Wednesday, August 10, 2011

About Me - "Part B"

I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting the conclusion to my post from Friday (ha!) so I have good news....I'm going to finish it for you! :)

So...jumping right back in.

Diet. Dr. Pepper - It started as a healthier alternative to red bull for me. For the last year of college I was drinking one to two red bulls every day and that's just um, how to say this eloquently....a bad idea! :)  Soooo you all get to be part of this journey now too. (I'm sure you're ecstatic lol) The journey to one Diet DP a day. If some of my posts just say "grrrr" or "aghhh" or something of that nature you'll know why! ;)

And, in case you are wondering, this is a little collage to go with my attempt at randomness from Post A- "Peege" (As clara calls her) and the fun we had this past weekend with our friends at a train restaurant here in KC (And yes I was wearing clothes while the picture may lead you to think otherwise). This restaurant is unique in that an actual track runs above your head with a train that delivers the food. It's truly really fun..even for adults! :)

Hopping along..into a little more serious topic...

I'm not the same girl I was...more realistically about 7 years ago. Before I left Northwest Missouri State for UNL, I was a bit...we'll go with rambunctious(sp?) lol. I grew up with Jesus (The Jesus who just lived on "felt poster board" in sunday school class and in "stories" you'd hear in church) I was a bit "over" the whole thing and thought I was having much more fun without "Him" by about 9th grade. But by my senior year of college I think He got tired of me ignoring him and forced me to make a drastic change. I had one class needed to graduate and NWMSU didn't offer it that fall. So, it was either live there for another year and not take a class or move home and wrap things up at that's what I did.

I didn't want to leave my friends but I really didn't have another option.

I had no idea what would follow.

Let me just put it this way. If you keep God in your mind, on a Sunday school "felt board," that's where he will stay. If you just show up every once in a while on Sunday and tell him you're sorry if you've made him mad and complain that he's not fixing all the bad things in the world, than that's all you'll experience of Him. If you pretend people are crazy and God doesn't exist at all-I think He might have a little to say about that at a point when it's probably too late to change your mind! (Just sayin'...I'd exhaust ALL resources before taking Him completely out of the picture).I will confidently say all of these are false misconceptions about a very indescribably loving God! 

But, if you expect to see more of make the ordinary, extraordinary, to make the meaningless a masterpiece, then He will show up and leave you thirsting for more. I. Promise. You. And...unfortunately you can't tell me I'm wrong unless you've done this. Asked to see, hear, feel and know Him better. I can seriously, without even the slightest hesitation, promise you that He will show up...and he will blow your socks right off.

Don't believe me...ask these girls!

But it's not just that. For the first time in my life I really want to help others. Like I love making a meal for a new mom, or watching someones children so they can have a date night, or just sharing what we have with someone else who has less. It has become the joy of my life to do these things and just to spend time with Jesus.

Also, if you still think I'm crazy, you'll need to tell that to my precious husband who is unlike anyone I've ever met, or my b-e-a-utiful grand piano given to me by an amazing friend who knew I needed a piano (because being a piano teacher requires a piano I had heard lol :), however we don't typically have $10,000 lying around!) Or, the microwave in our kitchen (long story) or the precious little girl doctor's said I couldn't have....All of those are just 4 examples of direct answers to prayer. But above and beyond all of that is something I can only tell you you'll understand once you've asked to hear from Him. You will actually feel Him speak to your heart. You'll feel peace amongst chaos, and guidance when you need direction. Hope in a hopeless world, and a passion for things beyond yourself. You will suddenly see the world as a temporary home so you can learn what it's like to give of yourself for a greater purpose.

I'm not going to place myself in a category of  a "religious person" because to me, that is all they are. 1,000,000 different choices with a million different ideas. But, I am going to tell you I accept the bible as the complete and total written word of God. Inspired by him - nothing is missing...nothing should be added. It is as it was to be. It's completely proven accurate from a historical standpoint, and my heart feels it is trustworthy in the other areas of life. I try to use wisdom now,  accepting I'm going to make a million mistakes along the way, but knowing that he will continue to help me on this journey.

And, I don't wear denim jumpers, as some people are convinced "christians" do. lol :) However, don't hold me to that as I get older...they might be comfy in my old age. Ha! :)

Okay - now I feel better to have shared all that and am going to like RUN into bed because we are working on 4 hrs. past normal bedtime here!

P.S. I also promise no more posts just about me lol! - Even though seriously, Kelsey & Alina your comments from the last point made me cry. Soo sweet!

P.S.S. That's a picture from my surprise party a few years ago. I love surprises and now I feel like my life is filled with them everyday and I want all of your's to be too! :) (That's really why I wrote this post to begin with (wink wink)!!)


Kelsey said...

WOWZERS Amber! I loved that post - it really spoke to me. You're words could light up a room - and that's just simply amazing!

Tracy said...

I'm curious, I would love to hear the story behind the dr's telling you you'd never have claire bear. We had our own long battle and our 2 miracles from it, and am always intrigued to hear God's faithfulness to others in like situations...if you want...if not, that's ok too. ;)

Amy said...

Oh Amber!! Love, Love, Love your heart for Jesus!! Thanks for sharing your story, your humor, and your heart. I think someone else said it already before, but I never leave your blog not smiling!! You're amazing. :)

Alina @ My Yellow Umbrella said...

Amberbear, I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!! That's all I can say!

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