Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I don't know how to spell that word, but that's the fun part about having your own blog...
I didn't feel like looking that word up so I didn't have to! :)

So this blog post is random stories and random pictures of things that have happend over the past couple weeks.

Enjoy! :)

I had a crazy past couple weeks so that title seemed fitting.

I started out my Monday last week by almost running a man over in the Michael's parking lot.


He was SO mad. (Which I guess is a normal reaction to that sort of thing)

I was backing out and in a hurry to get home because I was meeting someone and he was just minding his own business walking behind my car in the parking lot when I nearly decapitated him.

Had I been a large older man in my 50's, I'm sure he would have had a few choice words, but being that I was a mom using every hand signal for I'm sorry and smiling and waving and explaining that I felt horrrrible for nearly smushing him, he simply waved me off.

That's always a nice start to a week...nearly killing someone.

And now some cute pictures of Daddy and Clara on their date night to the daddy daughter dance.

Me and my bestie Ashley served cupcakes there. Holla! They were SO good!!

I'm going to now name some names, in no particular order...

Meredith, Nick, Bret, Roger, Barb, Ashley, Jordan, Abby, Justin, Mandy, Sophia, Matt, Meg & Elliott.

That's who we got to spend time with last weekend and it was SOOOO fun!!


Bret's surprise going away party with the guest of honor being Bret & coldstone ice cream cake. UMMMM! :)

Clara & Miss Abby being verrrrry silly!

The night of the 4th with some other friends!!

And then, after all that craziness...another mystery was discovered in the ever unfolding "GHOST DRAMA!!"

Dave was cleaning out the garage when he found some mysterious documents. One of those documents which happened to be a death certificate...ewww right?

Well that death certificate was that of the particular previous resident who mysteriously passed away several years ago. Her cause of death: Liver failure.

Do you know some ways the liver fails...ingestion of poison! AGHHHH! (More accurately poisonious mushrooms but I'm sure those are easy to find if you're intent on killing your wife) Yep that's right...so remember two days previous, neighbors saw her happily outside and then she was dead less than 48 hours later!!!

So, the drama continues...the ghost appears to have settled down but I am now more convinced than ever that she was murdered. lol. Okay, not really but it does make you raise an eyebrown huh?

So don't worry...we'll keep you posted about that situation as it continues...;)

And, the other morning I walked in to see Clara had created a tower out of her blankies and animals...seriously how cute is that??

Okay, so see what I mean...just a bunch of randomness...

And, lets see...what else has happened?

* I hate Jillian Michaels - I'm doing her "30 day shred" and I think she's secretly trying to kill me slowly

* I have a new passion for cookie dough ice cream with chocolate rocky road ice cream and I eat a cone every night with the two smushed together -- yeah..that's why if you see me I basically look exactly the same as before I started the "shred"!!

*Clara is in doggie heaven because Rosco (Grandpa & Grandma's dog) is staying with us this week. He snorts and toots and sheds but he's oh so cute!! :)


She loves him to pieces!!

Okay, so I think that's good for today. Have a great rest of the week!!


Matilda's Mommy said...

Clara's hair is so long! You look amazing...don't know why you think you need to "shred".

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

You look so beautiful in every shot! Honestly, this was the perfect post (minus the murder part:) Clara looks beautiful like her mama, and I remember the shred well. I used to spit at the tv!

Tracy said...

I would be more concerned that she's piling up the animals in the corner to make a tower to escape. :) Serious. :) P.S. I love randomness. :)

kayla said...

You guys have been busy, but looks like you're having a BLAST!! Clara's hair is getting long, it's gorgeous!!

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