Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missing: Warm Weather!!

Disclaimer: I actually took this picture last week so please pretend you are reading this post the week of March 28thth. Thank you. :)

Our little sugar pants loves to be outside. Seriously. LOVES. IT. Warm weather (which apparently is non-existent in the midwest this year) and freezing cold, it doesn't matter. The first time it snowed here we went outside and she literally jumped into a monster snow puddle and just sat there lol. We laughed so hard. We have to chase her little pants down anytime we say it's time to come inside because she just takes off in the other direction away from the house! :)

So fast forward to this week (which is actually last week lol, am I confusing you yet? :) )and naturally its March so I packed up all our winter clothes. Welllll all of a sudden like spring decided to pack up and head south bringing back the freezing cold weather. So, I did what any good mom would do and bundled my little pumpkin (who was standing by the front door crying because she wanted to play outside so badly) up in anything warm I could find, which was my old pink scarf, a pink sock with a penguin on it and one knit glove I found in the back of my car. Success!! lol!

So, no, that is not a little russian woman who immigrated to Overland Park recently...that is Miss Clara Grace! :)


kayla said...

Aww...how cute! Those little pants look familiar; are those the ones we got her with the little cat/leopard on the shirt?

Spring is hopefully here to stay...it has been b.e.a.utiful outside this week!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

ohmygoodness she is so cute!

Psssst....might wanna swing by my blog today?!

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