Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Have A Ghost...

...I'm just hoping he's friendly!

No, but seriously I have to tell you this weird story.


About 4 days ago I went into our spare bedroom to find the lamp had been turned on. I didn't think much of it, and turned it off. The second day, the lamp was on again. I knew we never went in there so I assumed Clara had turned it on when she was playing sometime. Logical assumption.

Then, the next night me and Dave woke up in the middle of the night and saw a bright light on...sure enough a light was on in the spare bedroom. But this was the actual overhead light (and I KNEW I turned it off). CREEPY! Okay, at this point Dave was starting to believe me so last night he turned the light off himself. About 11:15 at night we hear Clara sqeaking a bit so we go up to check on her, turn the corner and tinkle in our pants. The overhead light was on!!! And this time he KNEW it was off because he turned it off himself!!

So here's the thing. I do not believe in ghosts. At least I thought I didn't. I believe in Heaven & Hell and I believe in Angel's and Demons (not to be dramatic right now) but I do. And I really, really don't believe in "friendly ghosts" but how else could you explain the lights?

ANDD this gets way weirder!!

So, tonight we're telling our neighbors AKA: friends (because we truly love them all) about this situation and they tell us a lady died in this house right before we bought it, but that in itself wasn't as weird as the next thing they said. They said the very next day after she died he was clearing out all her things and hauling them to the curb. They came outside to ask what happened and he very "non-chalantly" said, "Oh, my wife died yesterday." Like that was it!! And, the even odder part was that they had all seen her alive and happy two days before!

Dave is CONVINCED now that he killed her and they were deffinitely suspicious. I guess VERY shortly after she died he had multiple girls over. And besides just being of bad taste, he was 60!! My goodness...what did we get ourselves into when we bought this place?!?!?

So, if anyone wants to come over and experience this crazy phenomenon, please do. It's like Paranormal Activity over here!!!! :( EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!


kayla said...

Girl that is very creepy!! Hopefully she's just a friendly ghost and will only bug you by turning the light on!! I would be freaking out either way!!!! Good luck with all of that! ;)

Matilda's Mommy said...

Wow! So do you think she was killed in that room? Maybe she is trying to tell you that there is evidence in the room that would help you solve her murder? Crazy. We went to a "haunted" hotel in Feb and there were some people that were way into. Try taking pictures in the room and see if you get any weird blurs of color...that is what one person was doing. They also tried to stir up the ghosts by sitting on things and stuff. Maybe you could tape down the light switch?

Karen said...

I don't believe in ghost either but that is definitely super freaky. I almost love stories like this. Keep us posted!

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