Monday, April 18, 2011

(From the Crib of Clara Grace) Blooper City!

Over the past 18 months mom has caught some pictures that she's never shared'll see! :) However, she realized if she compiled all of those pictures it becomes a pretty entertaining photo shoot. I said I was okay with her showing you these as long as I could narrate some, so here we go! :)

"Ummm...where did you want me to look again?"

"Happpyyy Easter!!"

"I was quite a hungry baby and unfortunately that octopus fell victim that day." :)

"Not quite sure what I was doing here." :)

"Now I know why mom always talks about her double chin in pictures! My goodness!"

"Umm..this was just a bad shot for MANY reasons!"

"Why do parents do this to babies hair...we can't fix it ourselves you guys so that's just cruel!"

"This was just one I wanted to add so you remembered I was quite the cutie back then (and still am)." :)

"They used to sit me on Solomon ALL THE TIME, and he and I were never a big fan of this as you can see."

" caught me...I am a BIG fan of patty cake; especially with grandma!"
"Dad was always WAY more excited about Mondays than I was, but I tried to match his enthusiasm that day."

"No comment" :)

"Mom tends to kiss me entirely too much sometimes!"

"This was just a majorly bad hair day for me!"

"I am not gonna smile. I don't care if she offers me all the cheerios in the world, I am not going to smile right now."

"I look pretty cute here but I had to add this because my friend Matilda had the funniest face!"

"I'm singing, and I'm at Target with Grandma and I'm singing!"

"This is actually just another cute picture of me in my jams with one of my favoritest people!"


"Okay, I've got to go now you guys..I'm doing my hair! Have a good Tuesday!" :)


Amy said...

I love it Miss Clara! You really are such a cutie!

Matilda's Mommy said...

Babies sure do make silly faces!

kayla said...

LOL!! This makes me cute!

Stephanie M. Page said... precious, precious, precious, precious, does it get any better??????? =)

Alina @ My Yellow Umbrella said...

hahahah! I love it!

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