Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Entry Bathroom Remodel

I know how long you've all been waiting for this project to be finished...years probably :)

I know how long I've been waiting to finish this project...literally A year.

And now it's done!!!!!!

I laid the final piece down today (A basket with a magazine)'s been a long time comin' my friends :)

So here we go.

Exhibit A
Take careful note of the beautiful 1984 wallpaper can't tell by this picture but it was actually a bit shiny and deffinitely had a funky smell..ewwww.

Exhibit B
The beautiul white shiny tile with a floor vent that screams "I'm truly an 80's icon!" :)

Exhibit C

"We" aka: Dave :) ripped out the toilet and sink and floor and continued the tile we'd used in our entryway into the bathroom.

Exhibit D
Then we got rid of these "puppies" :)

Exhibit E
I then started the awesome task of removing 25 yr old wall paper. That took a good 2 weeks overall (I tend to get distracted playing with my little sugar sometimes) :)

I mean who could resist this chubby cheeked bundle of adorableness! :)
Not I....

Back to business...

Exhibit F

The finished product!!

So, in conclusion we...

*Ripped out old floor
*Put in new floor
*Ripped out old toilet
*Put in new toilet
*Ripped out old sink....and you get that picture...then we
*Painted some more
*Added some flowers
*Got new fixtures, lights and decorations
And today...
added a basket and a "Real Simple" magazine with a cute little chicken on it (because it's almost Easter! Yay!)

So, that's it. Project.Finished.

However, knowing that we started that it June 2010 and finished April 2011 proves to you why we are still working on our kitchen!!

Hope you all enjoyed this edition of..."Remodeling...not for everyone...which I've learned is me!"


Chana@ Mamma Town said...

LOVE IT!! Such a great job!

kayla said...

looks fantastic Amber!!

Amy said...

Nice work Amber!! Looks awesome!
PS ~ I love your humor!! :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

wow girl yall did an awesome job!!!

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