Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can you be mad at an IP address??

Because I AM!

Do you want to know which one?? I'll give you one guess.


They are becoming the "Wal-Mart" of the Internet and I'm not happy about it! (cry cry)

Let me tell you how this started...

One of my super friends...they're not my just my good friends because they are more than that so I'm going to start calling them my super friends. :)

Super Friend Aforementioned... Alina.

Isn't she cute? And not only is she is adorable and talented she has the most beautiful heart as well!

Back to my topic though, "Pinterest" to Alina is like Diet Dr. Pepper is to me...a small obsession. :)

She's been talking about it for so long and has found SO many amazing ideas that I finally decided to jump on board!

So, here's how the process send an imaginary man (or woman) your desire to have a pinterest account...then you wait

and wait....



So, the waiting was bad enough, but then finally like presents on christmas morning, I got an email that I'd been accepted and could open my account....


WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and then more followed

through facebook or Twitter!!


So I cried. (Not really but I wanted too)

Because you see I am on strike against facebook and am too old to care about who's "tweeting."

See, I'm one to believe all statistics, like if you told you are 95% more likely to get cancer from brushing with "Colgate" toothpaste I would totally believe you and only use Crest for the rest of my life...or if you said that if I wear jammie pants to bed when it's cold outside that I am 67% more likely to die in my sleep I would never sleep in pants again.

And, see that's what happened with facebook...I heard it is causing your chance of divorce to go up by 50% so enter amber...NO facebook (and the crazy boyfriend but you've all already heard about him).

However, that wasn't even what sent me over the edge today....

as I proceeded throughout my day, I learned I could not get my "free unstoppable" sample from Downy...without facebook, or 25 extra points for Clara's Disney account...without facebook...and so on and so on.

And, this last picture really had nothing to do with my post but I thought it was cute "admidst" my upsetness!!

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Alina @ My Yellow Umbrella said...

Hahaha! You are too cute, Amberbearsunshinepants!

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