Friday, April 15, 2011



That was my exact reaction to seeing the thermometer reach that point on Wednesday evening with Clara Bear.

We went to urgent care to wait exactly 3 hours to be seen.

It really should be called "Completely-not-urgent-care-even-in-the-slightest-unless-your-child's-limb-is-literally-dislocated-from-their-body."

Anyways :)

They couldn't find a reason for the fever which alarmed them but by that point we'd gotten it down to 102 with ib proufen and tylenol so they wanted us to wait afew days before they did anything invasive.

THANKFULLY -- her temperature has been decreasing every day.

She's decided to treat the condition with Cheeto's.

LOTS of Cheeto's :)

Oh, and yes, her baby is sick too so Clara has prescribed Cheeto's for her as well. 

And she makes sure she eats them! :)

Her baby even gets a scolding if she tries to not eat them.

(Notice the finger point - I think someone learned this from her momma!) :)

She also makes sure her baby is staying hydrated.

So, unfortunately it's no fun wedding in NE or seeing grandpa and grandma this weekend. Boo.

At least the recovery process seems to be working..who knew cheeto's were effective for fever's?? Not I. :)

*Side note - we do not normally eat at a table with a purple table cloth but one of the things you learn during kitchen remodels is not to use your good table as it will get covered with all sorts of dust and old flooring and new flooring and other random things you do not want to eat off of. Soooo enter table cloth and folding table!


Ashley said...

I'm sorry Clara isn't feeling well :( Did you stay home, then? Miss you, girlie!!

kristen said...

Poor Clara!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

oh! poor baby! Sophie is on day 5 of the flu and I ranted all about it in my post yesterday. Urgent Care is a JOKE! We waited FOREVER to be seen until I had a mama bear meltdown and made them take us! hang in there!

kayla said...

I hope Clara gets to feeling better! Next time I get sick, I guess I'll hav e to try the Cheetos trick!! ;)

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