Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ways you know you are a momma to a toddler

(A girl toddler more specifically) :)

1. You often find things you are missing, floating in the toilet.

2. You get very excited when they leave their pigtails in "tact" long enough to take a picture!

3. You have dreams about "Melmo" (Elmo) and "Bah!" (Barney) and the whole "Sid the Science Kid" gang!

4. Your plans normally start with "Well, so and so naps at..." or "So and so won't be up from her nap..." or "Nap Nap Nap Napitty Nap blah blah nap." Because those naps are sooooo essential to a fun day vs. crabby pants day that sometimes continues into the night and the next day! :)

5. You can't remember how on earth you ever thought Chuck E. Cheese pizza was the BEST when you were a kid, because now it is certainly the WORST!!!

But I would eat a grasshopper and dirt if I knew she'd have this much fun there! :)

6. Your toddler will say "Poop" and you will start clapping and smiling because at this point, any words they say are progress!!

7. You let them eat their own ice cream or snacks on their own and you will find remnants of that snack coming out their nose the next two days! :) (Seriously, clara had cake coming out her nose for two days after the last birthday party she went too.) :)

8. They start making their own "best friends!"

8. the end of the day, full of so much "business" you love to watch them fall asleep, which is normally just about anywhere! :)

P.S. Yes...I know I have "two" eights. I wanted to end on an even number but couldn't think of 10 things, so I just used "8" twice. It's my blog and I can do that if I want. :)


mama brehm said...

Oh, Amber! Number 4 is so true, isn't it. I have been composing a blog re: Barrett's bucking of his nap and how I literally told Adam {in tears} that I will have a breakdown if my child quites napping. Ha! Pigtails... that will have to be something I have no knowledge on:). Glad to see your post!

Jenn said...

I literally have been composing this exact post in my head since yeterday ... when I reached into my purse for a pen and instead pulled out a diaper, crushed goldfish bits, and other things only a momma to a toddler would find! Love it! And I LOVE that picture of her at Chucky Cheese. So cute!

Kat said...

LOL..... hehe can't wait for my day to be a mom of a toddler:-)

kayla said...

LOL! I love Clara's pigtails Amber, such a doll!

Chana said...


Everything is SO true!! This is just too awesome! And you are so pretty it kills me:)

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