Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Mammograms

Before I begin, I want you all to know I have been given permission to share this story :)

So, as I think all parents do, they use nicknames for their children. Clara is Claire bear, shug shug, lil' shug, shug-a-buug, miss sugar pants, clara beara bear bear bear (yes, thats a long one) :) and many many more! However, lately I have been calling her Miss mammerjams. It started when I was getting her jammies on and just kindof grew from there. She was jamms, and then mamjamms, and then mammerjammers and then finally I must have stopped at Miss mammerjams. Anyways....

We were outside playing on the deck yesterday evening and Dave was cooking some food on the grill. (Side note: YAY FOR GRILL SEASON!!!) So, I'm minding my own business, ruffling fluffy's fur up while Clara was being a stinker on the other side of the deck. All of a sudden I here Dave say....

D: "Hey there Miss Mammograms...what do you think you're doing?" (She was trying to get into the house on her own and we do not want her to learn to open outside/inside doors yet for obvious reasons!) :)

Back to story.

D: "Miss Mammograms...please listen to daddy and come over here stinker bear."

All of sudden I realized what I had thought I heard was true. He was calling her miss mammograms, not mammerjams!! LOL!! I seriously just busted out laughing and asked him why he was calling our little cutie a female breast x-ray!

He looked kindof stunned when I said, "Honey, I call her mammerjammers, like jammies...not like...well the thing you're saying.

I don't think he really found it quite as ammusing as I did and I know he knows what mammograms are, but I just don't think he realized what he was saying.

Anyyyyways....that will be one of my favorite moments so far and I will have to remind him of it from time to time I'm sure. ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ways you know you are a momma to a toddler

(A girl toddler more specifically) :)

1. You often find things you are missing, floating in the toilet.

2. You get very excited when they leave their pigtails in "tact" long enough to take a picture!

3. You have dreams about "Melmo" (Elmo) and "Bah!" (Barney) and the whole "Sid the Science Kid" gang!

4. Your plans normally start with "Well, so and so naps at..." or "So and so won't be up from her nap..." or "Nap Nap Nap Napitty Nap blah blah nap." Because those naps are sooooo essential to a fun day vs. crabby pants day that sometimes continues into the night and the next day! :)

5. You can't remember how on earth you ever thought Chuck E. Cheese pizza was the BEST when you were a kid, because now it is certainly the WORST!!!

But I would eat a grasshopper and dirt if I knew she'd have this much fun there! :)

6. Your toddler will say "Poop" and you will start clapping and smiling because at this point, any words they say are progress!!

7. You let them eat their own ice cream or snacks on their own and you will find remnants of that snack coming out their nose the next two days! :) (Seriously, clara had cake coming out her nose for two days after the last birthday party she went too.) :)

8. They start making their own "best friends!"

8. the end of the day, full of so much "business" you love to watch them fall asleep, which is normally just about anywhere! :)

P.S. Yes...I know I have "two" eights. I wanted to end on an even number but couldn't think of 10 things, so I just used "8" twice. It's my blog and I can do that if I want. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Most Random Post Ever

I'm going to go for an award here...I had nothing specific to talk about but 79 little things so I'm going to share them with you all in no particular order (not all 79 because let's be honest...that's just alot, alot of things). :)

1. I'm a bit worried about being turned into social services because of something that happened this morning. I couldn't find Clara downstairs in her playroom where she normally is if I'm cleaning and called and called for her. I finally saw her emerge from the upstairs bathroom with a toilet brush cleaner in hand...smiling from ear to ear. Apparently she has been very observant of my toilet cleaning skills lately and decided to take on the task herself. I know this because not only was there water everywhere in the bathroom and around the toilet, the brush was wet as well. I have to say she did quite a good job lol! :)

2. I have become a bit obsessed with the Duggars. I don't know why but I can't get enough of those 109 kids and their adventures. Not to mention, Michelle really does have some awesome parenting tricks!

3.  Clara went on her first date...

I'm sad to report it did not go as well as she'd hoped...she just couldn't see herself marrying a man who drove a pink sportscar! :)

4. If Brad doesn't choose Emily (The Bachelor) me and Dave will literally come adopt that girl ourself. I mean cute are her and little Ricky!!

5.  Clara has started doing her own's just really been a great help. :)

6. We have a visitor that moved underneath our driveway and I wrote him a little poem the other day.

Dear Mr. Possum -

I am certain you are stinky
and I know that you are mean
and I wish you would have known
you were unwelcome by my scream.

I first saw you in the daylight and
may have actually tinkeled in my pants
I really can't remember
I just remember running fast!

Dave found it all quite humerous
but he paid for that a little later
because nothing is as funny
when you're actually sleeping with the critter (totally kidding but I thought about it) :)

I am happy to report
he's no longer any trouble;
we haven't seen the little stinker
since we chased him with a shovel....

Apparently he's moved in with this guy now.... Oh.My.Seriously who does this??
7.  My friend came to visit she's not in trouble anymore.... :)

(She actually came to visit like in December but I hadn't gotten around to uploading the photo)

8. I have, without even realizing it until the other day, been given everything I have prayed for. The moment I gave God all of my heart, I mean every ounce of it; He has brought all my hearts desires to fruition in the most beautiful, miraculous ways. Don't get me wrong, there have been tears on the journey, but every tear has been met with peace and assurance. And without going into too many details, I was reminded of this gift so much tonight. I was just sitting at the house of one of my piano students, listening to her play and having such a great time thinking there is literally no job in the world I could love more than this and that is all thanks to Jesus.

Okayyyy.....I think I'm going to wrap this up for tonight because I'm pretty sleepy; I normally go to bed at 8:30 and it's 10:53, so holla'--look at me partyin' it up! :) (I'm actually just moral support for my hubs who is still slaving away on our kitchen floor). We're almost done though...and you better believe I'm going to go all TLC on you and show you the before and after of this puppy!

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