Sunday, August 21, 2011

Before & After

This is not your typical before and after post my friends...

Let me show you what I mean. :)

Clara Grace's Playdate

Clara Grace's Playdate

Let me show you from another angle...

Clara Grace's Playdate

Clara Grace's Playdate

I just couldn't believe these three sweet pumpkins could cause such a rucus!! :)

But I think they all had a great time and that's all that matters for sure. I know I sure did. I love that all Clara Grace's friends have amazing momma's that I get to be friends with too. :) Win. Win.

However, now that I've shown you what Clara and her friends are capable of, I'm also learning that leaving the house is becoming a bit more challenging.

Do you all remember Lindsay Little?

Well...we tried to have lunch Saturday. "Tried" being the key word. Lindsay was super sweet about it, but what she doesn't know is that I was about to explode into tears any second. I really wanted to catch up, I had tons of questions but I couldn't even really focus on one thing she was saying because Clara was busy....

...laying on the floor of the cheesecake factory, wanting to sit in her booster seat, wanting not to sit in her booster seat, wanting in her high chair, wanting to stand in her high chair and then wanting nothing to do with either...deciding to go through everything in my purse, throwing her chocolate milk on the floor and then deciding she wanted to drink it, washing her hands in my water and finding my pepto bismol (you know a girl wants to be careful just in case) :)and using it as a rattle...and so on and so on...

Oh my. My little girl is becoming a toddler far too quickly and I was unprepared!! :)

But, I can promise you I could not love my beautiful girl anymore if I tried and I will assure you I'm up for the challenge!!  ;)

However, while I'm learning, I'm going to enjoy watching these three future mozart's take on the world one playdate at a time ! :)


Kelsey said...

Amber I love this post and I love little Clara Bear! There will be many more messy rooms - I'm sure of it! ;)

Shea said...

Love your Before & After cute! haha :-)

Amy said...

Haha!! LOVE it!

kayla said...

Too cute!! Love that they played dress up together!

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