Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Getting Smarter

You may think I'm joking.

But I'm totally serious!

I used to spend my days analyzing trading trends, reviewing portfolio's, market stuff, etc blah...(actually I just did alot of blogging at work...but that other stuff sounds better....shhhh) :) Anyways, you'd think I would have learned lots but...nope. However now, nowww I am!

See, now my breakfast and lunch times are filled with Sesame Street & Sid the Science Kid and it's seriously paying off! Like yesterday we watched as Sid learned about recycling and I found out all the ways I could be recycling and am not...ANDD then his grandma always takes him home from school and talks about "the good ole' days" so you get some history on the subject too! Yessss.
Sesame street is also helpful...I mean I already knew how to count and read (moment for applause) but I'm picking up on lots of new Spanish words and I wasn't sure of the exact definition of a pirouette before. Well Check.Check. Me and Clara can pirouette like no one's 'bizness' now !lol! :) And, that could also be helpful next time I'm at the Opera...

Amber: Dave, what are those dancer's doing?
Dave: I'm not sure?
Amber: "Just kidding...I knew this whole time...they're pirouetting honey. Oh yeah..what's up now!" :)
Don't even get me started on Elmo's world...he showed us how to build a dog house today...yeah...I'm going to have to DVR that one for the next time Dave decides to bring home a horse doggie (Solomon) as he has in the past!

So see. I'm getting smarter.Go me! :)

And it's all thanks to these guys!! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

(From the Crib of Clara Grace) Blooper City!

Over the past 18 months mom has caught some pictures that she's never shared because...well...you'll see! :) However, she realized if she compiled all of those pictures it becomes a pretty entertaining photo shoot. I said I was okay with her showing you these as long as I could narrate some, so here we go! :)

"Ummm...where did you want me to look again?"

"Happpyyy Easter!!"

"I was quite a hungry baby and unfortunately that octopus fell victim that day." :)

"Not quite sure what I was doing here." :)

"Now I know why mom always talks about her double chin in pictures! My goodness!"

"Umm..this was just a bad shot for MANY reasons!"

"Why do parents do this to babies hair...we can't fix it ourselves you guys so that's just cruel!"

"This was just one I wanted to add so you remembered I was quite the cutie back then (and still am)." :)

"They used to sit me on Solomon ALL THE TIME, and he and I were never a big fan of this as you can see."

"Okay...you caught me...I am a BIG fan of patty cake; especially with grandma!"
"Dad was always WAY more excited about Mondays than I was, but I tried to match his enthusiasm that day."

"No comment" :)

"Mom tends to kiss me entirely too much sometimes!"

"This was just a majorly bad hair day for me!"

"I am not gonna smile. I don't care if she offers me all the cheerios in the world, I am not going to smile right now."

"I look pretty cute here but I had to add this because my friend Matilda had the funniest face!"

"I'm singing, and I'm at Target with Grandma and I'm singing!"

"This is actually just another cute picture of me in my jams with one of my favoritest people!"


"Okay, I've got to go now you guys..I'm doing my hair! Have a good Tuesday!" :)

Friday, April 15, 2011



That was my exact reaction to seeing the thermometer reach that point on Wednesday evening with Clara Bear.

We went to urgent care to wait exactly 3 hours to be seen.

It really should be called "Completely-not-urgent-care-even-in-the-slightest-unless-your-child's-limb-is-literally-dislocated-from-their-body."

Anyways :)

They couldn't find a reason for the fever which alarmed them but by that point we'd gotten it down to 102 with ib proufen and tylenol so they wanted us to wait afew days before they did anything invasive.

THANKFULLY -- her temperature has been decreasing every day.

She's decided to treat the condition with Cheeto's.

LOTS of Cheeto's :)

Oh, and yes, her baby is sick too so Clara has prescribed Cheeto's for her as well. 

And she makes sure she eats them! :)

Her baby even gets a scolding if she tries to not eat them.

(Notice the finger point - I think someone learned this from her momma!) :)

She also makes sure her baby is staying hydrated.

So, unfortunately it's no fun wedding in NE or seeing grandpa and grandma this weekend. Boo.

At least the recovery process seems to be working..who knew cheeto's were effective for fever's?? Not I. :)

*Side note - we do not normally eat at a table with a purple table cloth but one of the things you learn during kitchen remodels is not to use your good table as it will get covered with all sorts of dust and old flooring and new flooring and other random things you do not want to eat off of. Soooo enter table cloth and folding table!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Entry Bathroom Remodel

I know how long you've all been waiting for this project to be finished...years probably :)

I know how long I've been waiting to finish this project...literally A year.

And now it's done!!!!!!

I laid the final piece down today (A basket with a magazine)...it's been a long time comin' my friends :)

So here we go.

Exhibit A
Take careful note of the beautiful 1984 wallpaper design...you can't tell by this picture but it was actually a bit shiny and deffinitely had a funky smell..ewwww.

Exhibit B
The beautiul white shiny tile with a floor vent that screams "I'm truly an 80's icon!" :)

Exhibit C

"We" aka: Dave :) ripped out the toilet and sink and floor and continued the tile we'd used in our entryway into the bathroom.

Exhibit D
Then we got rid of these "puppies" :)

Exhibit E
I then started the awesome task of removing 25 yr old wall paper. That took a good 2 weeks overall (I tend to get distracted playing with my little sugar sometimes) :)

I mean who could resist this chubby cheeked bundle of adorableness! :)
Not I....

Back to business...

Exhibit F

The finished product!!

So, in conclusion we...

*Ripped out old floor
*Put in new floor
*Ripped out old toilet
*Put in new toilet
*Ripped out old sink....and you get that picture...then we
*Painted some more
*Added some flowers
*Got new fixtures, lights and decorations
And today...
added a basket and a "Real Simple" magazine with a cute little chicken on it (because it's almost Easter! Yay!)

So, that's it. Project.Finished.

However, knowing that we started that it June 2010 and finished April 2011 proves to you why we are still working on our kitchen!!

Hope you all enjoyed this edition of..."Remodeling...not for everyone...which I've learned is me!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missing: Warm Weather!!

Disclaimer: I actually took this picture last week so please pretend you are reading this post the week of March 28thth. Thank you. :)

Our little sugar pants loves to be outside. Seriously. LOVES. IT. Warm weather (which apparently is non-existent in the midwest this year) and freezing cold, it doesn't matter. The first time it snowed here we went outside and she literally jumped into a monster snow puddle and just sat there lol. We laughed so hard. We have to chase her little pants down anytime we say it's time to come inside because she just takes off in the other direction away from the house! :)

So fast forward to this week (which is actually last week lol, am I confusing you yet? :) )and naturally its March so I packed up all our winter clothes. Welllll all of a sudden like spring decided to pack up and head south bringing back the freezing cold weather. So, I did what any good mom would do and bundled my little pumpkin (who was standing by the front door crying because she wanted to play outside so badly) up in anything warm I could find, which was my old pink scarf, a pink sock with a penguin on it and one knit glove I found in the back of my car. Success!! lol!

So, no, that is not a little russian woman who immigrated to Overland Park recently...that is Miss Clara Grace! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Wonder....

I wonder what would happen...

if you could just forget the meanest thing a girl had ever said to you; that girl's name was Sara

or if anytime you failed at something, you really wouldn't have given up; I would be playing the guitar

if you could just forgive the friend that broke your heart; I'd be calling Marissa right now

or if that boy that stole your dreams would have just said sorry...just once...

What if...

your significant other never let you down

if your mom was never critical and always supportive

or if your family just once seemed to care...even a little...but the secrets families hide...

Everyone in the whole
world will let you down at some point. This is the terribly difficult but honest truth. Because no one is perfect. We all have qualities we would trade about ourselves, secrets we hide and pain we've all endured that we just.can't.let.go. And we are convinced no one understands.

I can circle and circle around in my head all the reasons I have to be bitter but bitterness just never fixes a thing. Ever. I heard this quote last month and I think about it anytime I start gambling with those types of thoughts.

"Bitterness is like a poison you drink; while waiting for the other person to die."

However, thinking that no one understands, or no one cares is the biggest lie we all believe. Because someone does understand. Not only does He understand, He wants to comfort us, to love us, to assure us. He wants us to know that He is the only person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that will ever love us unconditionally.  

Don't let your bitterness hold you captive; it is literally cancer to the soul.

"I have loved you with an everlasting love..." Jer 31:3
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