Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Goodness!

And, the list just keeps growing of people catching onto the blogging CRAZE!! :) Take that facebook!!! :) (Even though most people who blog also have facebook I will pretend that is not true.)

Look who's a ms. blogging pants now???

Well it's Angela Beth ~soon to be Fogelman. :)

How much do we not look alike lol?? Seriously though...I'm convinced either or both of us was adopted to this day! (But don't say that to my momma bc it makes her maaaad. lol) Like real mad though.

So, Hey...that reminds me. Did you know me and Dave met the most amazing people this semester and are sad because it all came to an end on Monday. (Did you see how I did that transition that actually didn't work at all) :)  Oh, and it's not really ending, just the summer semester. :)

That's Candice & Mike and their family ~Oh wait..nope...not quite...that's candice and Mike and my little stinker and Ms. Grace (P.S. Me and Mike are singing in my sister's (mentioned above) wedding this fall. We are writing a song and I'm like SUPER PUMPED about it!!

Let's see who's next...

Jenn & Kendri...two girls full of amazingness also! Hi girls!! (They are case you were wondering).

And here is Rene...

He's from Guatamala and has a little boy named Caleb. I guess his wife Jessica had this conversation with Caleb the other day and it's so cute I had to share it with you!

Jessica: Caleb where is mommy from?

Caleb: Home.

Jessica (trying not to laugh): Sure.

Jessica: And where is Caleb from?

Caleb: Home.

Jessica: Sure. And what about Daddy. Where is Daddy from?

Caleb: Watermelon!!!

Okay seriously how cute is that?!?! He totally thought his daddy was from Watermelon...not Guatemala. Cute right?!? So cute!

And this picture cracked me up. It was supposed to be one of those where I take the picture myself while capturing me and everyone behind me but it turned out like this.

So let's see, that's Jessica's arm, Pauls torso, Amy's leg and my right eye. Love.It :)

Okay and there are many more fantastic people in our group but I did super bad at getting pictures of all of them (note picture above), so you'll all just have to trust me.

When I first started going to Indian Creek, Steve (the campus pastor) invited us to be part of a group and truthfully our first reaction was..."Um, no. That sounds boring and a little awful). I'm just the "Go to church on Sunday" type of girl and I was happy with that. But then...after a few more requests we finally agreed and it These people are our FOR REAL friends. Like they know the good, the bad and the ugly and they stick it out. We help eachother...if one of us is sick, we make food for them until they're feeling better, if someone is in a financial tightspot, we pull together and figure help out, or if one of us is having just a super awful, crappy day, we hug them, and then Mike will tell a joke that will probably make them squirt pop out your nose...all of a sudden the weight of the day won't feel so bad.

So, the more I hang out with these guys, the more I really understand "The Church." We are not a building, we are real people, working out life together, because trying to do it by yourself can be horrible at times! Right?!?! We see eachother Sundays, but that's not where it stops for us, that's where it starts.

These are my peeps and I've got their backs...just like they've got mine.

Now, Clara on the other hand...I think she maybe just goes for the food!! :) lol!

Love you groupie!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest Blogger

This guest blogger doesn't even know he is doing it, but I read his post this morning and knew it needed to be seen by as many people as possible.

My brother-in-law is in Cambodia (as I mentioned a while back) with the peace corp.

This picture cracks me up, because as you can tell, Bret dressed up more than even Dave for Clara's dedication and the "head" of our children's department saw him with Clara and congratulated him as a new dad. It was really sweet, rather than correct her, Bret just smiled and said "thanks!" :)

Bret's  post today is a good reminder of ALL we have to be thankful for. It's very humbling.

You should all read it... I don't understand why God allows things like this to happen, but I continue to trust that's because this life is just temporary. I know there is justice for those victims and find hope in knowing they are safe in His arms now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can you be mad at an IP address??

Because I AM!

Do you want to know which one?? I'll give you one guess.


They are becoming the "Wal-Mart" of the Internet and I'm not happy about it! (cry cry)

Let me tell you how this started...

One of my super friends...they're not my just my good friends because they are more than that so I'm going to start calling them my super friends. :)

Super Friend Aforementioned... Alina.

Isn't she cute? And not only is she is adorable and talented she has the most beautiful heart as well!

Back to my topic though, "Pinterest" to Alina is like Diet Dr. Pepper is to me...a small obsession. :)

She's been talking about it for so long and has found SO many amazing ideas that I finally decided to jump on board!

So, here's how the process send an imaginary man (or woman) your desire to have a pinterest account...then you wait

and wait....



So, the waiting was bad enough, but then finally like presents on christmas morning, I got an email that I'd been accepted and could open my account....


WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and then more followed

through facebook or Twitter!!


So I cried. (Not really but I wanted too)

Because you see I am on strike against facebook and am too old to care about who's "tweeting."

See, I'm one to believe all statistics, like if you told you are 95% more likely to get cancer from brushing with "Colgate" toothpaste I would totally believe you and only use Crest for the rest of my life...or if you said that if I wear jammie pants to bed when it's cold outside that I am 67% more likely to die in my sleep I would never sleep in pants again.

And, see that's what happened with facebook...I heard it is causing your chance of divorce to go up by 50% so enter amber...NO facebook (and the crazy boyfriend but you've all already heard about him).

However, that wasn't even what sent me over the edge today....

as I proceeded throughout my day, I learned I could not get my "free unstoppable" sample from Downy...without facebook, or 25 extra points for Clara's Disney account...without facebook...and so on and so on.

And, this last picture really had nothing to do with my post but I thought it was cute "admidst" my upsetness!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before & After

This is not your typical before and after post my friends...

Let me show you what I mean. :)

Clara Grace's Playdate

Clara Grace's Playdate

Let me show you from another angle...

Clara Grace's Playdate

Clara Grace's Playdate

I just couldn't believe these three sweet pumpkins could cause such a rucus!! :)

But I think they all had a great time and that's all that matters for sure. I know I sure did. I love that all Clara Grace's friends have amazing momma's that I get to be friends with too. :) Win. Win.

However, now that I've shown you what Clara and her friends are capable of, I'm also learning that leaving the house is becoming a bit more challenging.

Do you all remember Lindsay Little?

Well...we tried to have lunch Saturday. "Tried" being the key word. Lindsay was super sweet about it, but what she doesn't know is that I was about to explode into tears any second. I really wanted to catch up, I had tons of questions but I couldn't even really focus on one thing she was saying because Clara was busy....

...laying on the floor of the cheesecake factory, wanting to sit in her booster seat, wanting not to sit in her booster seat, wanting in her high chair, wanting to stand in her high chair and then wanting nothing to do with either...deciding to go through everything in my purse, throwing her chocolate milk on the floor and then deciding she wanted to drink it, washing her hands in my water and finding my pepto bismol (you know a girl wants to be careful just in case) :)and using it as a rattle...and so on and so on...

Oh my. My little girl is becoming a toddler far too quickly and I was unprepared!! :)

But, I can promise you I could not love my beautiful girl anymore if I tried and I will assure you I'm up for the challenge!!  ;)

However, while I'm learning, I'm going to enjoy watching these three future mozart's take on the world one playdate at a time ! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm feeling kindof "bleh" today. Like the type of "bleh" where you can get out of bed but you'd rather not like I'm gonna' die sick but just medium sick. :) Just to clarify that for all of you. ;)

So, being that it's a "bleh" day for me, I thought I'd bring a smile to all of your days!

This video seriously had me and Dave laughing (A LOT) for like 10 minutes straight the other night.

Warning: It's more a video for young trying to explain why this video is funny to the older generation is like trying to explain to my mom why "The Office" is funny...she just doesn't get it. :) (Love you mom!)

Anyways...Dave was at a Dave Matthews Concert with some friends this past Saturday.

(Also included in this picture is little Grace, Clara's very good friend)

Mike found this and said the guys had to see it. Anyways, that's how I came about it.

So...without further 'ado' - is that how you say that?

Here it is


Don't be surprised if you find yourself saying "gee, dangit" for the rest of the day! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

About Me - "Part B"

I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting the conclusion to my post from Friday (ha!) so I have good news....I'm going to finish it for you! :)

So...jumping right back in.

Diet. Dr. Pepper - It started as a healthier alternative to red bull for me. For the last year of college I was drinking one to two red bulls every day and that's just um, how to say this eloquently....a bad idea! :)  Soooo you all get to be part of this journey now too. (I'm sure you're ecstatic lol) The journey to one Diet DP a day. If some of my posts just say "grrrr" or "aghhh" or something of that nature you'll know why! ;)

And, in case you are wondering, this is a little collage to go with my attempt at randomness from Post A- "Peege" (As clara calls her) and the fun we had this past weekend with our friends at a train restaurant here in KC (And yes I was wearing clothes while the picture may lead you to think otherwise). This restaurant is unique in that an actual track runs above your head with a train that delivers the food. It's truly really fun..even for adults! :)

Hopping along..into a little more serious topic...

I'm not the same girl I was...more realistically about 7 years ago. Before I left Northwest Missouri State for UNL, I was a bit...we'll go with rambunctious(sp?) lol. I grew up with Jesus (The Jesus who just lived on "felt poster board" in sunday school class and in "stories" you'd hear in church) I was a bit "over" the whole thing and thought I was having much more fun without "Him" by about 9th grade. But by my senior year of college I think He got tired of me ignoring him and forced me to make a drastic change. I had one class needed to graduate and NWMSU didn't offer it that fall. So, it was either live there for another year and not take a class or move home and wrap things up at that's what I did.

I didn't want to leave my friends but I really didn't have another option.

I had no idea what would follow.

Let me just put it this way. If you keep God in your mind, on a Sunday school "felt board," that's where he will stay. If you just show up every once in a while on Sunday and tell him you're sorry if you've made him mad and complain that he's not fixing all the bad things in the world, than that's all you'll experience of Him. If you pretend people are crazy and God doesn't exist at all-I think He might have a little to say about that at a point when it's probably too late to change your mind! (Just sayin'...I'd exhaust ALL resources before taking Him completely out of the picture).I will confidently say all of these are false misconceptions about a very indescribably loving God! 

But, if you expect to see more of make the ordinary, extraordinary, to make the meaningless a masterpiece, then He will show up and leave you thirsting for more. I. Promise. You. And...unfortunately you can't tell me I'm wrong unless you've done this. Asked to see, hear, feel and know Him better. I can seriously, without even the slightest hesitation, promise you that He will show up...and he will blow your socks right off.

Don't believe me...ask these girls!

But it's not just that. For the first time in my life I really want to help others. Like I love making a meal for a new mom, or watching someones children so they can have a date night, or just sharing what we have with someone else who has less. It has become the joy of my life to do these things and just to spend time with Jesus.

Also, if you still think I'm crazy, you'll need to tell that to my precious husband who is unlike anyone I've ever met, or my b-e-a-utiful grand piano given to me by an amazing friend who knew I needed a piano (because being a piano teacher requires a piano I had heard lol :), however we don't typically have $10,000 lying around!) Or, the microwave in our kitchen (long story) or the precious little girl doctor's said I couldn't have....All of those are just 4 examples of direct answers to prayer. But above and beyond all of that is something I can only tell you you'll understand once you've asked to hear from Him. You will actually feel Him speak to your heart. You'll feel peace amongst chaos, and guidance when you need direction. Hope in a hopeless world, and a passion for things beyond yourself. You will suddenly see the world as a temporary home so you can learn what it's like to give of yourself for a greater purpose.

I'm not going to place myself in a category of  a "religious person" because to me, that is all they are. 1,000,000 different choices with a million different ideas. But, I am going to tell you I accept the bible as the complete and total written word of God. Inspired by him - nothing is missing...nothing should be added. It is as it was to be. It's completely proven accurate from a historical standpoint, and my heart feels it is trustworthy in the other areas of life. I try to use wisdom now,  accepting I'm going to make a million mistakes along the way, but knowing that he will continue to help me on this journey.

And, I don't wear denim jumpers, as some people are convinced "christians" do. lol :) However, don't hold me to that as I get older...they might be comfy in my old age. Ha! :)

Okay - now I feel better to have shared all that and am going to like RUN into bed because we are working on 4 hrs. past normal bedtime here!

P.S. I also promise no more posts just about me lol! - Even though seriously, Kelsey & Alina your comments from the last point made me cry. Soo sweet!

P.S.S. That's a picture from my surprise party a few years ago. I love surprises and now I feel like my life is filled with them everyday and I want all of your's to be too! :) (That's really why I wrote this post to begin with (wink wink)!!)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kapow. Change City.

I've changed things around here a bit and I'm going to write about it.

For one, I just couldn't bear people opening my blog and the first thing they read is the word "poop." I'm still immensely proud of Clarabear and she's added tinkle to that party in her potty as well but it was time for a new title.

For two, I've had Audrey Hepburn's quote under the "about me" section forever {and I still love it} but it bothered me that I couldn't be creative enough to write "about me" myself.

So, let me tell you. I re-wrote that section in about 5 seconds; apparently I know more about myself than I thought lol. Go me! :) And...I'm going to explain it a bit further.

Don't worry though, I'll add random pictures like I've started doing lately. ;)

See...there I go already! The pool time fun was compliments of  Ms. Amy and Grace.

So, I mentioned being impulsive. That's truly the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my character. I actually really like that about myself, not to "toot" my own horn but that quality can come in handy. To me, it means I'm flexible and no particular order. :) When I was in college, me and 3 other girls decided one Friday night to jump in the car, drive 4 hours to Manhattan to see another friend and stop and get our tongue's pierced on the way. See what I mean, impulsive.:) (But that also ties into me saying I'm a bit different than I was 5 years ago lol) More on that later.

Secondly, I am dramatic. I think I'm more of a dramatic writer than I actually am in real life, but my dad could make any boring story fun, and I'd like to think I can write any story to be fun. Don't worry though...I'm totally honest on this blog. I did rob kirklands and did have to run back in and return everything. Wow...just writing that made me want to cry...what a day that was! :)

Random picture number two

That's my sister, and natey Easter. Oooh. Now this is like a game...I wonder how random can I get? :)

Thirdly, okay, let's see...what's next on my list. Oh yes. Fiercely protective. I am. This sounds horrible, but I'm not sure I used to be this way. But, all of us girls probably can think of a couple friend's hearts we scarred by hurtful words, or dating an ex, etc. All that highschool drama was no fun. No fun at all. However, now? NO WAY. NO CHANCE. You speak disapprovingly or disrespectfully of someone I love now, hold onto your pants...that's all I'm saying! ;)

Fourthly, I do love to dance and I also love to sing. However, my college friends said I looked like a "broken penguin" when I danced back then so I keep my "saweeet" moves to myself and Clara Grace these days. ;) Ironically, I used to sing all the time in high school but 10 years of not singing has proved a bit hard on these vocal chords and I really can hardly sing at all anymore. If that is not enough evidence for you, Clara has said "Nooohhh" a time or two when I bust out a tune in the car, so that has also turned my singing into a one person audience and that person happens to be me. :)

Last random picture of the night

Hehe...that one still cracks me up. He was totally copying me!
Okay...and in light of the fact this post has gotten impressively long, I'll end this evening with


Thursday, August 4, 2011


That's right everyone...I'm about to talk about poop because I'm one proud mommy! :)

If you take a quick peek here you'll see what I mean.

And in case you're wondering whose buns that came from....

it was these!

Okay, that was definitely the most non-tasteful picture I've ever shown you all but I'm sorry. I seriously had too...okay I probably didn't but me and Dave literally almost pooped in our own pants when it happened. I have sat her on her potty no less than 100 times in the past couple months. And we always try and make it fun but so far no success. Well my friends...that all changed Sunday!

I mean, My little girl is 20 months old and she poo'd in her potty. What a big girl she is becoming!!

Okay, and here is a cute picture of her to take your mind off the "aforementioned." (Sp? lol) 

But I'm telling and Dave ran around the house jumping up and down for at least 15 minutes. However, there is one minor detail that was different from the other 100 times. Ms. Grandma pants was down!

I'm not sure what it was, but sometimes these things just need a grandma's touch. Dave's mom was the first to teach Clara to drink out of a straw and now my mom has another record...not quite as glamorous but still an amazing accomplishment! :)

Well done Ms. Clara Grace!!!

P.S. Please no one tell her about this post when she's older...mmmk? ;)
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