Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey Everyoneeeee! I'm back. (Kindof) Really what that means is I'm going to be back to blogging without the pressure of blogging. And I know all you non-bloggers are shaking your head like "Yes Amber, I'm sure there is lots of pressure with blogging (and secretly doing a semi-mean eyeroll)...but I'm serrrioouusss...right all real bloggers??!?!! There really that we've got that cleared up! :)

I heard this recipe on "The View" last week and I absoultely tinkled in my pants...not reallllllly but I was crazy excited about it!

It's chocolate cake...made with......


Diet soda?!?!?!? And you save like 150 calories per piece of cake!?!?!

I'm serious!!!

And for everyone who has heard of this before and not shared it with me, you are seriously not even my friends all...I'm serious.

Because all my real friends would know that I LOVE chocolate cake to pieces and if I can save myself that many calories,well, that's just too cool to even imagine. So essentially what I found out was you can eat a whole cake for as many calories as eating a piece of cake if you substitute the eggs etc, for soda!!! Whooopeeee!!

Now, before I just went and told you all about this amazing, stupendous, marvelous secret... I tried it.

Here it is.

Mixing Mixing...bubble bubble, pop pop (It was like making rice krispies but without the rice krispies or any of the other components that go into making rice krispies) How do you like that explanation? :)

Meanwhile, my assistant was busy adding up all the calories we were saving!

(P.S. Who is jealous that we are living with no kitchen floors (only sawdust and subfloor) because my husband is insiting on doing all the work himself? Anyone?) :)

And now the revealing....

Okay, so I'm so dead serious, it (to me) tasted exactly the same IF you add frosting (key component). If you just eat the cake alone you can tell a little bit, but I can't ever imagine making cake the regular way again when it's almost like you're just eating a 100 calorie treat! And, I never eat cake without frosting so that was deffinitely not a problem for me either! :)

So, overall, me and my assistant were well pleased with our results and have managed to nearly eat the whole cake in about 3 days. Us girls really like our chocolate cake!

Okay, so to tell you exactly how this is done (because I realized I haven't done that yet)

You just take your cake mix of choice
Add one can of ANY 12 oz soda that you think may compliment the flavor of your cake
mix and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

And KAPOW...your nearly calorie free cake!! :)


Kat said...

Your Back:-) Yippee!!!!!

Paige Floyd said...

Waaaaaaahoooooooo! I've been missing seeing pictures of Clara!...and of course you :) :) Love you guys!!!

Allison said...

So happy to have you back!!

Ashley said...

I'm SO glad you're back!!

And, I can't believe how LONG your assistant's hair is getting!? Seriously?! Has it been that long since I've seen her??

Alina Yeisley said...

WOO! I'm glad to know you're still alive!!!! So glad to see you come back...pressure-free! ;)

Love you, lady!

kayla said...

I've been waiting so patiently to see you come back!! And your assistant is adorable!! :)

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