Monday, June 13, 2011


That's never a good sound to hear...especially when your mom is visitng!!

(Disclaimer: I'm going to be talking about tinkling for about 3 sentences, so if that's too much information, please stop reading now). :)

I was literally mid-tinkle in my bathroom when I heard that dreaded sound. Do you know how hard it is to stop...mid-tinkle??? I'd say it's almost painful! But..nevertheless, that's what I had to do as I put everything back where it was supposed to be and ran out of my bathroom to find where the sound came from.

Unfortunately, it was what I'd suspected, another victim of our stairs. I've fallen down them; Clara Grace has fallen down them, and now my poor momma had fallen down them...Those darn slippery carpeted steps!

So...I did what every good daughter should do...(finished tinkling!lol!) Helped her to a chair, and brought out the only ice I could find for her foot which she said was really hurting.

Unfortunately, our ice machine is broken so that happened to be a baby teether. Nice.

I felt really bad I didn't have any other ice for her, but I had some doctors examine her and they said she would be fine until Dave could come and take her to the doctor.

Jakey checked her wrists, Clara her knees, and Fluffy was just annoyed she was getting her attention stolen.

So, Four hours later, a trip to the ER, a trip to find crutches (which the ER was out of) and some pain meds...she was back to new! :)

Feel Better Momma! :)

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Chana@ Mamma Town said...

OH NO!! I hope she recovered quickly:) Poor lady! Is it horrible of me to be so glad that it wasn't your little girl?

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