Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Getting Smarter

You may think I'm joking.

But I'm totally serious!

I used to spend my days analyzing trading trends, reviewing portfolio's, market stuff, etc blah...(actually I just did alot of blogging at work...but that other stuff sounds better....shhhh) :) Anyways, you'd think I would have learned lots but...nope. However now, nowww I am!

See, now my breakfast and lunch times are filled with Sesame Street & Sid the Science Kid and it's seriously paying off! Like yesterday we watched as Sid learned about recycling and I found out all the ways I could be recycling and am not...ANDD then his grandma always takes him home from school and talks about "the good ole' days" so you get some history on the subject too! Yessss.
Sesame street is also helpful...I mean I already knew how to count and read (moment for applause) but I'm picking up on lots of new Spanish words and I wasn't sure of the exact definition of a pirouette before. Well Check.Check. Me and Clara can pirouette like no one's 'bizness' now !lol! :) And, that could also be helpful next time I'm at the Opera...

Amber: Dave, what are those dancer's doing?
Dave: I'm not sure?
Amber: "Just kidding...I knew this whole time...they're pirouetting honey. Oh yeah..what's up now!" :)
Don't even get me started on Elmo's world...he showed us how to build a dog house today...yeah...I'm going to have to DVR that one for the next time Dave decides to bring home a horse doggie (Solomon) as he has in the past!

So see. I'm getting smarter.Go me! :)

And it's all thanks to these guys!! :)


kristen said...

YOu are too funny.

Becky said...

Correct me if I'm wrong...but I believe you spent most of your time at work with celebrity gossip. Those sites have since been blocked and I am now a bored and sad panda face!!!

Matilda's Mommy said...

You should definitely start recycling!

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