

(I'm not quite sure what Angela is doing because she looks like a posessed puppy in this picture lol), but she was a little dalmation and see all mom needed for that one...white sweatpants,shirt and a sharpie.

So, essentially it cost nothing...except our dignity. Haha...just kidding mom. :)

So...that got me to can I spend no money but bring out Clara's ...well you know...adorableness!

Enter Cinderella Dress.

Remember how Clara had the Cinderella playdress?

I'm sure you did. :)

I just decided to use that, buy some warm stockings and throw in a crown from her good friend Elli. WALLAH! you have a Halloween outfit. Many of you are probably thinking, "Um, Amber, that's the most uncreative idea ever." And to that I'd have to say "touche my friend" but I am an uncreative soul and I'm not afraid to say it because that's how God made me lol. :)

So as we head into the Halloween weekend have fun and  don't judge me if you see Clara wearindg her Halloween outfit for the remainder of the year. She has decided she doesn't want to take it off since I had her try it on this morning.

CHEESE! & Cheers! & something halloweeney!...oh I know.. Boo!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Number One!

...In Mary Kay Foundation

Our computer is ah-completely-uh-busted. and so for the time being I am going to talk to you about things that do not need pictures. Sounds super exciting right?!? Absolutely.

So continuing with my story. My friend Kendri ASSURED me when I switched to Mary Kay make-up that I wouldn't have to be a number one. I said I just couldn't switch from Clinique (where I am a number 2) to a number one because in make-up world that essentially means you are the lightest person God created which is just medium cool in the skin world where Tan's are the awesomeeest.. Like number one = the equivalent to a snowman when it comes to color.

So...imagine my surprise when I got home from seeing her to open up my new foundation. Yep, right there in bold print Ivory(01)...cry cry cry

Now, most of you are probably thinking that I am making a big deal out of nothing and that I should be happy that I have a face that I can put make up-on (because lets be honest- we all saw the Oprah special with the people who had to have doctors create a face because there's had been burned badly, etc) so I get that argument and I am sorry if this sounds conceited of me but that teensey part inside of me just liked being a number two, which meant someeee people God created were even lighter skinned than me, but now that I've officially moved to Number One Spot I'm really going to have to embrace that I am...of all the people in the world...the fairest skinned of them all. Hey, does that make me like Snow white?? She was the fairest in the land that's pretty  cool I guess...okay so maybe I'm fine with it. She was the fairest in all the land, and I get to be the fairest in Kansas. Wooohoo!!

So, I guess going forward if you hear me yelling...
"I'm Number One!"

You'll all know why and not be concerned about my mental stability or that I'm being prideful.

Nope, you can just tell your friends, she is the lightest skinned person in the land of Kansas and she's embracing it lol..

Okay, no but seriously if you do actually hear me saying that please sit me down and have a mini-talk about how that is not actually a good idea At.All....:)

So, I'm curious, any other Number One's out there!?!? We should start a band or club or something probably...:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Want to see the worst birthday gift idea ever?

It was Cerner Days and Dave decided Clara needed this awesome megaphone dealeo - Good in theory...and awful actually lol!!

I have gotten the privelage to hear her "talking" through this megaphone all day every day...I think maybe Dave had a hidden agenda here. :) No, but and with Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd let you all know a megaphone for a two year old is probably not the best idea. And as are welcome. ;)

However, on a serious note...How cute are these guys???

Okay so that wasn't serious at all but aren't they adorable!! So as I mentioned, a certain lady had a birthday party on the agenda...

And...that is all I can show you about the little miss's bday. It has literally taken me about 2 days to download those pictures so once I get this computer situation figured out I will be back to continuing that awesome story. :)

Until then...I'm glad you got to read me.


My best friend in high school always said "I'm glad you got to see me" so do you see what I did there??

Okay, and now I'm really done.


okay now.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New Game For Your Toddler!

1. Imagine up a good recipe which your little one can help you make!

(I'll help you...we'll go with Rice Krispie Treats!)

2. Next, let them pour the marshmellows into the pan sitting on low heat (with your help of course!)

3. Once the butter and marshmellows have melted, ask them to help you add the Rice Krispies!

4. Then simply set them on the floor while you combine the mixture together, carefully trying to evenly cover marshmellow yummieness over all the "nakey" rice 

Easy peasy, right?!?

I was literally busy thinking to myself (while stirring) what an amazing mom I was, teaching my daughter all about cooking. And how she was so excited being able to help and so obedient with the instructions I was giving her...I was surely due some sort of  "Amazing Mom Award..."

"Oh no, you guys are too much...I couldn't possibly accept this. Okay I will." :)


While I was busy imagining someone giving me an award for mom of the century Clara (and Fluffy) were busy doing this by my feet....

I kept hearing her say "Sweeem, sweeeem" but didn't take the time to look down and see she'd poured out all the remaining rice krispies and was going for a little "swim" in her apparently imaginary cereal bowl(She really did this quietly as I still can't believe I didn't notice!) Anyways..:)...she was literally kicking back and forth and moving her arms in and out like she was actually was incredibly precious to tell you the truth. :)

Since I knew it was completely too late to stop her I just let her play...and play she did lol! (Her and Fluffy...well actually fluffy just ate them but you know what I mean)

Here she was getting up close and serious with the "krispies;" really examining her little friends. Meanwhile...Fluffy continued eating them.

She discovered that "krispies" can cause a mess on your feet, so for a while she'd pick them off...but then that would get boring so she'd go back to "swimming" or running through them "" Me: "Yes Clara, you are running fast...through the krispies which are slowly invading other parts of the house now too lol!"

She actually spent part of the time scraping them up and putting them back in the bowl...but then after my praises and giving her a hundred 'thank-you hugs' I walked away and saw her excitedly lift the bowl and dump them all out again..."Well..I tried." :)

So, I guess the moral of this story is.....

never pretend you're a superstar when you make rice krispie treats.

(because you will find rice krispies forever in your house and your dog will spend the next day throwing up everywhere)


The End

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clara's Lingo

Clara has a vocabulary that's a bit different than most girls her age.

It makes me laugh a little.

There's my sweetheart...

It's no secret that she is probably not saying the "average" number of words a toddler her age should be but she's slowly adding new words each day and that's encouraging. A friend of mine gave me a number of a communication specialist here in johnson county that could do a free evaluation but to be honest I'm a bit afraid of what they will say and for now am just going to assume she's perfectly fine and enjoy this time as she explores new words. (We've checked the biggies, like hearing etc and she's 100% fine. Phew.) :)

So, for example...

She goes for the easiest word of the sentence and uses that to communicate right now. So, instead of a toddler's typical phrase " Mine!" She will calmly say


Like, "May I have that back Clara Grace" (as I say to her) And, she's learned it's easiest for her right now to say "Back." So, like this morning when she wanted a toy that she was sharing from her friend Elli, she's just say "back."

There she is again...:)
Or, her other favorite is


(I'd like to take a quick moment to interrupt my mildly boring post to let you know this post really is more for me so I remember this in the future, but I do think you will enjoy the last couple paragraphs..okay continue....) :)

"Clara would you like to try this by yourself?"  is what I commonly ask and most children I know would say "Me try," or "I try" but she just smiles and says "Self." It makes us laugh. It's really cute.

And, let's see...what else does she say? Oh...


That means she wants to watch "Veggie tales." Bob is the tomato and she is literally just mezmerized by him (and larry) his cucumber counterpart.

It's also cute, because little does she know that was my dad's I bet her grandpa in heaven enjoys that fact that he is in her "top 5" words right now! :)

I will remember this and Dave were eating supper a couple weeks ago and we were having some sort of pasta dish with cut up vegetables. She very non-chalantly picked up part of a diced tomato, looked at me and Dave and said "Bob" and then proceeded to eat him.

We seriously still laugh about that...I had no idea she had put that together...a real tomato vs. a cartoon talking tomato.

This is "Bob" and Larry, for all of you who have no idea who or what I'm talking about.

Cuties aren't they?

However, sometimes her speech is causing me to panic a little. She has started liking frogs. I'm not sure why or what caused it but frogs are now her favorite...

however, it sounds a little like she's saying...


how do you say...

Well, take out the "r" sound and make an "uh" sound, and replace the "g" with a "ck".

Got it?? Eeeeek!!!

So yesterday, when my friend Christina stopped by, Clara was holding one of her frogs and walking around the room "frog!frog!"...or her version of it over and over and over excitedly and quite loudly because she wanted Christina to see her frog. We were both dying laughing but it really does have me panicked when we go places where we may see one! What will people think I'm teaching my sweet baby girl!?!?!

Oh my, this is one I hope we can clear up soon lol!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poor Mr. Red

Mr. Red = Mr. Blue's replacement

Meet Mr. Red

We are quite creative with pet names aren't we? :)

Okay, so we're really just trying to teach Clara colors through her fish. Genius's we are.

See, this is why they say you can't replace a pet...I'm not sure they were specifically referring to Beta Fish but I am.

Mr. Red is a non-smart fish (I don't want to call him the other option) :)

Sorry Mr. Red, but I think we both know it had to be said.

He isn't at all like Mr. Blue.

Mr. Blue gracefully swam around his tank, made bubble nests (or whatever those are called that Beta Fish make) and waited for me each morning by his little feeding hole for his breakfast.

He was such a sweet fishy.

Mr. Red...will let me tell you about Mr. Red. After the passing of Mr. Blue I decided to upgrade our tank for the new little guy so me and Clara picked out some beautiful plants and in that first picture you can see that we got him a special "Beta resting leaf" where I guess most Beta's love to "lounge." Well, instead of lounging he tries to bite it, he spends many hours of the day "fighting" with the bubbles made by his air filter and gets stuck in his plants.

Sorry buddy

 But I'm telling you guys...not smart! :)

I don't think Dave believed me until he saw him first hand attacking his bubbles at dinner last night and started laughing. :) really is quite comical when he gets stuck in his plants; he just wiggles his little fishy bottom back and forth really fast and I feel like its now our unspoken "sign" that he wants me to come rescue him.


This may be the first post ever about Mr. Red, but I have a feeling it won't be the last. :) (As long as Dave doesn't change his water lol)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Problem With Accolades

I can't be too specific about the reasons for writing this post, but they have been on my heart lately for several reasons and I just thought it time to share this story with you all.

When I was 12, I was given the award of Ms.Congeniality at the Nebraska Future Miss Pageant. 1,500 applicants applied, 100 were accepted to compete, and I won.
I received letters from family, friends and there were actually several newspapers running an article just about me.
I even received a letter from our Senator, or Governor, or something like that...It was big time people. :)
I literally felt so loved, so accepted and felt like "life just couldn't get much better!"

But, then...

we moved.

We moved from my safe haven of Lincoln,from my precious school with amazing friends to a small town where no one knew me.

In less than 24 months I went from a feeling of pure bliss to absolute hopelessness.

No one in my class talked to me in my new school, no one was proud of me, and some of my own family even decided I probably wasn't worth much anymore if an entire class decided not to be my friend. I even had a teacher who specifically bullied wasn't student to student was teacher to student (all of my friends from high school will know exactly what I'm talking about...Mrs.Brown anyone?)

The problem was that I was the same girl. The same girl who captured the hearts of judges, competed her heart out and won the vote for most personable, loving, or whatever congeniality even means P.S. (I know now they saw Jesus in me because I know what I'm like when I try to live without Him and it looks like a big ole' trainwreck people lol)..the same girl who'd played all the sports in Lincoln growing up, volleyball in fall, basketball during winter, track in the spring and softball in the summer. I also played the piano in all our school concerts and sang the lead when it required a girl's voice. I was as well rounded as they come.They should have loved me right?!?! What more could I have done before moving that could have helped me "improve" the current situation I was facing???

The answer I realize now was nothing.

The thing was that I was exactly the same girl but just in a different situation.

I'd completely based all my self worth on what others thought of me and what I'd accomplished, so when suddenly all of that was taken away I didn't know who I was? It was SUCH a confusing feeling. The confident, self-assured girl was suddenly completely broken, alone and defeated...with complete honesty I was definitely suicidal those first few months after the move. It was just so so awful.

But now, with the past behind me, I can see much more clearly. I've maybe gotten a glimpse of why he asked me to walk that journey with Him... God was working to show me that no amount of accolades or friendships or any of that holds value to Him. All He really wants each of us to understand is the depth of his love. To understand that there is nothing good we can do that will make Him love us more and nothing bad we can do to make Him love us less.

It is completely unconditional.
Dave ironically commented a few weeks ago..."Amber, of everything that shaped the woman you are, it was the first year after you moved to that small town that impacted you the most."
And, I'd have to agree.

This lesson however I can apply to almost every situation I'm in's given me the freedom to know I don't have to impress anyone but Him. The freedom to understand I can completely be myself and love others how He loves me. The freedom to truly try and walk with Him without worrying about judgement or condemnation or any of that...just complete, blissful, unabandoned FREEDOM. Okay, so can you tell I love it!!! 

I'm telling you guys, it takes ALOT of the pressure off!! :) 

It doesn't matter what a person accomplishes, who they are friends with, what they should love them simply because God made them.

The world will let you down {alot} but I have come to understand God never will.
When something happens that crumbles my pride or hurts my ego, I'm now thankful. I simply want to rest in the fact that I am loved based not on one single accomplishment but because of who God made me to be...because I've failed...lots...but He just picks me up, helps me brush the dust off and gently says, "now let's get back to walking."
He gives all of us special gifts, and talents and I believe we should always strive to use these gifts to the best of our ability but that is all. Nothing more. Nothing less.

We are ALL his masterpieces and he loved us the same the moment we were born as he will the moment we leave this earth.

Ephesians 2:10 ~ "For we are God's masterpiece..."
Have you ever felt like you were a masterpiece? Beautifully and wonderfully made? Or, do you feel your worth is based on your accomplishments...the accolades?

I can genuinely say now with everything I walked through as a child I am no more impressed by Beth Moore, then the girls that were in her study with me. I am trying to treasure the person who sacks my groceries as much as I treasure my Clara Grace. It feels awkward sometimes and a little incorrect by worldly standards but that truly is what God calls us to do. That is the only way we will ever understand how He loves each of us favoritism. Just pure, genuine, unconditional love.
So today..

I challenge you today to rest.
I challenge you to remember.
I challenge you to remind yourself that you absolutely cannot be more loved than you are by the God who made you.
People will let you down.
Situations will discourage you.
Life will be difficult.
But you are loved. Unconditionally. Forever.

And, I love each and every one of you who read this long, long, super long post. Maybe God was trying to remind you of His love for you through this today. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Update (To Ms. Matchmaker)

They're in LOVE!!!!!!

Okay, not quite yet.

But I'm convinced they will be!! :)


They had a great time. Dinner led to movie. Movie led to another conversation of a date.

And so, the second date's coming up soon!!

Can you believe it?? I. CAN. :) I'm telling you...I've just got a knack for these things lol! :)

However, I did hear there was quite a bit of "You're probably too old to understand," OR "You were only a baby when this happened" jokes, but I'll take it...they still had a great time and despite the age difference said they really found eachother attractive...inside and out. :) Nice. YAY!
And, onto some REALLY really sad news.

Mr. Blue is dead. 

I mean this picture is from when he is alive, but now he's dead.

I cried this morning.

I really did.

We've been through so much together. Me and Clara have nursed him back from swim disease, ick, a bladder infection and ammonia poisoning. We've bought every fish medicine there was but he finally ended up kicking the bucket (or however you say that).

And, here's the really sad thing.

Dave killed him. :(

I was SUPER mad a little upset.

Dave felt SOOOO bad.

But, he cleaned the tank last night (because I mentioned that since bringing home this little man home he'd only cleaned the tank once so it would be nice if he would clean it from time to time. Ha!).

But, he forgot a very important element.

The water conditioner!!!

So, this morning, I headed into the kitchen to feed our precious, ridiculously expensive costing,beta  fishy, only to find him resting peacefully at the bottom of the tank.

His fins weren't moving. His gills were still. He'd gone to fishy heaven forever. :(

So. I think me and Clara are going to head to fish haven this afternoon. I just can't imagine what I'm going to tell her when she wakes up because first thing every morning I hear from her is...

"buee buee fooo"

"No, honey, not this morning...we won't be feeding Mr. Blue this morning sweetheart."


Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Mrs. Matchmaker...

...but I'm nervously awaiting a couple I set up tonight!! lol!

Okay, so I have set up like four couples, and THREE of those couples ended up getting married.

I really feel it's a gift. :)

I mean that's CRAZY good odds, right?!?!

However, I might have made a terrible mistake with my latest matchmaking attempt. Oopsies!

Let me explain...

I LOVE my neighbors. Like I stalk them, and call them, and invite them over and hang out with them wayyy more than most people probably hang out with their neighbors. But, I totally love them all.

So, my good friend next door is adorable and never kissed a boy and the whole shabang. She is sweet and I have just been waiting to find the right man for her because sometimes for whatever reason I think people won't be able to find the person they should marry without involving me. Moving on...:)

Then, the other day, I was playing with the band I'm part of on Sunday's and realized the guitarist is single and about her age and quite a handsome, sweet fellow.


(Enter Amber's matchmaking genuis) :)

I decide they need to meet, fall in love, and get married.

SOOOO.... :)

I tell him about her. I tell her about him.

They agree they would like to meet.

He calls her.


She calls me freaking, I mean freaking out!!

She leaves this on a message.

"Amber, GIRL, you better call me the moment you get this. He called and I have something to tell you right now!!"

So, while mildly panicking I call her back the moment I finish listneing to her message.


She is not quite as old as I thought. lol!!

Um, I thought she was my age, making her (we'll round up for number's sake) about 30. He is about 40, which I knew would be a stretch, but he looks incredibly younger than he is so I thought it may be just perfect!!


She is not (about 30).

She is not (about 28).

She is not (about 25).

She is 22.

SO...let me do the math for this.

He is 41 and she is 22!!!!! They are 19 years apart!!!

Oh my gosh.Oh my gosh.

I nearly poo'd in my pants!!

I felt so bad on both sides, because how awkward for both of them!

HOWEVER, here's where it gets good.

He, being the nice gentleman he is, agrees to take her out, and she being as polite as she is says yes.

SOOO, tonight they came over before they left, and guys...I have to tell you.

They were ADORABLE together!!

Like seriously adorable, her looking (about 10 years older) and him looking (about 10 years younger) made them look exactly the same age AND like the cutest. couple. ever.

Me and Dave rushed inside after they left and were literally like high fiving because I think this actually still might work. So, my record may just have grown yet again!!! :)

However, I will keep you posted!

And, side note, my neighbor added that her parents are 13 years apart and her grandparents were actually 20 years apart so laugh all you will, I think God may have orchestrated this after all!!!
Tomorrow = follow up  blog time!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Picturebears

I'm working on writing a post about accolades...I've had these thoughts on my heart for a while and decided it was time to share them with everyone. But, while that post is still in the works, I thought you may enjoy some pictures of our labor day weekend.

For your viewing entertainment! :)

We had some fun at Deanna Rose Farmstead....

 ...and you know "Ewi" was there!! :)
The girls really enjoyed visitng the indian village this time, they hadn't played there before.

A certain couple celebrated 5 years with a nice lunch and day of shopping! (Grandpa & Gandma kindly offered to watch Clara Bear and we love knowing she's in great hands!)

A surprise shower was in order for a sister of mine! (She insisted she didn't need a shower and we all felt otherwise!) :)

It was a "Honeymoon" shower so everyone gave gifts and cash for her and Natey-Nate's fun excursion to Me-hi-co (as the natives say) ha :)

Two sisters...I mean we almost look!

Then her friends planned an evening out for the soon to be bride!

The glowing bride-to-be!

She got some fun gifts and as my mom always says, "Nothing is off limits as long as it's in the marriage bed!" Ahhh...awkward comments from my mom..gotta love them. :) (I do agree though it's just not something you want to hear your mom say...Dave and me still laugh about that one mom! Love you!)

Clara meanwhile was having fun with grandma and gigi...

It was a jamme day for sure!

She's growing up so fast!!

So, there you have it...a picture update of what went down this weekend for the "G's". Now you may all resume your other activities! :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Goodness!

And, the list just keeps growing of people catching onto the blogging CRAZE!! :) Take that facebook!!! :) (Even though most people who blog also have facebook I will pretend that is not true.)

Look who's a ms. blogging pants now???

Well it's Angela Beth ~soon to be Fogelman. :)

How much do we not look alike lol?? Seriously though...I'm convinced either or both of us was adopted to this day! (But don't say that to my momma bc it makes her maaaad. lol) Like real mad though.

So, Hey...that reminds me. Did you know me and Dave met the most amazing people this semester and are sad because it all came to an end on Monday. (Did you see how I did that transition that actually didn't work at all) :)  Oh, and it's not really ending, just the summer semester. :)

That's Candice & Mike and their family ~Oh wait..nope...not quite...that's candice and Mike and my little stinker and Ms. Grace (P.S. Me and Mike are singing in my sister's (mentioned above) wedding this fall. We are writing a song and I'm like SUPER PUMPED about it!!

Let's see who's next...

Jenn & Kendri...two girls full of amazingness also! Hi girls!! (They are case you were wondering).

And here is Rene...

He's from Guatamala and has a little boy named Caleb. I guess his wife Jessica had this conversation with Caleb the other day and it's so cute I had to share it with you!

Jessica: Caleb where is mommy from?

Caleb: Home.

Jessica (trying not to laugh): Sure.

Jessica: And where is Caleb from?

Caleb: Home.

Jessica: Sure. And what about Daddy. Where is Daddy from?

Caleb: Watermelon!!!

Okay seriously how cute is that?!?! He totally thought his daddy was from Watermelon...not Guatemala. Cute right?!? So cute!

And this picture cracked me up. It was supposed to be one of those where I take the picture myself while capturing me and everyone behind me but it turned out like this.

So let's see, that's Jessica's arm, Pauls torso, Amy's leg and my right eye. Love.It :)

Okay and there are many more fantastic people in our group but I did super bad at getting pictures of all of them (note picture above), so you'll all just have to trust me.

When I first started going to Indian Creek, Steve (the campus pastor) invited us to be part of a group and truthfully our first reaction was..."Um, no. That sounds boring and a little awful). I'm just the "Go to church on Sunday" type of girl and I was happy with that. But then...after a few more requests we finally agreed and it These people are our FOR REAL friends. Like they know the good, the bad and the ugly and they stick it out. We help eachother...if one of us is sick, we make food for them until they're feeling better, if someone is in a financial tightspot, we pull together and figure help out, or if one of us is having just a super awful, crappy day, we hug them, and then Mike will tell a joke that will probably make them squirt pop out your nose...all of a sudden the weight of the day won't feel so bad.

So, the more I hang out with these guys, the more I really understand "The Church." We are not a building, we are real people, working out life together, because trying to do it by yourself can be horrible at times! Right?!?! We see eachother Sundays, but that's not where it stops for us, that's where it starts.

These are my peeps and I've got their backs...just like they've got mine.

Now, Clara on the other hand...I think she maybe just goes for the food!! :) lol!

Love you groupie!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest Blogger

This guest blogger doesn't even know he is doing it, but I read his post this morning and knew it needed to be seen by as many people as possible.

My brother-in-law is in Cambodia (as I mentioned a while back) with the peace corp.

This picture cracks me up, because as you can tell, Bret dressed up more than even Dave for Clara's dedication and the "head" of our children's department saw him with Clara and congratulated him as a new dad. It was really sweet, rather than correct her, Bret just smiled and said "thanks!" :)

Bret's  post today is a good reminder of ALL we have to be thankful for. It's very humbling.

You should all read it... I don't understand why God allows things like this to happen, but I continue to trust that's because this life is just temporary. I know there is justice for those victims and find hope in knowing they are safe in His arms now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can you be mad at an IP address??

Because I AM!

Do you want to know which one?? I'll give you one guess.


They are becoming the "Wal-Mart" of the Internet and I'm not happy about it! (cry cry)

Let me tell you how this started...

One of my super friends...they're not my just my good friends because they are more than that so I'm going to start calling them my super friends. :)

Super Friend Aforementioned... Alina.

Isn't she cute? And not only is she is adorable and talented she has the most beautiful heart as well!

Back to my topic though, "Pinterest" to Alina is like Diet Dr. Pepper is to me...a small obsession. :)

She's been talking about it for so long and has found SO many amazing ideas that I finally decided to jump on board!

So, here's how the process send an imaginary man (or woman) your desire to have a pinterest account...then you wait

and wait....



So, the waiting was bad enough, but then finally like presents on christmas morning, I got an email that I'd been accepted and could open my account....


WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and then more followed

through facebook or Twitter!!


So I cried. (Not really but I wanted too)

Because you see I am on strike against facebook and am too old to care about who's "tweeting."

See, I'm one to believe all statistics, like if you told you are 95% more likely to get cancer from brushing with "Colgate" toothpaste I would totally believe you and only use Crest for the rest of my life...or if you said that if I wear jammie pants to bed when it's cold outside that I am 67% more likely to die in my sleep I would never sleep in pants again.

And, see that's what happened with facebook...I heard it is causing your chance of divorce to go up by 50% so enter amber...NO facebook (and the crazy boyfriend but you've all already heard about him).

However, that wasn't even what sent me over the edge today....

as I proceeded throughout my day, I learned I could not get my "free unstoppable" sample from Downy...without facebook, or 25 extra points for Clara's Disney account...without facebook...and so on and so on.

And, this last picture really had nothing to do with my post but I thought it was cute "admidst" my upsetness!!

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