Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Purses Are On Their Way To Kenya...

...and you'll be able to find me...

living in a hole.

OH yes everyone...I got a little dose of something called


this weekend. :(

You see, it all started because we decided to have a garage sale last minute this past weekend. We have only lived here a year and yet already I felt as if our closets were a hazard. I mean seriously, whoever opens one without knowing what 's on the other side could literally go missing for days under the pile of rubble that will fall on them.

So, I worked my buns off on Friday and got everything together. I started my Saturday at 6, setting up, getting the signs ready and by 9:00, "Clara's cupakes & soda stand" was in full swing with a steady number of people coming and going slowing making my future closets less and less dangerous with every item sold. :) So, all in all, we had considered the day quite a success so far!

Until, a certain gentleman showed up and changed everything for me.

He was really examing everything laid out and then arrived at my purses. I was not sure why on earth a man would show such interest in the purses but who knows...it's 2011 and people have strange taste sometimes. :)

He motioned me over and slowly started bartaring. Truthfully, I was a bit "irked." I mean, I had marked these $75 purses down between $1 and $4 so it wasn't like I was trying to make a fortune. But, he kept pressing, for less and less. Dave finally came over to see what was going on and somewhat unhelpfully said he had no idea how much they were worth. Such a guy. :) Anyways, the man finally talked me down to $6 for all the purses. And then it happened...

I casually said, "You just got a steal of a deal sir." (secretly super annoyed)

To which he replied: "Oh yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am taking all these as gifts over to Kenya to give to my friends and family." (with the biggest, sweetest smile ever)

You guys, it still brings me to tears when I'm writing it. I cannot describe the flood of emotions that went through me in that moment or what I feel now. I asked Dave what he said to make sure I'd heard him correctly and as he walked away I started crying...If only he'd told me! If only I'd known, I would have given him all of them for free and anything else he wanted for that matter!!

But it was too late.
The damage to my heart was done.
I'd selfishly felt he was ripping me off when he was selflessly trying to save money since he was flying to Kenya to give these purses as gifts.

So, I can promise you, that moment is now etched into my heart forever. We have so much in america...so much we take for granted. I can't imagine what it's like in other parts of the world. I can't imagine how old, used purses could possibly be wonderful gifts to the people of Kenya but that is the truth of the world we live in.

I hope this encourages others besides me to cherish God's gift of allowing us to live where we do.

Love you guys. And if you see me carrying around the same purse the next, oh 17 years, you'll know why.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Bet They Celebrate Father's Day In Heaven

Father's Day is always a little emotional for me.

I think especially since Clara has been born. There is one grandpa who only gets to see her from heaven.

I know my dad would have just loved Clara with his whole heart. He was such an amazing daddy. I think it's cute because my dad was quite an honorey man in his younger days who assured everyone he would always be a bachelor with no kids. Well then my hot little momma stepped in and stole his heart and five years later my cute little buns entered this world and changed his world forever.

Mom said he couldn't have been prouder of me. He told everyone I would be the greatest piano player, volleyball player, softball champion to ever walk this earth lol. (I almost accomplished the piano thing..hahaha totally kidding) :)

He honestly did anything me and Angela(my little sista') asked him to do. There were countless hours spent "braiding" his hair, playing ponies, swimming in our baby pool which could barely fit his 6'3 stature and countless sneaky trips to dairy queen where he would let us get blizzards when mom only let us get boring ole' cones. :)

He loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing and just being in nature. He was true guy's guy.

I'm not sure why Jesus needed him so soon. He never let his 4 year battle with cancer change anything though. He lived every moment to the fullest and even up to his last moments, you would have never thought him even sick if not for the hospital bed in our home. I remember at his funeral the church couldn't accomodate everyone. There were seats flowing into the hallways and stairs with so many stories of his passion of life and people.The people who's lives he changed with his love for Jesus. He knew how to have a good time and made sure everyone else did too.

I only hope my life carries his legacy on...because as he always said,

"If I'm wrong about Jesus, I have nothing to lose. I have so much love, life and peace that I couldn't imagine anything better. But if you're wrong about Jesus, you've missed out on everything."

I promise to teach my little girl everything you taught me about living life to the fullest.

I love you daddy. I will forever.

Monday, June 13, 2011


That's never a good sound to hear...especially when your mom is visitng!!

(Disclaimer: I'm going to be talking about tinkling for about 3 sentences, so if that's too much information, please stop reading now). :)

I was literally mid-tinkle in my bathroom when I heard that dreaded sound. Do you know how hard it is to stop...mid-tinkle??? I'd say it's almost painful! But..nevertheless, that's what I had to do as I put everything back where it was supposed to be and ran out of my bathroom to find where the sound came from.

Unfortunately, it was what I'd suspected, another victim of our stairs. I've fallen down them; Clara Grace has fallen down them, and now my poor momma had fallen down them...Those darn slippery carpeted steps!

So...I did what every good daughter should do...(finished tinkling!lol!) Helped her to a chair, and brought out the only ice I could find for her foot which she said was really hurting.

Unfortunately, our ice machine is broken so that happened to be a baby teether. Nice.

I felt really bad I didn't have any other ice for her, but I had some doctors examine her and they said she would be fine until Dave could come and take her to the doctor.

Jakey checked her wrists, Clara her knees, and Fluffy was just annoyed she was getting her attention stolen.

So, Four hours later, a trip to the ER, a trip to find crutches (which the ER was out of) and some pain meds...she was back to new! :)

Feel Better Momma! :)
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