Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Mammograms

Before I begin, I want you all to know I have been given permission to share this story :)

So, as I think all parents do, they use nicknames for their children. Clara is Claire bear, shug shug, lil' shug, shug-a-buug, miss sugar pants, clara beara bear bear bear (yes, thats a long one) :) and many many more! However, lately I have been calling her Miss mammerjams. It started when I was getting her jammies on and just kindof grew from there. She was jamms, and then mamjamms, and then mammerjammers and then finally I must have stopped at Miss mammerjams. Anyways....

We were outside playing on the deck yesterday evening and Dave was cooking some food on the grill. (Side note: YAY FOR GRILL SEASON!!!) So, I'm minding my own business, ruffling fluffy's fur up while Clara was being a stinker on the other side of the deck. All of a sudden I here Dave say....

D: "Hey there Miss Mammograms...what do you think you're doing?" (She was trying to get into the house on her own and we do not want her to learn to open outside/inside doors yet for obvious reasons!) :)

Back to story.

D: "Miss Mammograms...please listen to daddy and come over here stinker bear."

All of sudden I realized what I had thought I heard was true. He was calling her miss mammograms, not mammerjams!! LOL!! I seriously just busted out laughing and asked him why he was calling our little cutie a female breast x-ray!

He looked kindof stunned when I said, "Honey, I call her mammerjammers, like jammies...not like...well the thing you're saying.

I don't think he really found it quite as ammusing as I did and I know he knows what mammograms are, but I just don't think he realized what he was saying.

Anyyyyways....that will be one of my favorite moments so far and I will have to remind him of it from time to time I'm sure. ;)


Kat said...

HAHAHA.... oh my!!!

Deb said...

That's almost as funny as when our daughter told us when she was young that she got choked because something went down her fallopian tube. I still laugh every time I think of it!!! ;-)

Matilda's Mommy said...

CUTE! I laughed so hard I started crying! Play date?...wish we lived closer!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

Haha!! I love it!! She will adore that story someday!! My hubs calls Sophie "Bud" which KILLS me because #1- she's not a Boy!
#2- it's so ugly!! BUD? are funny!

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